Chapter 8:

Does He Still Think About Me?

I Turned Into A Boy

Jeremiah and Lil meddler(lily rose) are sleeping on a bed-sharing one big blanket and Meddler suddenly hears Jeremiah saying.

Lily Rose…” Jeremiah said suddenly.

Lil meddler is facing the right side and Jeremiah is facing the left side.

Meddler: What did he just say…Lily Rose. Did he just take my name? Did he figure out who I’m Lily Rose…I can’t see his face also…Is he asleep or awake? I can’t turn my face I’m scared not scared actually more of anxious…His Aura is just so incredible…

*Jeremiah’s Toe touches Lil meddler*

Meddler: Woahhhh!!!! My lord… his toe is touching my leg, I can’t get hold of this moment. Awww, his legs are kinda cold and that’s something I would have never known…But is he asleep? Let me get all my courage and turn around…

It's 1 am, and I still can’t sleep…

3, 2 awwwwww I can’t turn I can’t….Let me turn

3 2 1 *He turns*

Both of their head has less than 5 centimeters gap, Jeremiah’s toe touching meddler’s leg…Only moonlight coming from the window between them, a big blank blanket that they both are sharing.

Meddler: So he said my name in sleep…Is that a good sign, Does he like me? I wish I could just get into your head. Even if he likes me…will I be able he accept him in this form…I need to think about how to get my body back.

*Jeremiah keeps his right arm and leg on Meddler*

Meddler: Gawddddddddddddddddddddd………..Is this like a Hug? My body temperature is increasing…It's rising at the rate of aids cases in New York. My hands are going numb…Gawdd…..His hands are so soft, I love him so much, If he won’t wake up…I just want to do something, this might be the stupidest thing I have ever done, But this is my only chance…

*Puts his head on Jeremiah’s Left arm and sleeps in his arms*

Meddler: I'm such a mischief person…But I don’t know, I don’t know I could get a chance to be like this again, I just wanted to live my life to the fullest so…This is my chance, I don’t want to be that shy little girl anymore…

*Yawns* While a water drop came from her eyes, which made her sleepy.

Then meddler goes into a warm…deep sleep in Jeremiah’s arms.

5:30 am of 18th May 2038.

Jeremiah wakes up.

What I didn’t have any nightmares today… Meddler’s sleeping in my arms. Hehe,” Jeremiah thought with a gentle smile on his face.

*Goes back to bed again, will hugging each other harder*

8 am of 18th May 2038.

Jeremiah: Meddler Wake up! Wake up! We are going to be late today. It's already 8 o’clock.

Meddler: What!!! I need to hurry…

Jeremiah: I made some bread jams…I woke up 10 minutes ago.

Meddler Goes into the bathroom and Brushes his teeth…Watches his body…It's not bathing more like just pouring water…Then comes out in 4 minutes and 32 seconds…(Might be the new Guinness world record)

Jeremiah: Hurry up and eat this…Classes start at 9 am.

Meddler: Yeah…we need to go inside before Mr. Kruger goes in, or else he might screw us.

Jeremiah: Let’s eat fast, but I don’t know what to do about lunch.

Meddler; Why not eat in the canteen...

Jeremiah: Done! Let’s go to school then. Hurry…* With a smile like a child*

Both of them close the door and rush towards the school.

8:37 am of 18th May 2038.

When they are about to reach school…Meddler looks at and for him, everything is happening in slow motion…with the vehicles and leaves falling on the ground…everything seems to be in slow motion of Meddler.

Meddler: These moments, these joyful moments of my youth…I got these when I turned into a boy, I still remember how I use to go to school with that fake smile on. Those nights where I couldn’t sleep and those silent holidays where I use to keep something on speaker just to feel people…This is Beautiful.

This new life is Wonderf--- Hits himself to a poll and falls.

Jeremiah: Heyy!! Meddlers are you alright? We can go to the hospital if you want…Your not bleeding right?

Meddler: No…No, I’m fine… Let's rush…We are close to school just a few meters away! Let's not give up and go!

Jeremiah: Yeah…Let's go.

8:54 am of 18th May 2038.

Both of them enter the classroom.

Jessie: Hey sahisha don’t you think both of them are getting along pretty well…

Sahisha: Yeah…Jeremy--…Jeremiah. And meddler is getting along pretty well.

Jessie: Yeah…They both are actually.

Mr. Kruger enters the room.

“Good morning children…Lets the class start.”

4 periods have passed.

It’s lunchtime now.

Meddler: Jeremiah… let's eat lunch in that canteen now?

Jeremiah: Yeah, let’s go.

Both of them go to the canteen to have lunch they see, the only place empty was in front of Jessie and sahisha...So they both go and sit there with their food.

Jessie: Woah! What a pleasant surprise…Nice to see you MEDDLER and also you Jeremiah.

Meddler: Yeah…Nice to meet you, Jessie.

Sasisha: Go—Good…af—afternoo—afternoon Je-remiah…With fumbling and shaking her head all over.

Meddler: I can't still understand…Why are you shy Sahisha? I know you aren’t like this.

Jessie and meddler sitting opposite to each other and Sahisha and Jeremiah sitting opposite each other.

Jessie: So meddler where are you staying…Did you complain about the lost house?

Meddler: Yeah…actually I’m staying with Jeremiah.

Jeremiah: Yeah we both are staying there.

Sahisha: Jeremiah…would you like some chicken pieces?

Jeremiah: Yeah sure…

Meddler with her spoon in hand and mouth completely open…Totally Shocked.

Meddler: Wait…I have never seen Sahisha giving her chicken to anyone…When we were friends, she didn’t give in the beginning days…Later on, she gave her mom’s aka Divya aunties chicken to me and Jessie that’s it…This isn’t an act of kindness I'm pretty sure…She is up to something, Gawd why is she blushing…I wish my guesses are wrong, I have a bad guess but I think…

Sahisha has a Crush on Jeremiah.

Jeremiah finishes his lunch.

Meddler has some stuff on his plate.

Meddler: Jeremiah can we go to the washroom?

Jeremiah: You won't finish your food?

Meddler: No…I'm full.

Jeremiah: Okay then let's go.

Sahisha: Bye Jeremiah

Meddler: Haaa…Okay…Okay just disappear.

Jessie: Bye meddler.

Meddler: Wait…Now I'm going to the washroom with Jeremiah…I never saw how a boy's washroom looks…I should act normal…Or else he will doubt me.

To be continued…