Chapter 15:



Scar: The Day when we were born…Even though I was 3 minutes older than him…He was always 3 steps ahead of me. In my studies, I was good at science but in the remaining subjects, He got his parent's attention. Even physically…He is taller than me…Stronger than me…People think I’m the younger one…I hate to be in his shadows…I didn’t want to be in his Shadow anymore.

Scar get’s up from his place and walks around the chess board, and then he gets to his place.

Scar: I gave my signal…From here on, I go with my heart.

Scar’s supporters in the audience, Everyone kept their drums aside…Trumpets have stopped…Everything has stopped.

Scar: I’m getting weird thoughts…I remember the day it all started…5 Years ago, That day this beautiful thing called chess was introduced to me…I and my 3 minutes younger brother Maim Meddler were so excited to play this game…My dad brought a chess set and he use to play with me for hours…He was strong but for one year…We both lost with him…Every day we use to play at least 3 matches each with my dad…Dad use to defeat us with ease. But then One fine day…Maim won his first match against dad. That day…His happiness was beyond imagination…That big smile on his face…on the other hand, I lost.

Mom started praising him…I envied my brother…He started playing Tournaments, He started winning prizes and people started noticing him. But I always wanted my dad to notice me, I just want my dad to recognize me... Then I got to know about this thing called an Online chess tournament…I played in that tournament…The first time I got knocked out in the first round…My morale was down, I lost all my hope, It was the first time my jealousy became sadness…But I was not a person who gives up easily…I didn’t give up…I think I'm not a person who gives up…But I took a shortcut. I used a chess Engine to win that match…And I went on winning that tournament…To be honest, I felt happy after winning that tournament…Even though I cheated. My mom started praising me and that day my father just told me two words and I still remember those words…

“Well Done.”

These two words…I wanted more of these words, It was beautiful…I started playing more online tournaments…I earned Respect in my family…No one doubted me, I used advanced methods to cheat...But in my 10th tournament…Cheating was more of a burden than excitement…I thought I would stop cheating…But…But….

*Tears filled in eyes*

But…people looked up to me…My little brother wanted to play with me…But I was that good…to play him…My mom always wanted me to go ahead...2 years have passed since the day I started chess…Mom gave both brothers' names to the most prestigious tournament, “The Evernue Tournament.” …I passed the entrance exam, My theory and knowledge of chess were great…I thought I would play my brother and just quit this stuff…I didn’t want to cheat anymore…At that moment…I gathered a group of Musicians…Everyone had One thing in common…They were all older brothers who hated or envied their brothers…Brothers who were unsuccessful, But good people. So that they can sympathize with me…I never hated my brother but I always loved him…But peer pressure is something I always had…But That guilt of ruining a person, crushing one’s morals by defeating him, always hunted me…Day in day out…I had nightmares of people Pointing fingers at me for cheating, Everyone spitting on me, and those horrifying eyes…For 3 years, every opponent…With every match, I could feel that guilt…I WANTED TO STOP! I wanted to end it…But I couldn’t.

It wasn’t like an online tournament…I could see people’s sadness in their eyes when they lost…I knew that feeling but I had no choice. At a point…I had suicidal thoughts…But I can’t break my promise to play a chess match with my brother…

Lina glass in the audience. Lina sitting with Calyden, Cris, Sohel, joey, Divya, Meera, and Alex rose standing behind…David and a group of goofy old people sitting behind them, cheering…

Lina glass Smiles and says “ I found it.”

Calyden: What did you find?

Lina glass: I found the common point why he resigned in the middle of the tournament…In the last 3 years.

Calyden: What’s the common point…It was to defeat a person or avoid facing someone?

Lina glass: It wasn’t

to defeat a person or avoid facing someone… All three withdrawals depended on a person named “Maim.” Whenever he loses he just withdraws…

Alex Rose: Maim huh…He is our classmate and Scar’s little twin brother.

Calyden: Now it all makes sense…

In the Commentators section.

Boss: He isn’t moving a piece…He might be planning something.

Ghoss: This is a tricky position…So, after a very long he is taking his time.

Scar in the ring.

Scar: The first time I participated with my brother, that day…He got till 3rd round…If he had won 2 more rounds we would have met in the finals…But he lost it…And I didn’t want to continue, withdrew from that tournament…Then 2nd year of our participation…It was so sad…He lost in round 1…Even though I won it, I withdrew at that time…The 3rd year…We were so close to playing but, He lost…And I didn’t want to hurt more people with my cheating…So I did what I should…I withdrew…But I felt so happy after Withdrawing from the tournament…I was never happy when I won…Instead, I feel this weird guilt…So crushing a person’s career…Breaking people’s minds…At that time I noticed something.

There is something even worse than losing…

It’s winning…

Whenever I won a game…I couldn’t sleep, I always wanted to quit this…Thanks to those people who made me free from the curse called success…I think I play chess the way I always wanted it to be played the best way…With FREEDOM.

Scar makes a move.

Boss: Rb8 by scar…What might his plan be?

Joey and sohel are in the audience;

Sohel: Hey…That move is not even suggested in the engine…

Cris: Black was worse off, but now they are in a losing position.

Joey: Yeah, even the graph went into Mad’s Favor.

Ghoss: Rdb1 bt Emerson.

Joey: Wowww!! The best move by Mad!

Boss: K—

Sohel continuing Boss line: h5! This is just a bad move…

Ghoss: Rxc6 by Emerson, This wins material.

Boss: rdd8 by scar, The rooks can see each other now, allowing them to provide a mutual defense.

Ghoss: Rc7 by Emerson. This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Boss: g6 by scar… This moves the piece to safety.

Ghoss: Rb6 by Emerson. A very strong play.

