Chapter 2:


Amor Fati


This is a brief notice on the status and future of this tale. 

Over these few months, my initial hopes and intentions for this tale changed and I realized that my rough drafts and direction for the story lacked in more than one way, from timing down to writing I felt that I wasn't doing anything the right way and so I stopped writing for a bit hoping to regain my gusto. This was not the case, as seen from the gap in upload times. 

So I came to the conclusion that I should simply think over how I will go about this story and return to it at a later time. With this, I hope to realize more of my shortcomings in writing this and many more stories so that one day I can make something the reader and, I, myself can enjoy and cherish.  

Nonetheless, I will continue and inevitably finish the story at a later date but with more time, ambition, and respect for my work as well as for the readers.  I do hope you the reader--hopefully, someone reads this--can stay along for the future upload of this tale brewing in my mind. 

So I will be leaving this tale as "Finished" on honeyfeed but will continue it privately. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, hopefully, one day I can return the time you wasted.

(TLDR): This story will not be updated until further notice. Thank you for reading and hopefully, you will rejoin me when the story has been completed. 

Thank you,

(O_O)[][][][][][][][][][][]pulp [][][][][][][][][][][](O_O)

Amor Fati

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