Chapter 21:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Strolling through the familiar streets and the feeling of dread started to settle in the closer Mitsu got to Tomo’s place. After a few days of thinking and self-isolation, he had finally found himself brave enough to face Tomo first the first time since the mixer. He even had a peace offering swinging at his side to help break the ice. He looked around, voiced ringing through his ears as memories of him and Tomo paying down these streets came flooding back. “It was a simpler time back then,” He laughed to himself. “No confusing feelings getting in the way.”

‘No female persona who keeps telling you, you’re in love with the other person,’ ‘Hana’ snickered.

Mitsu shook his head, as if to erase ‘Hana’ from reality for a brief moment. The walk to the front of the door was quick and Mitsu rang the doorbell. He expected Tomo to answer but was greeted by her former wrestler father. The look he had sent shiver’s down Mitsu’s spine but the smile he then gave was much more bone chilling. “Ah Mitsu,” He greeted sounding cheery. My laughed nervously as he bowed, thankfully he was used to this but Mitsu remembered the first time he met this man, he nearly fainted in fear. “Tomo is just upstairs, make your way up.”

“Thank you, sir,” Mitsu entered removing his shoes before making his way up stairs. He noticed various boxes and bags being filled to the brim with what seemed to be Tomo’s belongings. He gulped, noticing Tomo’s bedroom door wide open and items flying outside of it. “Tomo?”

It was a couple of awkward moments of silence before Tomo’s head appeared around the bend of the door. Mitsu had expected her to throw something at him but instead she, she ran out from the other side, embracing Mitsu in a tight hug. “I missed you,” She sighed happily. “I’m glad you came.”

“I feel bad,” Mitsu laughed. “I can see you’re busy.”

Tomo nodded pulling Mitsu into her room, swooping some items off her bed to give Mitsu space to sit beside her. Tomo took a couple of deep breathes, Mitsu being able to see she was visibly shaking. “I’m really doing it,” She blurted, looking Mitsu dead in the eyes. “In a few months I’ll be moving to America.”

There it was, the heart ache again but this time Mitsu could ignore it. He gave a warm smile, putting his hand on top of Tomo’s to comfort her. “I’m glad,” Tomo gasped, expecting Mitsu to scream at her again. “You’re doing something that you’ve wanted to do you’re passionate about.”

Mitsu brought the bag he was carrying into Tomo’s lap, encouraging her to open in. Tomo as a like a child at Christmas, ripping into the bag and pulling out the small jewellery box. She pried the box open her eyes watering at the sight of a silver bracelet with a dolphin charm attached to it. She held it tight to her chest, letting the tears fall. “I love it,” She cried happily.

“I wanted to give you something special,” Mitsu blushed.

“Did you get this because you like me?” Tomo blushed.

Mitsu shook his head. “While I like you,” He admitted, speaking softly as not to alert Tomo’s dad should he be skulking around. “You’re my best friend and I’ve not exactly been the kindest to you recently.”

Tomo looked at him in shock. He was being cool and collected. She raised a hand, taking Mitsu’s chin into her grasp lightly, leaning forward and giving Mitsu a gentle kiss on the lips. Mitsu blinked in confusion as Tomo pulled away. This was the long-awaited moment he wanted for a very long time but he felt, “Nothing.”

“Yeah,” Tomo nodded, wiping her cheeks. “I didn’t feel anything either.”

Mitsu threw himself onto his back, looking up to the ceiling in disbelief. When Akio kissed him there was a spark but with Tomo is almost felt wrong, as if he was kissing his sister. “I dressed like a girl,” Mitsu whined. Tomo looked down at him, intrigued by what Mitsu was about to say next. “I was so threatened by Akio, I did some stupid stuff and, in the end, it didn’t matter.”

Tomo shifted her body to hover over Mitsu’s face. She scrunched up her face, taking a closer look at Mitsu’s face. Then realisation moment made her feel truly stupid. “Hana?” Mitsu nodded. “Well, you always were good at acting.” Tomo sighed, moving to sit against the wall, Mitsu’s face beside her lap.

“I didn’t expect ‘Hana’ to meet you,” Mitsu sighed, using his forearm to cover his face. “With how close you and Akio were getting, I planned to get Akio uninterested in you and then get you all to myself.”

Going from crying to bursting out in roaring laughter. “God you’re an idiot,” Tomo laughed. “Akio was helping me with my work, then when he found out I wanted to go to America, he offered to help me with the transfer paperwork.” Mitsu groaned, kicking his legs as if he was a child having a tantrum. “Despite everything, I’m not really angry at you.”

“You’re not?” Mitsu questioned, moving his arm.

“I got to see you act again,” Tomo giggled, poking Mitsu’s head. “And you still got it.”


“But you should know,” Tomo scratched at her cheek nervously. “It isn’t me Akio likes. It’s you.”