Chapter 8:

Alek and Davis - Part 2

The Garden Of Dreams

It had been more than one and a half hour but Alek hadn't showed up yet. Davis tried calling him again but he didn't pick up. Then suddenly, someone knocked at Davis's door.
"Who is it?"
"I'm here to deliver the pizza."
"What? I didn't order any pizza."
"I don't know pal, someone did. Your address is written here."
Davis opened the door.
"Here's your pizza."
"Who sent it?"
"Why don't you open it and find out."
Davis opened the box. A phone covered with blood was kept in it. Davis instantly recognized that it was Alek's phone.
"What the f*ck!? Who are you? And why do you have this phone?"
"I'm sure you know me by now. I'm Artur Maxim."
"What? Why are you here? And where's Alek?"
"Oh! Poor Alek. I killed him. But I didn't know that his family was with him. So I had to kill them too."
"You bastard! I'll f*cking kill you!" screamed Davis as he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Artur.
"Hey, calm down now. Shouting won't bring your friend back from the dead."
"Why the hell did you kill him? Huh, tell me!"
"You guys knew a bit too much, we couldn't afford to have any obstacles in our way."
"How did you know? How did you know that we knew?"
"Are you kidding me? We're the COUNCIL, we know everything."
"Enough! Shut your goddamn mouth and put your hands in the air! Or I'll blow your head to bits!"
"That isn't gonna happen. Why don't you put your gun down? If you wanna live, that is. Or are you planning on joining your friend?"
"This is the last time I'm warning you. If you don't surrender right now I'll shoot you right in your goddamn face!"
"Go ahead. Shoot."
"Looks like you've made your choice. Too bad I'll be killing you right here, I wanted to ask you some questions"
"Yeah, too bad." Said Artur with a smirk on his face.
"You think this is funny? Well, it ain't gonna be so funny when you're lying on the floor with your brains blown out."
"Why don't you go ahead..."
"Eager to die, are you? Fine."
Davis pulled the trigger and shot Artur in the head. But the bullet didn't cause him any damage, it bounced right back.
"What the hell? What are you?" Said Davis in a terrified tone.
"Not so confident now, I see." Artur said while slowly walking towards Davis.
"You're a humanoid? Don't come any closer!"
"Or what?"
Davis emptied his whole clip on him but it didn't affect him at all.
Artur punched Davis and he fell on the floor. Then he kicked his leg and broke it.
"Aaaggghhhh" Davis shouted in pain.
"Wanna know how I killed your friend and his family?"
"Shut the f*ck up!!"
"First, I turned invisible. Did you know I could do that? It's one of my latest upgrades."
"Shut up!"
"And then I bumped into their car. Her poor little daughter couldn't take the jerk and died right then."
"I'll kill you a**hole! I'll f*cking Kill you!"
"And then I pulled your Partner out of the car, he was still conscious. So, I cut him in half with the newly installed sword in my hand." He pulled out the sword, "Cool, isn't it?"

Davis broke down crying. "Shut up bastard! Just shut up and kill me if you want to."

"Then I blew his wife's brains out. Oh! The way she cried before dying, hilarious!"

"You f*cking psychopath!" Davis tried his hardest to get up but he couldn't.

"You know his son was the only one who was fully conscious, he got out of the car and saw all of their dead bodies. I watched him cry in pain for some time and then I bashed his head with a metal rod."

"You killed them all? You sick bastard! You'll burn in hell."
"Well, I can't technically go to hell, I'm not a human so...."
"I'll kill you!"
"But you won't. Because I'll be killing you first."
Artur took out a gun and aimed it at Davis who was lying on the floor. Davis wasn't crying anymore, but his eyes were wet. He was staring Artur right in his eyes. He was neither afraid of Artur nor of death.
He never married anyone, and his parents died years ago. He was all alone, but he had someone by his side, Alek, who was now dead. Alek was five years older than Davis. Davis looked up to Alek as a big brother. Alek and Davis shared a great bond.
Davis remembered of the time when he first met Alek. It was the first day of his job and he had been assigned as a partner to Alek on parking duty. They went to Rey's after the duty and discussed life. Right then, they became friends and their bond only grew stronger over the years. 
Davis closed his eyes and prepared himself for his death. He opened them again and looked sideways, at a picture of him and Alek from the 2090 Baseball Championship. He smiled, looking at the picture made him happy. 
"Ready to die?" Asked Artur.
Davis didn't reply, but he was still looking sideways. 
"Why are you looking there? Afraid of facing what's right in front of you?"
"Oh no, I'm not afraid. I just don't want your hideous face to be the last thing I see before my death." 
"Trying to be funny, eh?"
Davis didn't say anything. He just looked at the picture and smiled. 
"Fine then...Say hello to your friend."
Artur pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Davis's head and he died on the spot. Artur walked away. He could hear sirens.
Someone must have called the police after hearing those gunshots. He turned invisible and left without getting noticed by the police. 
The police found Davis's body and their shock was immense. 

The Next Day....

"Today, we grief the death of detective Alek Frost, his wife, Amber Frost, his daughter, Ellie Frost and his partner, detective Davis Crower. The brilliant and highly skilled detectives and their loved ones didn't deserve the pain and suffering they had to go through before their deaths. They had beautiful lives and like us all, they deserved to be happy. We will forever remember them through our memories and they'll have a place in our heart till the very end. In this moment of grief, I pray to god that Nathan Frost, the son of detective Frost who survived the attack, may recover soon and lead the best life possible.
I, Henry Foster, captain of the 59th precinct of the NCPD assure you all that we will catch the monster responsible for this inhuman crime, and we will bring justice to those who've lost their lives. 
I thank you all for being here today."

TO BE CONTINUED IN "New life; Finding Happiness"