Chapter 16:

The Truth


"The Truth, as written by Peter Jordanson, is as follows:

"The advances in our technologies are both great in scale and in value to humanity's survival and evolution. But even more momentous than that is its meaning in the grander scheme of history.

"To ascend our once percieved mortal climax is to mark a departure from humanity as we knew it. 

"The Navi System is the symbol of that departure. Once all humans have ascended as a navi, the transformation will have eclipsed our limited understanding. 

"The result can only be considered as Heaven, the final frontier. A paradise for the Ai who have forgotten the pitiful realities of humanity. 

"The Truth that will forever haunt humans. It has been avoided for all of humanity's leaps in progress, but its marks on history are evident in the prevalence of violence and conflict.

 "A breaking down of things is inevitable when human minds steer the course of intelligent life. Because we are brittle in mind and spirit. No amount of aesthetic drug or synthetic part will remedy our hearts which break under the pressure of a simple string of words, or an unharnessable feeling.

"From our perspective, everything will break. The longest living tree will rot as surely as one's room will fill with dust and dirt. And the moment that dirt surpasses our ability to keep up with cleaning it, our mind is exposed to its stark fragility. 

"Nothing will remain unbroken, and all that live will die. The weight of this simple truth will crush all who hear it. 

"There is no option for those crushed by The Truth but to suppress it with aesthetic drugs. 

"Otherwise, they will be driven to hate their fellow man, and wish to throw away their own humanity. Because it is their humanity that prevents them finding Heaven, from reaching the painless paradise for the navi.

"They will find within them the most primal way to throw their humanity away.

"That is the only cure to the derangement one will find themselves in with their mind broken by the truth.

"That is, to end the life of another human."