Chapter 25:

Cap 24

Eyes of the Mind

I didn't think it would be like this, I thought I'd start my day quiet and completely normal, but to my surprise, as soon as I left home for my morning walk, I came across Haruka sitting next to my house door, the girl was with her katana leaning against the wall and wearing headphones while watching a strange drawing with magical girls.

"Good morning, girl.

" ...

Hey, i'm going to go. Do you hear me?

" ...

Slowly Sebastian stooled down next to Haruka, the girl was so entertained on his cell phone that he could not even notice his master by his side, suddenly Sebastian approached his hand to Haruka's ear and removed his phone.

Good morning, girl, all right?

The sudden interruption caught the girl's attention, Haruka turned his face quickly towards Sebastian coming across him by his side, after seeing his master the girl jumped back in fright.

"Are you going crazy old? !

"What are you talking about, girl?

"Why the hell are you coming in quietly next to underage girls? !

"You're on the doorstep of my girl house, I just went out and came across you, changing the subject stop shouting these ridiculous things, besides being too early my neighbors can get this situation wrong, I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of maniac.

Haruka then walked to her master and took the katana she had left leaning against the wall.

"So old, what's today's schedule?

" ... It's still early, leave your stuff in there, let's take a walk before we start talking about your training.

The girl then entered Sebastian's house leaving not only her katana but a backpack next to a small suitcase.

"What are all these things you brought?

" You live far from my house, I had to wake up at dawn to be able to get here before the day begins, so to avoid all this route I had a very good idea.

" ... And what would be your idea?

"I'm going to live with you temporarily, isn't that great?

At that moment, Sebastian was having an empty print on his face, he couldn't even believe what he had just heard, he then turned around and started walking away.

At the same time Haruka ran after him, quickly she caught up with him, the girl then followed Sebastian side by side as they walked down the deserted street.

" ...

"Where are we going? "Asked Haruka while watching the screen of his cell phone.

I'm trying to put my thoughts on days, I just heard something weird, maybe age is affecting my mind...

What are you talking about, old man? I'm really going to move into your house by now.

" ... Who says you decide these things, girl? Didn't you think you should at least consult me first?

Sebastian then stopped while waiting for the girl's answer, Haruka then kept the phone in her pocket, she turned her face towards Sebastian.

"If I really tried to talk to you about it, I'm sure you'd say no, so I kind of made the decision on my own.

"You cannot make these decisions alone, especially when the house is not yours.

" That that old, is not happy to have a cute and fun teenager living next to you? "Haruka said while making a blushing expression.

After hearing that Sebastian punched haruka in the head scolding her.

"But why did you do it?!

" ... If you're going to live with me, keep in mind that you're going to have to follow my orders, my house has discipline and customs.

"Follow your orders? But... Have we reached that part of the relationship? I thought before we should deepen our relationship, then we would get to the third step so we could...

The girl stopped talking at the same moment after seeing Sebastian's nervous expression.

I stopped... I just wanted to break some of the ice.

"Let's forget about it for now, I'm not in the mood to walk anymore, let's go back, I'm going to do something for coffee.

" Okay!

"And stop screaming!

After that short conversation, Sebastian returned to his house while watching Haruka's corner, he could see the girl staring at him, after noticing it, he did not want to touch the subject, however, even after arriving home, Haruka's eyes did not disgroup sebastian, that penetrating gaze accompanied him wherever he went.

While preparing the beans for his coffee, Sebastian could not remain calm, Haruka's gaze looked like knives penetrating his back, her silence as she watched him was also overwhelming.

" ... Why are you staring at me so much, girl?

"I'm trying to get your good manners, you said you had discipline here and some customs, so I'm seeing how you act so I can do something like that.

"I ask you to stop it for now, you're bothering me...

Haruka then took his cell phone and began to see his anime again, Sebastian at that moment began to calm down, he then continued making his coffee, after some time he had finished making breakfast, what he had done was coffee and some toast with fried eggs, at that moment Sebastian felt totally refreshed, it would be the first time in a long time that he had made food for someone else.

"Here girl, I hope you like it. "Sebastian said while putting things on the table.

While watching the table Haruka kept silent, she did not even play in the café or on toast, Sebastian seeing it unwise what was happening, he then slowly directed his hand to the cup for coffee, at the same time Haruka did the same thing imitating him, noting that Sebastian pulled his hand away from the cup, the girl in counterpart did the same, after observing the girl a little more, Sebastian noticed that even the way he was sitting Haruka was copying.

" Girl... Why are you imitating me?

"I'm trying so hard... You told me you'd have customs, so imitating you is the least I can do, I have no practice with these things.

Sebastian then sighed as he tried to think of a way to make things more practical.

"Let's do this so just don't make a mess or anything like that, you can act the way you want.



"Can I run through the halls and watch anime late at night?!

" ... Do what you want. "Sebastian said while he was grabbing the cup of coffee.

At that moment Sebastian felt something strange, he did not dislike that feeling, but he began to find the girl's company amusing, however, there was something else he needed to do.

" Girl... There's something I need to tell you.

"And what would that be? Do you love me? It would be a crime in the country these days, but if you expect me to get to the age of age, you might not have any problems.

"We don't have time to play games.

What are you talking about?

" Emi came here yesterday.

Haruka at the same time changed her tone and was seriously annoyed, if there was one thing that was very characteristic about the girl it was the way she sketched as well as she felt.

"What's that about?

"She wants to bar her participation in the mission of the spirit world.

"Is there a reason behind this?

"She thinks you're not ready for it, she also said that at your current level you're more likely to get in the way of others.

"Do you agree with that?

"Maybe you haven't noticed, but the other 3 hunters you've been working on are progressing very fast, maybe they've already passed your current strength, I'm not saying you're weak or anything, but in fact you're not at the level you should be at.

"What are we going to do about it?

"She said she'd give you a week to show some change if she didn't see any changes... basically she's going to find a way for you to no longer be able to participate in the mission.

" ...

"To be honest... a week is a little...

"That's more than enough time.

" ...

"I'm going to rip that fake smile off her face, a week is all I need to make her recognize me.

Again Sebastian got that glimpse into the girl, he was getting to see that flame of determination coming from Haruka, she was finally ready to progress.