Chapter 5:

Frozen death and flaming rebirth

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

The demon rushes at Mantogai but is easily swatted away with just one hand. The demon rushes at Mantogai once again but is again swatted away with just one hand. The demon gets up but this time shoots a small fireball toward Mantogai which he dodges.

"This is getting annoying is this little thing all you've if so then just die already!" Suddenly Sora snaps back to consciousness, gets up, and begins to walk toward the battle.

"But boss your wounds aren't fully healed."

"But I have to help him Yasuko he came back for us after all you should focus on Akai her injuries look worse than mine."

"Yes sir!." 

Sora stands next to Gin ready to fight. "Boss I'm so glad you are okay sorry for disobeying you but I couldn't just leave you guys behind like that."

"It's fine we just have to focus on defeating him for now."

"Look who the cat dragged in now you two can't possibly defeat me."

Gin and Sora look at each other and then nod. "Cleaving Bolt!"

Sora's eyes glow bright green and his katana manifests suddenly as Mantogai begins to wobble only for a second and then breaks it. Mantogai smiles.

"I've seen through that sword trick of yours."

Sora smiles and says "You thought that we didn't have a plan?" He then taps Gin on the shoulder.

"Do it now!!!" Gin's demon had been charging its strongest attack while Mantogai was distracted. It releases a cannon of flames toward Mantogai.

A loud boom could be heard in the distance creating a large smoke cloud around Mantogai's face. When the cloud settles emerges Mantogai with his face scarred and his cloak being destroyed to reveal a pale but muscular skinny physique.

"You humans ruin everything you have destroyed one of the greatest cloaks in demonic history!"

Gin smiles and says "What are you gonna do cry about it?"

"I will destroy you annihilation flash!!!" He charges another annihilation flash and releases toward the two. A loud boom can be heard once again creating a bigger smoke cloud. Before the smoke even dissipates Gin runs toward Mantogai with his fist covered in willpower. 

"Soul punch!" He rushes toward Mantogai and punches him square in the face knocking him back several feet.

Mantogai spits out being slightly hurt by the hit.

"How did you survive that attack?!"

"It's simple boss just shielded me with an ice barrier and I reinforced it will my will."

"Well the only reason you were able to pierce through my aura is because of you will well I'll just have beat any will you have out your body!"

Mantogai then performs a flurry of punches and kicks on Gin and then throws him up in the air. He jumps up in the air himself with both of his feet burning. "Burning impact!!!" He then uses both of his feet to kick Gin down with incredible force creating a massive crater. 

The kick's power broke the roof of the training room exposing the night sky. Gin was heavily coughing up blood and passing out.

Yasuko exhausted runs over to Gin and tries to pick him up and go back inside the restaurant and heal him. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, Mantogai grabs Yatsuo's hand picks him up, and shoves his hand in his chest.

"The brat lost the bet so he's coming with me!"

"I'm going to kill you in the worst way imaginable for killing Yasuko." 

"FROZEN DEATH." Sora stands in front of Mantogai with his turning a dark navy blue and from the ground emerges spikes that hit Mantogai from all directions killing him instantly. Mantogai's body begins twitching violently and a dark violet aura surrounds him. The ice begins to crumble and break and suddenly Mantogai's aura bursts and he comes back from the dead.

"How did he break my strongest attack it's supposed to be unbreakable only someone with the power of a rank C+ could break that well I guess it's technically unbreakable but still I knew he was strong but I didn't expect him to be this strong I have to expect the unexpected and besides I failed them as a boss I'm truly pathetic just like back then."

"Ahh!" Mantogai screams out in pain as horns pop out of his forehead and wings sprout from his back with the Japanese kanji for curry appears on his chest.

His once green eyes turn crimson red and his hair turns completely black.

"I'll murder and massacre all animals and humans their blood so sweet with my fire I'll make it sweet and spicy like curry!"

Sora's eyes widen in shock at what he just witnessed. "How are you still alive it should have just kept killing you!?"

Mantogai smiles with murderous intent. "I have to give that to you because when that attack brought me back for the 2nd time I was able to heat my body just temperature up just enough to break the ice and break the cycle if I didn't think of that I would have been trapped forever. Mantogai begins laughing hysterically.

Tsuyoi, Akai, and Dangan rush over to Sora's side.

"Guys what are you doing here it's not safe go back inside right now!"

Tsuyoi speaks "If we did he would kill you and then kill us but together we may stand a chance and besides the other two are down so we are your only backup."

"I won't be responsible for another death!"

Akai slaps Sora across his face.

"With all due respect here boss we are humans too and our fate is in our own and besides if we go down we go down together!"

Sora thinks for a second.

"Are you guys 100% positive?" They nod their heads in agreement.

"Alright then let's do this!"

Mantogai begins clapping and grinning. He flies up in the air and begins pointing at Sora.

"It touches my heart to see you humans bond in your last moments, after all, that's what you humans do it is only natural but you all must know that you will perish by my hand!"

They all get into their fighting stances.

"Bring it on!" They all shout in defiance and so the final battle between the 10th ranked fire demon Mantogai and the soul food employees begins! 

Character Profile #2 Gin Shiro

Blood type: AB

Race: Human

Threat level: Shack

Age:14 birthdate, December 30th,2008

Height: 5"5

Favorite food: Ramen

Favorite pastime: Hanging out in the local scrapyard

That concludes character No.2!