Chapter 24:

Chapter 24: Broadcast


"No, you're wrong!" Ezekiel said. "I told you, Sun Wukong has the power of self-movement. How is One Hit Man going to beat him…IF HE CAN'T HIT HIM?" I responded. "Because he's a gag character, he always wins." "That's a dumb argument, it doesn't mean anything." As Ezekiel and I argued, I heard the door unlock and Ms. Cleared came walking in. "Ferral, I'm home." She called out. It had been a week since Ms. Clare recovered from her accident, so she's been going outside again a lot. Guess being inside for two weeks made her miss the outdoors. "Hi, Ms. Clare." I responded. As she walked toward the living room, she noticed the others were here too. "Oh, umm hey guys." They all greeted her. "What are you three doing here?" "Ferral invited us." Belle responded. "Yeah, we're watching TV while Ferral and Ezekiel bicker about stupid cartoons." Leona added. "Heeeey." I and Ezekiel said. "I see. Well, Ferral you could've at least told me you were going to have your friends over first." As we were talking, Mr. Buck came in, carrying a large box. "Where do you want this Mona," He looked at us, "Oh, hey kids." We didn't respond and looked at one another confused. "Hey, Mr. Buck," I answered, ''What're you doing here?" "Yes, what ARE you doing here?" Leona asked smugly. "Well, Mr. Clarence and I have been…"hanging out" since my recovery. I was going to tell you Ferral. Just you." The others smiled, "Oh I bet you two have been "hanging out." Ezekiel said, and the three started chuckling. "When were you gonna tell us that you two have been "hanging out?" Belle added and the three chuckled more. I was confused about what was so funny, I don't have a problem with Ms. Clare and Mr. Buck hanging out. I like Mr. Buck…maybe I'm missing something. "Alright kids, settle down," Ms. Clare said. "You could put the box by the door, I'll take care of it later." She told Mr. Buck who nodded and put the box down by the door. "So kids, what're you four up to?" Mr. Buck asked. "We're watching TV and those two are arguing." Belle responded. He walked over to us to see what we were watching. It was a rerun episode of Dragon Spheres. "Hey, I used to watch this back in the day." Mr. Buck said. I turned to him, "Really?" I asked him. "Yeah, but I didn't watch an English version of it. Had to watch it on old VHS tapes with fanmade subtitles. It's been years since I watched it."

As we watched the TV, all of a sudden it shot to nothing but static. "HEY!" The four of us shouted, and Ms. Clare walked over to see what happened. "Huh, that's the first time it's ever done this." She told us. As the static continued, we started hearing a voice coming from the TV. It was distorted so we didn't know what he was saying, then the screen went black and a light came on the screen showing a small stage. A man in a lab coat came walking from the dark corners of the screen and under the light, he looked at us with a smile on his face. "Hey! I know that guy." Belle said. "Me too." Ezekiel added. "That's Dr. Atlas," Leona responded, "He's the head scientist at the facility." I knew this man. He was around with someone else the day I and Mother came out here. What is he doing on the TV?

"Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening," He said, "My name is Dr. Armin Atlas; head of operations at the Facility of Evolutionary Experimentation. We interrupt all television and radio broadcasts to give you a quick message. We are a non-government-linked organization with the sole goal of further advancing the human race’s evolutionary state. Let me give you some examples of our previous works; I’m sure you’ve all heard of creatures such as Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Goatman, yes? Well, those were experiments of ours from YEARS ago, failed ones mind you. Since then, we’ve only furthered our advanced technology and resources to create more “perfect” experiments. I’m sure some of you have heard of the creatures invading Central City, those are also ours. But enough of this history lesson, back to the main topic of this broadcast. We’re sending a message…an invitation to all our experiments all across the globe, that in four months' time there will be a massive battle royal with the experiments in our facility at an undisclosed location. Should you choose to participate in this gathering, we will be having another broadcast on the day of the event at twelve in the afternoon. There, you will be given the location at which you will head to be escorted to the battlegrounds. All experiments will be in their transformed state and if any non-experiments enter the escort location, you will be shot on site. I hope to see you all there, have a great rest of your day. Oh, and to my precious experiments in Central City…we’ll continue watching you.”

The screen went back to static and Ms. Clare turned off the TV. We all stared at the screen in silence, still processing what happened. “Um, I don’t know what’s going on,” Mr. Buck said, “But you kids said you know him. What was that about?” Ms. Clare put down the remote and sighed, “I was hoping to tell you this NEVER, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Ferral, Leon, Belle, and Ezekiel are all the experiments that Atlas man mentioned.” Mr. Buck looked at us, but we didn’t say anything. “They left the facility they were raised in to live a better life,” Ms. Clare continued, “They’re not monsters. They’re just kids…but they were forced to be what they are now.” Mr. Buck didn’t respond, but he slowly walked away from us, like we WERE some kind of monsters. Leona got up from the floor, “I can’t believe that bastard,” She turned to me and the twins, “Look, guys, we don’t have to do this.” “Right!” Ms. Clare interrupted, “We can go into hiding somewhere. He says he’s watching you, but I think he’s bluffing.” Mr. Buck started walking off, “Clarence, where are you going?” “I-I...I have to go. I’m sorry.” He opened the door and walked out of the apartment. Ms. Clare sighed and put her head against the door. “We’re not really going to have to participate in this, right?” Belle asked. “No.” Ms. Clare responded, taking her off the door and turning to us, “He said it was optional. So you four aren’t going.” “I don’t think we have a choice.” Ezekiel said, “Something tells me he wants us specifically. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that last part.” “I think he doesn’t want us three, instead I think he wants Ferral.” Leona objected, “After all when he sent me here, he told me to bring back Ferral specifically. He didn’t even mention anything about other experiments.” “Well, he can’t have him.” Ms. Clare said, “We’ll board up here and fight off anything he brings here to take him, right?” The three agreed, but not me. I continued to stare at the TV screen, trapped in my thoughts until I finally made my decision.

I got up and looked at everyone, “No…we're going.” I said. “What?” “Ferral, no.” They all disagreed. “Don’t be stupid, Ferral.” Leona said, “If he wants you for some unknown reason, then it should be our prime goal to keep you away.” “I know, but I was thinking, and I don’t wanna put Ms. Clare or Mr. Buck and any kind of danger.” “So you’re risking ours for theirs?” Ezekiel asked, “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. But I’m going, and none of you will stop me.” “Ferral, stop this.” Ms. Clare told me, “I am not letting you put your life on the line for our safety.” “You don’t understand Ms. Clare. I’ve been waiting for this moment.” She looked at me confused, “What?” “Ever since I came here, I’ve thought long and hard about this….” “What are you saying, Ferral?” Belle asked. “I want to free all the other experiments being held at the facility. And you heard Dr. Atlas, they’ll be in this huge fighting thing too. I’m not going to lose this one chance to give them what was taken from them.” “Assuming you actually DO go, what makes you think they’ll listen to you?” Leona asked. “You’re right…why would they listen to a failure like me? But I at least have to try, I swore to myself that I would.” No one said anything, and then Ms. Clare walked over and put her hand on my head. She gave me a smile, “Alright, Ferral. As much as it pains me, I’ll let you go.” “Really?! Oh thank you, Ms. Clare!” I looked at the others who were still unsure and cornered, but Leona sighed and looked at me. “You’re such an idiot, you know that? But if you’re going…then I’m in too.” “Me too.” Belle said as she got up. “Yeah, so am I.” Ezekiel added. I looked at them in shock, then smiled at them, “Thank you, guys.”

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