Chapter 24:

Year 3-2: The new leg

Is it ok?

“I think Mei-chan can use magic.” Yuki mumbled. He and Riku just stepped into the club room. Mei was sitting in a chair, not her wheelchair just a plain normal one.
“I don´t think that´s what happened.” Riku answered Yuki. They walked up to her. She had a Poetry book in hands; she seemed very engrossed with it.
“What happened to your leg? I mean you have two now!” Yuki exclaimed, immediately covering his mouth after noticing how stupid he sounded.
Mei looked up. “Hm?” She looked down at her leg then began to laugh. “Oh, I got a new prosthetic.”
Yuki and Riku looked at each other, Mei seemed to notice that the two still weren´t understanding the situation.
“I had a car accident about three years ago. Well technically my dad had the accident. Oh my parents are fine by the way.” She smiled.
“You lost your leg then?” Riku asked carefully.
Mei nodded; she put a hand on her left leg. “I got a prosthetic after beginning in the hospital for a while. Man hospitals are so boring.”
Yuki sat down next to her, he seemed really interested. “Why were you in a wheelchair then?”
Mei began to laugh. “My old prosthetic got to small and I thought I could wing it until the new one was done, but I couldn´t. I hurt way too much! So I just used my wheelchair for the first few days of school, wasn´t easy though. This school isn´t really built for a wheelchair.” She looked at Yuki and Riku. “Want to see it?” She pulled down her stockings on her left leg, a normal prosthetic leg painted blue and pink. Mei smiled a big smile. “It´s pretty cool right?”
“Can I touch it?” Yuki asked.
Mei nodded. “How about you Riku-senpai?”
Riku took her up on the offer, the leg felt like plastic. “You´re pretty cool about this.” Riku said.
“I kind of like my prosthetic. If they weren’t so expensive I´d get them in all colors imaginable. Maybe one day.” She said still smiling.
Riku was impressed how Mei took the situation, talking about her accident like it wasn´t a life changing thing.
“You know the accident was pretty bad. But I want to see it in a positive light, nothing but misery will come out if it if I wallow in how bad it was.” She said to Riku, he felt like she had just read his mind.
“That looks so cool!” Yuusuke came running. “You have a prosthetic?” He looked at Mei.
She explained her situation to the others with the same calmness as before.

“Hello?” A light knock and soft voice broke the excitement of the club members. A tall, very pretty girl with reddish-brown hair, brown eyes and a small beauty mark on the right side of her mouth entered the clubroom.
Yuri came forward so quickly Riku could have sworn she just teleported. “That´s the student council president.” She said.
The girl bowed. “My name is Maeno Aiko.”
“Hello. Is there something you need?” Riku tried to sound as polite as possible, he still wasn´t very used to being the club president.
Akio smiled softly. Riku didn´t need to look at Yuri to know she was blushing. “I wanted to personally apologize for the budged problem. The matter should be fixed now, we transferred the missing money. I hope it wasn´t too much trouble?”
Riku shook his head. “No, it wasn´t. Thank you for fixing it so fast though.”
“That is my job after all. Should you have some other problems please feel free to come and tell me again.” She offered Riku a small box. “I baked some cookies as an additional apology, I hope you like them. There should be enough for everyone.” With those words she bowed once more then left the club room.
Yuri stared at the cookie box. Riku gave it to her. “But you have to share ok?”

“She´s pretty, isn´t she?” Yuri said dreamingly, sitting on a chair and eating the cookies.
“So that´s your type? You have good taste. She doesn´t just look pretty, she seems really kind too.” Yuusuke said he was sitting next to Yuri also eating cookies. “And she´s good at baking.”
“What girls are you into, Yuusuke?” Takumi asked. “I mean we know your type in boys is already.” He smiled.
Yuusuke went red. “I like girls that are athletic, kind and cute.” He answered. “Oh and they should be good with children. With my family you won´t be able to not have to take care of children.”
“Is Shintaro good with children though?” Riku asked.
“I don´t know, yet. I´ll see once I get to know him better.”
“That’s sounds like you´re meeting often.” Kiyoko said smiling.
Yuusuke blushed even more now. “We exchanged phone numbers. And he comes by with the baseball team quite often.”
“If he´s mean to you tell me, I don´t mind killing him.” Riku said. His mouth full of cookies.
“I don´t think he´ll ever be that mean to me.” Yuusuke said. “He´s very nice and he gets along with Keisuke and Taiga. I mean they all to play the same sport after all. He even asked me if I would like to watch him practice.”
“Why don´t you?” Mei asked.
“Going alone is too embarrassing.”
“I´ll go with you then.” Mei and Takumi said at the same time. They looked at each other than began to laugh. “See, now you have no excuse not to go.”
Yuusuke nodded. “I guess you´re right.”