Chapter 31:

Volume One Afterword

Good Luck in the Golden Classroom: The Golden Waltz

Dear readers,

I've done this twice now----the first time was a 'post-arc' afterword. I wrote that in fear that I wouldn't finish at this point, which I've done thanks to you! Also, at the time of writing this, I've reached my first two thousand views! Happy2K!

It's so funny and wonderful how this story came along. It was first conceptualized as any normal, bourgeoise, high school full of teens with their own secrets. Then, it escalated to the protagonist having to determine a murderer amongst their classmate lest he gets killed. Then, I settled on a less ridiculous story.
Classroom of the Elite aside, I was inspired by two of my stories----one of which was never posted because I found it hard to write, thinking I must plan it through. I want to boast, but that unreleased story was on a dramatic level as Bunny Girl Senpai because of the premise, though I won't publish it.
The other one was a contest story last year, Heartless Overclock. I felt like that story had potential on its own----a spy in the same classroom as its target. I never rewrote it since I lost motivation, as I usually do since no one reads my stuff. (Yep, I still have that mindset.)

But the weirdest of all was that the story revolved around its name, Good Luck in the Golden Classroom. At first, I wanted to name it 'It Doesn't Seem What It Seems,' but I figured it was too long. Then I looked toward Classroom of the Elite's Japanese title, 'Youkouso...' something, which translated to 'Welcome to the Classroom of Supremacy.'  Thinking about what my title would sound like in Japanese, I came up with this title, 'Welcome to the Golden Classroom,' but, of course, I wouldn't want to totally ripoff a respectable masterpiece, thus I settled on this light novel-sounding name, "Good Luck in the Golden Classroom.' Though, I would like a catchy name like a certain 'GEP.' It's so marketable it's criminal. But, I cannot think of a title that would be abbreviated to 'GLITCH.'

Good Luck in the Golden Classroom, have you wondered what it means? It could mean two things in English or Japanese. Either, 'Good luck (ganbatte) in the golden classroom!' or 'Good luck (koun) in the golden classroom.' If I may boast, I think that double meaning was genius! It was an accidental discovery, so I wasted no time using it before anybody does. I even did a Google search to see if there was a novel similar to the name, and I was the unique one! So, I can say that I'm ninety percent original.

I know I've been babbling about my novel, but I just wanted to reveal some secrets just in case I wouldn't continue. It would be a shame if this unexpectedly deep story would be discontinued and forgotten, so at least I should share some secrets. Though, I hope this novel wouldn't be taking itself too seriously. But I think it already has. It would be soon labeled as an edgy COTE as one already has, but I wouldn't mind. At least it has a spin in its own way.

When I was planning for the 'arcs' and plot of this novel, I thought it was shallow. I mean, I found almost every other story shallow. This is only because of my probable apathy; I'm not sure. I'll have to consult. Despite being inspired and placing my strength and soul, I just found this story quite hollow, like it was hypocritical and unproductive. Though, I think it is fun.
But then, I thought again when I was writing the last chapter. I realized how many foreshadowings, foundations, and setups I've made for future plots I was yet to plan. Somehow, I was forward-looking, thinking about the future and the past of a few main characters. Then, everything exploded. There was this loose end, and there was that. It wasn't as hollow as it seems--as I thought it'd be. Maybe, you still think it's hollow; that's fine. This is just my perspective. The point is, even as an author, I have a thrill ride with you, the readers, Even I was dumbfounded by the apparent mysteries I produced and scrambled creatively for the answers and solutions.
So, don't worry if I pushed myself, though I definitely did----I had to or I wouldn't write; that's how I work. I had fun; I'll continue and still have fun, despite being tired, unmotivated, and uninspired. I wanted to write 'if,' but now I felt resolved. I will continue writing this novel, at least until I feel satisfied.

Alright, without further ado, I shall thank you, the readers, and some notable readers. If you skipped to this chapter as a first-time reader, I'm sorry, but I despise you--not sorry. I implore you to read from the beginning until the end; I won't mind if you drop it midway but don't skip, please, I beg.

Tomoyuki, you've always been reading, every update, at the hour, and there's always a comment that puts a smile or a thought into my brain. Even if it's just a word, I feel motivated and push through writing the next. Your meticulous eyes found plot problems which made me think and plan more carefully in my story. It helped me produce various reasons (more like excuses) as to why that is this, and I build on that. So, thank you.

ALTaccounti, you've been there at the beginning, but I thank you the same. Even if you had a hiatus, your quirky comments make up for it. And that always puts a smile on my face. It was your comments that ignite the spark in my writing engine, no joke. You basically help me start writing the next chapter. Thank you.

I should thank the other readers who haven't revealed their presence or has yet to reveal, not quite the same, but I still wholeheartedly thank you still. I appreciate you all for reading until the end, including this, and I hoped you enjoyed this golden story (I'm so funny).

Good luck in the golden classroom!

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