Chapter 4:

Fighting fire with fire

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

Yasuko takes the mangled unconscious body of Sora into the restaurant for safety. Mantogai and Akai enter their respective fighting stances. Akai flies high in the sky unleashing a flurry of fireballs upon Mantogai who manages to dodge all of them. Mantogai jumps up in the air kicking Akai back down to the ground with tremendous force leaving a crater.

This further enrages Ikari the dragon within her seeing this Mantogai decides to make this a close combat fight. 

"You think you can defeat me in close combat the vessel you are using is a mere child with very little close combat capabilities I don't even have to use my full power in my base state that boss of yours was a greater challenge than you could ever be." 

Akai rushes at Mantogai unleashing a flurry of punches but he dodges each one. Akai opens her mouth and unleashes even more fireballs toward Mantogai with one hitting Mantogai directly in the back leaving a hole in his crimson red cloak.

"First it was a cut from that blue-haired human which could have been repaired now a whole in this specially made crimson cloak made by the demon king's finest fashion designers for the select few demons who were chosen to hunt down the soul king's reincarnation just to be ruined by a mere fireball you will know pain you dumb scaly lizard!" 

A crimson red aura surrounds him as the ground begins to shake violently almost like an earthquake.

 "Hear my words this is my full power in this form and with it, I will erase every single one of you brats forever."

Akai rushes toward Mantogai and sends a flurry of punches at Mantogai but right as they were going to connect with his body his aura completely stopped Akai's fists in their tracks. He raises a single hand in the air and smacks her into the restaurant. Mantogai flies into the restaurant and picks Akai up in the air and throws her back into the training grounds.

He holds out a hand and charges annihilation flash. Akai cowers in fear when suddenly they hear footsteps. "Hey get away from my co-worker!"

Suddenly Gin appears standing right behind Mantogai with his green eyes filled with determination. Mantogai swiftly turns around with a sadistic smile and stops charging his attack.

"Hey demon let's make a bet if I beat your ass into a bloody pulp you leave here and never come back but if I lose you get to take away but in both options, you have to leave them alone you creep!"

"I have never really been the type to bet but just for this occasion, I guess I'll agree to your terms but you do know what will happen to you if I win?"

Gin nods his head in understanding.

Akai weakly gets up and manages to take back control of her body. "Gin no don't do it!"

"This is something I have to do to keep you guys safe." Akai shakes her head in disagreement

"Don't try and be a hero because if you lose the demon king will become stronger and nobody may be able to beat him."

"Don't worry I won't lose I promise now go back inside with the others."

"But it's too dangerous this guy is on a whole other level."

"I said to go inside now I go this just trust me!"

Akai limps inside where Yasuko tends to her battered body. Mantogai and Gin stare each other down intensely.

"For someone who talks about trust a lot, you couldn't trust that your friends would be able to defeat me, and besides you what I did to that red-haired girl over there so what makes you think that you can defeat me?"

"I believed in them plenty but then I realized something important."

"And what may that important thing be?"

"I realized that it would be cowardly to leave my friends no matter what situation there is and now you gonna pay for hurting them!" 

"You and what army?"

"This army release!!!" The same demon that fought Tsuyoi and Sora appears who is now the size of a regular teenager.

"That's just a regular demon which pails in comparison to my full power form pathetic!"

"I know but I still have to try!"

They stare at each other intensely when suddenly Gin is teleported to the soul king's soul. "Gin your not seriously planning to fight that guy, are you?

"No, I'll let the demon take on my demon, and then when my demon dies I'll just tire him out by dodging all of his attacks, and then when he's exhausted I'll strike and kick his ass pretty cool right?"

"There's one major flaw in your plan he probably has a second form which means if he uses it your screwed!"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Because I thought that your boss would explain that to you but he never did!"

"You have any better ideas then?

"I would have one if I saw him fight enough but the safest option is to just run away."

"No, never I'm not a coward I'm leaving!"

And just like that Gin comes back into his body and time resumes. "Prepare demon to feel my power!" Gin's aura activates shining brighter than ever ready for the battle.

"A blue aura this will be an interesting fight indeed I might just my time with him to see what he can really do."

Gin gestures for Mantogai to come at him.

"If you want to see what I can do then come at me!"

Mantogai rushes at Gin intending to kill him. Thus the epic battle between soul hunter Gin Shiro and the demon Mantogai began little did they know this encounter would change their fate forever!

Soul hunter Gin Character profiles: Mantogai

Name: Mantogai

Threat level: Small building


Blood Type: O+

Age: Unknown

Favorite food: Curry

And that concludes the very first character case!