Chapter 0:


Strawberry Milk

“H-hey guys? I’m uh, scared. Like, my hands are shaking right now.”

“Oh no! What’s wrong?”

“You’re amongst loved ones. Let free the contents of your heart, and be unburdened.”

“I wanna…but, like, this is real. I’m not normal. If I let this out, it’s out for good.”

“Hm. Then how about the three of us hold hands? A little bit of contact can go a long way, you know?”

“A lovely idea. Let’s form a triangle…Like this. How does that feel?”

“Ah-um. Better. Thanks guys. Sorry I’m trembling so bad.”

“Don’t sweat it. Just take a deep breath, and let it out, okay?”

“I can assure you, we love and accept every part of you. You have nothing to fear.”

“Every part? You sure?”


“Yes, absolutely.”

“Okay. Alright. sigh. There’s like, these layers to me. You see. I uh…share my life and my body with a few people.”

“Woowwww really? I’m shocked!”

“Heh, we’ve known this about you for a very long time, my love.”

“What…For real?”

“Duh! Hehe. Course’ we knew.”

“Yes. The details aren’t important. But we love and accept all of you. Might I ask though, how many?”

“I think three. Maybe more.”

“Oh! A chance for more friends? How exciting!”

“The depth of your heart truly has no limits. A quality I’ve come to deeply admire.”

“Thanks guys…I was so scared. It took all year. But I finally did it. I finally let it out.”

“Easy peasy! See? Nothing to worry about. You can tell us anything.”

“Forever and always, we’ll always be here for you.”

“I love you guys. Now I know I’ll never be alone again.”