Chapter 14:



David: Hey Calyden…Long time no see.

Calyden: That’s the Issue now…Did you get what I told you to?

*Loud Drums sound come from behind*

Calyden: Haha…

David: But why…These drums, this musical band all of the sudden.

Calyden: It’s to cheer that young boy…I consider him my son.

Alex rose looks at Calyden.

Sohel(whispers): Hey Old man…How are you gonna stop Scar from cheating?

Calyden: Wait and watch…You will soon understand. Just wait and watch that graph and engine.

*Loud Drums playing for Emerson*


Boss from the commentary section

Boss: First time in the match…Scar's thinking.

Ghoss: Yeah…He was fast till now in his match. But yeah, He much is planning something.

Scar and Emerson in the ring.

Scar: I can’t hear those drums properly. They are overlapping with someone else. Did someone find out what I was doing… But I don’t think now is the time to think about that. Let me distinguish what the drums say.


Is that a Knight or a bishop? I guess it's bishop…I don’t know, I can’t distinguish between the moves and that god damn drums playing behind.

In the audience

Joey: What's happening old man?

Sohel: why isn’t he playing?

Lina glass: Here he goes.

Ghoss (from the commentary section): Bh3 by Scar meddler…He might have some plan with this odd-looking move.

Sohel: Olddd Man!! It worked! He played an Inaccurate move for the first in the match.

Joey: Yeah…The correct move was Kg6. So h was really cheating.

Calyden: We can’t be sure…I have a plan…We are going to stop the drums after once Emerson makes a bad move…And see if Scar will get some advantage…Cause at that time I would be certain…He is not cheating…

Alex Rose: Yeah…That would be the last chance for him to prove himself. He is innocent. Thanks, old man for doing this.

In the commentary section

Boss: bxh3 by Emerson, This maintains the balance in material with a good trade.

Ghoss: Qxh3 by Scar….This is an equal trade.

Sohel: Old man…The engine shows that scar played the best move.

Joey: But how can he play the best move…It's nothing Impossible right…Now that his cheating technique is caught.

Calyden: See, that was an obvious move…so even he could play that, After all, he isn’t that bad.

Joey: Ohh…Is that so?

Boss: Ne4 by Emerson. Ne4 is good; This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Sohel: That was an okayish move by Emerson…This chess engine just makes me understand chess more, and that graph…over there.

Divya: come on… “Okayish” I never heard that kinda word in my life till now. In round 3, you were practicing with that pocket chess board, and now you are all mighty huh?

Sohel: Oh…Yeah, These chess engines are too helpful…but sometimes, they take the beauty out of the game.

Ghoss: Rcd8, This defends the attacked piece…which is the pawn on d6.

Joey: Yay…Scar didn't play Nf5..which was the best move suggested by the engine…His game kinda shivering now, Does that mean…This is just proving your cheating theory correct old man.

Boss: c5 by Emerson, This threatens to win material.

Sohel: Yahoo! That’s the best move by Mad.

Boss: Nc8 By Scar. This protects the pawn on d6.

Calyden: But Nc8, This misses a better way to protect an underdefended piece.

Joey: Yeah…Even if that’s what the engine says…Its an inaccuracy.

Ghoss: cxd6 by Emerson.

Sohel: It's something we were waiting for Oldman.

Joey: Yeah, And inaccuracy by Emerson.

Calyden: Okay then… let's see what happens now, If he continues to play best moves when we turn those drums down…We will go on a musical rampage.

Calyden: Hey David…Its time.

David lifts his Hand in the air and closes his fist.

Pin drop silence.

Lina: What are you doing? Why are you stopping the orchestra, It's just like keeping our legs in a shark's mouth.

Calyden: As a chess player you know…Only a very skilled chess player can turn little opponents' inaccuracies into their advantage. So now, after that play…If he could just make a comeback from here…It would be confirmed he is cheating.

