Chapter 2:

Prologue : In The Future The World Is The Same

The day time started again

Before we get into my clumsiness and how my save everyone attitude changes so many lives, I suppose I should explain how things work . I come from Atlanta , Georgia. Still affiliated with the United’s states for a whole three more years mind you. Just your average otaku in 2057.I will changes so many lives. Wish it was always for the better.

I joke but in one of the timelines it’s the truth. Sorry, as high tech as we we wish we had become in the future ,it certainly doesn’t have as many advancements as one would think. Greed and lies have a way of controlling progress .wish I did t sleep through world history class in high school. I bet this is just humanities never ending loop.

 Except the one step forward , every regretful dreamer has pondered.. Time travel. Yeah, but we’re not so irresponsible yet everyone can. If someone  can just blow enough money to feed many house holds  for a decade they can slip into their past self for a week 5 times in their life times.

The rule book makes the thickest book I’ve ever read seem as thin as a comic book. Basically, if you violate any of these rules you will be assassinated. The real fun twist is they review your whole life to decide when it will impact others the least. Then they pop over to when that would be and that’s all she wrote. 

Who knew I a broke girl like me would end up with passes like these. I could be super rich when I come back to the future.I could. I could also run back in time to get  back the love I lost so many years ago.  Never was the brightest crayon, I suppose.

Either way, if you were looking forward to flying cars you will be disappointed. If you thought the world would be more peace, again you would be wrong. In the future the world is the same. Those with a money will always dictate the way the world is. For better or worse.