Chapter 20:

Out The Dark

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Since the kiss, Akio allowed Mitsu some time to think and now he was relying on his muscle memory to get him through his shift. Akio wasn’t slow, he knew full well that Mitsu had feelings for Tomo and was trying to restrain himself for the longest time but that day, Mitsu looking up at him so full of happiness, he couldn’t help but kiss him. Mitsu was the person he wanted and he was willing to go along with any plan to get closer to him. “Why is love so complicated?” He sighed, putting away the rest of the clean ups back in their space under counter.

“Because love would be boring,” Akio looked around, Karasu leaning crossed arm account the country with a stupid grin. Akio laughed, shaking his head and leaning cross armed as well. Fortunately, most students who would visit now would be in class and some of the older patrons were already settle with their coffee, cake and their laptops. “By how your speaking, I assume you made the move?”

Akio nodded, ruffling with his own bangs in a nervous manner. Out of anybody who could know about his feelings, it was Karasu who noticed it first. As the college year started, he would sit in the back of the class, watching Tomo and Mitsu’s interaction from a safe distance. It wasn’t until a shift at the coffee shop, at a time Mitsu visited that someone had noticed the way he looked at Mitsu. Karasu was just walking in that day to pick Emi up and while she was getting her belongings, Karasu was mocking and teasing him about looking like a love sick puppy.

Though Karasu turned into a big help; getting Akio introduced to Tomo, who needed a tutor outside of classes. Becoming close friends and eventually getting, somewhat closer, to Mitsu. Though Mitsu always seemed to hate him for one reason or another. Recently, with the barrier coming down, Akio was able to show his real self and the barrier started to fall down. “I may have kissed him,” Akio admitted, his cheeks flushed.

“Way to go,” Karasu praised, slapping Akio’s arm in a job well done. “So, you and ‘Hana’ are just friends huh?”

“Yeah,” Akio raised a brow, nodding along as he stretched out the word. All the time thinking people really are blind when they want to be.

“As long as your happy dude,” Karasu said. “But I think you are just what Mitsu needed to find himself again.” Karasu looked to the counter, laughing at the memory. “He’s more like Emi then he realises.”

“What you mean?” Akio prodded.

“I had to push Emi out of a dark space too,” Karasu’s smile was sad as he looked back up to Akio. “After the relationship between her and Mitsu broke down, she was a wreck. Not eating, not smiling, heck I don’t think she would have breathed if it wasn’t imprinted in her brain.” Akio was taken back. The bubbly over being sister, was once in a dark place. “Though it has taken Mitsu a bit longer, I know he’s found the person to finally bring him out of his dark place and open back up.” Akio knocked his forehead against Karasu’s. This guy, though people saw him as a bit rebellious and dim-witted, really had his moments. “But when Emi comes to murder you, you’re on your own,” And there was his dim-wittedness again. So close to a perfect moment.

Akio pushed himself back up, turning to start making the drink that Karasu would undoubtfully ask for. “I’d like to hear that story one day,” he said, not bothering to look back so he could focus on making the drink. “The story of you and Emi.”

Karasu couldn’t help but laugh. “As long as she doesn’t write about it first.”

“True,” Akio laughed back. “Write a song about it. That way you win the race.”

“Maybe I’ll do that,” Karasu nodded, digging through his pocket for his change.

“This ones on me,” Akio exclaimed, making Karasu immediately stop messing with his pocket. Turning around, Akio presented Karasu with his drink, getting another pat on the arm as a thank you before Karasu walked over to the small corner stage with his drink. Out of curiosity, he pulled out his phone, hoping for any communication from Mitsu. His eyes widened, seeing Mitsu’s name pop up as he pulled out his phone. His heart started to pound rapidly, now he couldn’t help but wonder;

What was Mitsu’s decision?