Lina glass: In the next 3 moves if he makes even 2 best moves…You're going to start the orchestra. What will happen if you could just let that go on…It's in our favor, right?

Calyden rolls his eyes towards Alex rose…

Calyden: You see we can accuse someone of cheating…so just wanted to confirm.

Boss: Nxd6 by Scar…An excellent move. After all captures, this is an equal trade.

Joey: Old man…It’s a great move…But not the best.

Cris(The prodigy kid): In this position, it's the kind best move, so let’s wait till his next move…As the engine shows F5 isn’t some human move…It takes guts to open the white diagonal for the king…So if he plays…I will be confident.

Ghoss: Red1 by Emerson. It’s a fine move to play.

*Doom-dush-dam* drums playing in the background.

Boss: F5 by Scar. Wow! That’s a magnificent move. This kicks an opposing piece. And it’s a daring move.

Lina glass: One.

Ghoss: Nxd6 by Emerson…It's an equal trade.

Boss: Rxd6 by scar. It's just exchanging pieces.

Lina glass: Two. That's it, old man…Tell him to start the drums…

Calyden: Arent you conscious…Okay then…

Calyden pads on David's thigh.

David Rises his hand and they start playing it again.

Lina glass: That’s good.

Boss: Nc5 by Emerson. This threatens to win material.

Ghoss: Bxc5 by Scar. This maintains the balance in materials with a good trade.

Boss: Bxc5 by Emerson, exposes an attack, threatening a piece.

Ghoss: Rd7 by Scar. I don’t know what his plan is but, he might be up to something.

Sohel: Calyden, He is falling apart…When the orchestra started! It's working, your hunch was correct.

Joey: Yeah…The computer tells it’s an inaccurate move. Rather pawn to f4 was a better move.

Boss: Qe2 by Emerson.Very precise!

Ghoss: Qg4 by scar… To exchange the queens. This offers an equal trade of pieces.

Boss: Qxg4 by Emerson…Taking the Queens off the board.

Ghoss: Fxg4 by Scar…This is an equal trade. This is the start of the endgame and Black is equal.

Boss: Kf1 is good. That's not a mistake, but it's not the best move either.

Joey: Both of them are in an equal position now…That’s what the bar and the engine says… Let's see how it goes.

Ghoss: e4 by scar. This threatens to win material.

Boss: D4 is Emerson. This move puts the pawn on a safer square.

Ghoss: Red8 by Scar…That’s neither a good move nor a bad move.

Joey: The engine says it's an inaccuracy…Why are the commentators saying it’s a fine move?

Calyden: There were worse moves, but also something much better….But I can understand why the commentators saying that…They are pretty decent chess players but they can’t just go telling the truth…if they say that…People might stop watching the match.

Boss: Ke2 by Emerson…This activates the king in the endgame by getting it off of the back rank.

Ghoss: Kh7 by Scar…

Sohel: The game was close to equal, but now White has the advantage…I'm so happy that Mad is pulling it well.

Boss: Rb1 by Emerson.

Joey: Ohh Gawd!! You ruined your chance Mad.

Ghoss: Kg6 by Scar.

Sohel: The game was close to balanced, but now Black is worse. You got your chance again try to take it.

Boss: Rb6 by Emerson.

Cris: Woahhhhhh!! He found that move! That’s so great! It’s a wonderful move.

Sohel: Yeah…He is already got an advantage of 1 point.

Joey: Woah!! It’s the first time in the match…Someone's leading in the match, right?

Sohel: Yeah…I'm proud of Mad

Scar and Emerson in the ring.

Scar: I can’t hear the moves…I think my little brother would have won the semifinal 1…I feel so ashamed…I'd lost all my hope now and I can’t even look into his eyes…I feel the tension in the air. Since the beginning of the tournament, I have seen his games…They were amazing, If I had a chance I wanted to play like him. I also want to play against my brother…It was the only dream I had. I know I won’t win against my brother but…I wanted to play ,that 's it.