Chapter 23:

Year 3-1: The final year begins

Is it ok?

“So I went to the student council.” Yuri began shortly after entering the club room.
Riku looked up from his phone; he and Satsuki were texting every day. “I know I asked you to talk with them.” Riku had wanted to buy new books for the club but noticed their budged had been cut, so Yuri was sent to check up on the matter.
“The student council president was there.” She continued.
“You don´t say?” Yuki answered sarcastically.
Yuri stuck her tongue out. “Let me finish what I was saying!”
“Sorry.” Yuki laughed.
“So where was I? Right the student council president. She´s the sister of that teacher I had a crush on.”
Riku stared at her. “You had a crush on a teacher?”
Yuri stared back at him blankly. “I didn´t tell you? Oh, well doesn´t matter.”
“Man it´s weird to crush on a teacher.” Takumi came into the room, milk carton in hand.
Yuri turned to him. “It´s not!”
Riku nodded. “It is a bit weird though.”
“Am I really the only one who crushed on a teacher?” Yuri asked.
“I used to have a crush on my middle school math teacher.” Yuusuke answered, he and Kiyoko entered the room. Kiyoko handed Riku two pieces of paper.
“They´re the only ones who want to join this year.” She said. Kiyoko was looking way better ever since her mother got divorced and made sure her ex-husband would end in prison. Kiyoko didn’t like to talk about what had happened and everyone in the club didn´t mind not talking about it either.
Riku looked back at Yuri. “So what´s up with the budged problem?”
“Oh, there was some miscommunication between the members. She promised to fix it as soon as possible.” Yuri answered. “She´s really cute.”
“You´re type of cute or just cute?” Yuki asked excitedly.
“My type of cute. Her name´s Maeno Aiko.” Yuri was blushing.
Riku took a look at the papers in his hand, only two new members, that wasn´t as much as he had hoped but he didn´t mind it too much either.

The two new first years, a boy and a girl, were nervously standing in the clubroom. Riku introduced everyone and quickly explained the situation with the secrets.
The girl looked herself down; she was sitting in a wheelchair. She was wearing stockings though it was obvious she was missing a leg. “I guess my secret isn´t really a secret.” She laughed. Her black hair was put up in to pigtails. She smiled at everyone, her dark blue eyes shining. “I´m Kudo Mei! Nice to meet you all.” She announced happily.
The boy next to her seemed a bit taken aback by her cheeriness, he looked very nervous. The boy was blond and very tall with his pink cardigan over the uniform shirt and the big green eyes he reminded Riku of a model from overseas. “My name is Saotome Keith.” He said. “Please excuse my not very good Japanese, I just moved here from the US.”
“Your Japanese is excellent.” Kiyoko smiled.
Keith blushed. “Thank you. I was worried to sound weird.”
“So you´re American?” Yuki asked him.
“Half, my mother is from the US. My father is Japanese.”
“That´s so cool. You´ll help me with studying English, right? I mean we are in the same class after all.” Mei smiled at him.
Keith nodded nervously.

Everyone was sitting in Yuusukes Restaurant, he had to help out but he still managed to talk with the rest from time to time.
He suddenly and quickly sat down at their table, hiding his face in a menu.
“What are you doing?” Takumi asked.
“He´s here.” Yuusuke mumbled.
Takumi turned around. “Don´t turn around dumbass!” Yuusuke screeched.
Riku managed to make out the baseball teams third years at a table behind theirs. “Yo Shintaro, you also here?” Riku and Kishimoto were in the same class for the third year in a row, so they both decided it was time to switch to first names. Shintaro stood up and walked to Riku.
“Hey, you here?”
Riku pointed at a beet red Yuusuke next to him. “His family owns the restaurant.”
“No way, really? That´s so cool! I´ll have to come more often then.” Shintaro laughed.
“Sure.” Yuusuke managed.
Shintaro went back to his teammates. Riku looked back at Yuusuke; he had his head lying on the table. “He thinks I´m weird.”
“He didn´t seem that way to me. He seemed happy to see you.” Mei chimed in.
“That´s…” Yuusuke managed, still blushing furiously.
“If I might ask do you have a crush on him?” Keith whispered over the table.
Yuusukes answer was to hide his face in the menu again.
“You know I could ask him if he´s into guys, right?” Riku offered once again.
Yuusuke looked up. “Ok.”
“See you don´t even want me… Wait what?” Riku was a bit perplexed; Yuusuke had refused every time he had offered before.
“I said ok, ask him.”
Riku jumped up and practically ran to Shintaros table.
“I didn´t mean right now!” Yuusuke yelled after him.
“Too late.” Riku smiled. “Hey Shintaro could I ask you something?”
Shintaro looked up from his food. “Sure.”
“I mean like in private?”

The two went outside. “Are you into guys?” Riku asked straight out.
“Why?” Shintaro seemed on edge.
“Oh it´s just I know this guy who kind of has a crush on you.”
“Are you into guys?” Riku asked again.
Shintaro nodded. “So who´s the guy.”
Riku smiled simply stating “You also know him, he always blushes when you´re around.” He went back inside.
“Wait Riku, do we mean the same guy?” Shintaro came running after him.