Boss:h5 by scar… A sensible move.

Ghoss: Rf7+ by Emerson. Giving a check and a very strong move.

Boss: Kg5 Is forced.

Ghoss:rg7 by Emerson. This threatens to win material.

Joey in the audience: Wow!

Mad’s up 9 points!! That’s like a queen up right…

Boss: Rg8 by scar. This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Ghoss: Rbxg6+ by Emerson. This creates an X-ray attack through two of the opponent's pieces.

Boss: kf5 forced. This protects the attacked piece.

Ghoss: Rxg8 by Emerson.

Boss: Rxg8 by scar.

Ghoss: Rxg8 by Emerson.

Boss: Kf6 by scar…It's almost certain by now, that Emerson is a rook up.

Ghoss: Rd8 by Emerson…I guess now’s the time.

Calyden: It's over I guess. Now it’s over…

Scar resigns…

Emerson shakes their hand with Scar and they both get up.

Arbiter: Congratulations Emerson Halidiya wins the match, Scar Meddler better luck next…And Emerson you have entered the FINALS OF THE EVERNUE TOURNAMENT.

Emerson’s mom is at home

Mom: Yes! I got permission to watch him live…Let me see the result of what happened in the match.

*A tear just comes from her eye…She wipes it and runs towards dad.

“He did it…He is in the finals!”

Dad: Yes! I’m flustered. Our son did it.

Hugs her with one hand.

At the Mafia’s Group place.

Butler: Sir…We have a piece of Bad news.

James Peterson (Mafia Leader): Go ahead…

Butler: It's…Just that…That Emerson has won against the Most accurate person- Scar Meddler.

James: No…at this rate, We won’t be able to get that Raw material…I want to take my revenge against that bitch!! She tortured my whole childhood…It’s not even related to me. Calling herself a Feminist…She is not a Feminist…She is just a masochist. I'm gonna get my revenge and turn that BITCH INTO A DIRTY DOG. THEN BUST HER BALLS!

*He starts and has a scary look on his face…Just by thinking about that stuff.*

Buttler: Sir…Calm down, you will get your revenge…Don’t worry.

Gives him a blanket and Keeps him to sleep with sleeping tablets.

Evernue Newspaper club.

Newspaper head: Hey!! We got some big news!!! Mad has made it to the final…It’s big news!! Now both the headlines of evernue new papers are meeting.

The Finale

Mad vs……………

In the stadium, Emerson goes near his friends.

Joey: Heyyyyyyyyyy!! Mad you did it…You did it!!

Sohel: You're in the finals! That’s a great thing…You know what happened in the match…Actually, you should tha---

Lina pulls sohel back.

Whispers in his ear… “Don’t say it…”

Sohel: oh…Okay.

Chad: Well played bro! I'm a big fan of yours.

On the other hand of the stadium.

Scar: I lost but I never felt this better in my life. I guess it will be my brother Miam vs Emerson…By the way, let me check the timings for tomorrow’s match.

*Opens the newspaper.*

What! It's not possible…The final between

Mad(Emerson halidiya) vs The undefe------

My brother lost…That’s impossible…So we both lost huh?

This time I will go to play him the right way. But before that, I need to do some stuff.

*Goes near Emerson and his Friends*

Alex rose goes to him and gives him a tight slap.

Emerson: Why are you slapping him…Isn’t he, your classmate?

Alex: It's something he did…It's actually…he…

Scar: Emerson, I have something to say to you…Actually, I Cheated in the match.

Emerson: Is that so…

Scar: I’m sorry, I'm extremely sorry…I just wanted attention from people…I didn’t want people to ignore me…It became more complex when I have gone so far that I couldn’t come back from that dark abyss.

Emerson: What over is over…Just don’t cheat on your girlfriend or else you know what will happen…Hahaha...

Scar: Wow…He was so calm, that I thought I was a goner.

Emerson: But how did you cheat in front of these many people… it's not that easy…

Sohel: For that, I will explain.

Emerson: Wait…Do even you guys know?

Joey: Yeah…We were the ones who countered his cheating…

Emerson: Ohh…That’s the reason I felt like 2 different players were playing.

Sohel: See he did that and Blah---blah, Blah….Blahhhh

Goes on to explain the whole thing

Emerson: Wow! That incredible… That's some talent over there. Thanks, old man…You helped me a lot today.

Calyden: No worries…Just fulfill my son’s dream…Son.

David: Emerson is that you…Your way taller than the pics.

Emerson: Do I know you?

David: No, But I have something to talk about with you in private.

Both of them go outside of the stadium.

David: You see Emerson, There is much more happening behind the scenes of the tournament, It's not just a chess tournament…A lot of betting also takes place.

Emerson: But the betting’s tomorrow right? In the finals.

David: That’s the official betting. But something big is happening beyond that…

I can explain briefly They are 3 teams;

The mafia group

The Gangster queens

The rich old man

You see these 3 groups have auctioned all the players for the Jackpot betting…Which is tomorrow…The winners will get 20 times the money and I thought this time it’s going to be a mafia group but all of sudden you have made them lose so matches. It's a miracle.

Emerson: But how do you know this much?

David: I'm the leader of The rich old man.

Emerson: What!? Your using me for your own benefits and asking me to do your stuff?

David: No your getting it wrong…The leader of the mafia group James Peterson is my SON.

And because of my fault, he had a very rough childhood…His mother died and then I married again, But later I got to know that my 2nd wife use to torture him…But by that time it was already late.

I got to know from my sources he has something in his mind…Very disturbing….But if he losses the jackpot now…He needs to wait for 25 years again…Till then, People might change.

So I just want you to win tomorrow…

To be continued

Black screen

Mom: People are called by what they love.