Chapter 9:

I’m In A Boy’s Washroom

I Turned Into A Boy

Meddler: Wait…Now I'm going to the washroom with Jeremiah…I never saw how a boy's washroom looks…I should act normal…Or else he will doubt me.

Meddler: I should go to the girls’ washroom, right? It won’t go to prison, right? If I go into a boy’s washroom.

Nah Nah I won’t be….I’m a boy now, I can go but I feel guilty to go inside. Shit, the washroom’s near…Should I go inside or not…

Here goes nothing I’m going inside!

Wow... I’m inside a washroom now…With Jeremiah. I can’t believe this. This is actually happening.

I feel ashamed of myself. Wait I should Act normal…And I should have followed Jeremiah, Instead In the front…There is no one in the bathroom…Thank god.

And what are these L-shaped white floating chairs? Ohh…Now I get it, We need to sit on these…Yeah, that’s the way…I guess, I mean till now in my life I peed the sitting way and that’s the only way I guess…People pee( She is really innocent).

*Drops his Pants to the bottom of the legs and Suddenly sees Jeremiah*

Wait…Jeremiah is standing opposite an L-shaped chair…So we need to pee in that thing…Oh now I get it, but I shouldn’t stare at him…It's not decent for an unmarried woman to do that. But this is the first time in my life peeing in a standing position.

*Jeremiah saw Meddler and Burst into laughter*

Jeremiah: Woahh….HaHaHAHaaaha You pulled your pants till your ankles…That’s so funny, Just like a child….Hahahaha…Sorry, I couldn't stop my Laug---Laughter.”

Meddler: hahaha---Shit boys don’t pull their pants ahh…SHeeeet I'm so embarrassed. I have only one option now…Just to laugh and say it was all a joke.

*Pulls his pants up without even peeing…With his face looking downwards He walks towards the wash basin to wash his hands and hits the walls and falls down.*

Jeremiah: Gawd…Stop doing this man…You're really funny…Hahahaha.

Meddler: Shit…Today just isn’t my day.

*Gets up and goes to the wash basin to wash hands*

Meddler: Okay now washing hands is just everyone has in common…Oh, That’s the new soap…I gonna use that.

Rubs his hands with that soap for 2 minutes…No form is formed.

Still rubbing, Jeremiah takes the other soap and washed his hand, Now waiting for Meddler to come.

Jeremiah: Wait…Meddler, That’s an urin- Haha-al cake Hahaha…Urinal cake.

Meddler: “Woahh…Isn’t that funnyy~~~….Hahhahaha….”Awkwardly laughing.

Jeremiah: You’re really funny today…I can’t stop my laughter…I didn’t laugh this much in a while.

They both go out of the bathroom and get back to class.

Jessie: Hey sahisha…Will you invite Jeremiah for your Dad’s Birthday…If you're going to, try to invite Meddler also…I mean It won’t be any harm right…He is kinda new to this city…We should be the ones helping him out, right?

Sahisha: Yeah… it's fine, I will invite Meddler also…But I don’t think your Invited Jessie.

Jessie: What!? You got to be kidding me…

Sahisha: Yeahh…I was joking, I won't invite Meddler also.

Jessie: Enough…You have already invited me and I'm coming that’s it.

Sahisha: Okay…then let’s go invite them.

Jessie and Sahisha go to meddler’s and Jeremiah’s place.

Sahisha: Meddler today is my Dad’s birthday it would be nice of you to join it. And also….Je—Jeremiah, If you could…Join it.

Meddler: Shit…she is inviting Jeremiah also, If he accepts it then even I will go.

Jeremiah: Sure…I'm free tonight so.

Meddler: SO yeah…Even I’m coming, Thanks for inviting…

Let's meet at 6: 30 then.

School’s over, Jeremiah and Meddler go back home…

5:30 Pm on 18th May 2038.

Jeremiah: let's go.

Meddler: It's fine…Your dress looks wonderful…Its go.

5:45 pm 18th May 2038, after eating some snacks, they both started at Sahisha’s house.

Divya Kumari Shaik (Sahisha’s mom): See, Someone has come Sahisha…

Sahisha and Jessie playing Uno on the table…

Sahisha: Yes! Mom…I'm going.

Jessie: Wait…I will go and receive them…

Sahisha: Hmm…Okay!

Jessie Opens the door…Jeremiah and meddler with a gift in their hands…

Sahisha: Come and sit here…Have some of these chips.

Divya: So you’re the New Comer.

Meddler: Yes, Aunty. I’m her new classmate and nice to meet you.

Divya: Oh…Nice to meet you also. And your Jeremiah right, Ohh…Your all grown up…It's been ages seeing you. You have grown all tall, Back in the day I and your mothe—

Sahisha’s dad comes and puts his hand on Divya and slowly whispers in Divya’s Ears


Sohel Shaik Dad of Sahisha and Husband of Divya.

“So hello guys, Are you having fun?”

Meddler: Happy Birthday Sohel Uncle…I'm new to this city but they told me about your birthday.

Sohel: Oh Thanks….Me…What's your name again?

“Uncle it's Meddler.” Said Lil Meddler

Sohel: So it really happened, that day what Mad said was true. Ohh…Nice to meet you, Meddler.

Jeremiah: Happy Birthday and Nice you meet you Sohel uncle…

Sohel: You have really grown…The last time I saw you were a baby. Nice to meet you boy.

Jessie: Happy Birthday uncle…It's been a long time saw you.

Sohel: You didn’t even grow a bit, Jessie…And I saw you just 2 weeks ago right?

Sahisha: Jeremiah take some cold drink…please let me pour.

Meddler: Oh!!! Why is acting all cute and obedient…I know sahisha wasn’t like this.

Jessie: Hey meddler…By the way, what's your favorite color…

Meddler: And what's up with Jessie…She wasn’t like this…Asking about my favorite color hahahaha.

It's Red…

Jessie: Even my favorite color is Red.

Meddler: Isn't that a coincidence?

Sahisha: Jeremiah do you like to have some chocolate cake, My mom just makes really nice cakes…You should try her cake.

Jeremiah: Sure, I would love to have her cake.

Sahisha feeds Jeremiah cake.

Meddler: What the hell was that? Did she just feed him cake…I'm feeling so Jealous, Why the hell are you doing that Sahisha…Are you trying to take Jeremiah away from me?

Meanwhile, Jessie was feeding cake to Meddler, But meddler wasn’t able to notice that.

Jessie: Woahhhhh…..He ate my Cake!! I can’t believe it. I’m so happy…I won't forget this day, In my life…Gawdddd I'm so happy.

10 pm of 18th May 2038.

Jeremiah: Thanks for the party aunty and uncle…

Meddler: I think we will leave now.

Meddler: Wow it’s so beautiful to wake home with Jeremiah in this moonlight…The cold breezes, Jeremiah by my side…No one around. This was something I always wanted and dreamt of, is actually coming true.

Jeremiah trips and falls on Meddler’s shoulder but quickly gets up.

Meddler: Did Jeremiah just now fall asleep or might be stone, his warm body just made me happy.

Both of them leave to the home and sleep.

9 am of 19th May 2038.

Jeremiah still sleeping till 9…

Meddler wakes up and gets ready for school and tries to wake him up, But while doing that Meddler Notices something