Chapter 26:

There’s No Catch To It

Unconsciously Interested


Seriously, what the heck was Tomoka thinking kissing me in front of everyone?! Aaahh!

She could have just kissed anyone except me, of all people! Jeez! Daring that girl was a mistake. She was too dangerous to dare. That is no longer a game of dare; that’s sexual harassment!

However… I don’t mind if she robs me of that first kiss. There’s no point in me caring about that thing; what counts is how discomfiting she made us look! I mean, all the people in our room saw us! Urgh! It’s crushing to suffer that humiliation. Sheesh!

Tomoka Mizuno, you’re in for a lengthy explanation.

I breathed a deep sigh as I collected my soda from the vending machine. Ugghh… I’m not quite ready to go back to our room just yet. I’m not sure I’m calm enough to face everyone, particularly Tomoka.

I took a quick peek at the clock in the lobby. Ohh… It’s already ten o’clock. Heh... I think it would be nice to get some fresh air outside for now.

Well then, let’s get to the hostel’s main entrance.

“Student, you are not allowed to go outside at this hour,” said the charming receptionist with a professional smile.

“But onee-san, I just need a moment outside. I swear I won’t go anywhere. I simply want to sit near the entrance and get some fresh air. Please...?” I gave her the best pleading smile my lips could muster while clasping my hands together.

There was some hesitation on her part at first, but she ultimately decided she could bank on my words. “All right. But don’t go anywhere, and please do not stay outside for too long.” She smiled.

“Yes, of course... Thank you so much, onee-san.” I bowed before walking through the door and seated myself on a small bench near the front door.

Heaving a sigh, I shut my eyes. It’s so refreshing and relaxing to feel the night breeze. As soothing as this place is, I wish I could stay for at least a week.


Almost right away, my mind drifted back to the incident that had occurred in our room. Hmm... It might not be a good idea to put so much weight on it. I mean... I don’t care about the kiss; my real worry lies elsewhere. In any case, it’s not exactly a real kiss at all. If I understand this right, in some friendships, friends give a smooch to each other randomly. So… I don’t think there’s anything to worry about in that kiss. I was just shocked to learn that Tomoka was that kind of friend.

To put it another way, I was just overwhelmed by the shock and awkwardness that I needed some time to calm down since this was the first time a friend had done this to me. Aside from that, I also struggle to deal with that level of embarrassment.

Yeah… It’s as simple as that. There’s no catch to it.

Now that I’m starting to calm down, beyond the shame Tomoka casually donated me, the consequences of what she did are where my real worry lies, mainly since we had that gyaru in the room. It concerns me that the gyaru, or perhaps the other girls in class D, might spread malicious rumors about Tomoka. Unlike me, she is well-liked on campus, which means she would be a popular topic of gossip. They could make up false stories about me, which wouldn’t matter to me, but if such accounts were about my friends, well... that would be a different story.

Haaah… I suppose it seems fair to think this way, considering I hardly know those girls and that gyaru is already known for doing things of that nature.


If only Tomoka hadn’t done that out of sheer daring. Hmm… Nevertheless, given that I also pushed her, it doesn’t escape me that somehow I set the wheels in motion.

“. . . .”

I guess I did, right?

However, putting all of that aside, Tomoka is really a burr under my saddle, isn’t she?

Another long sigh escaped me.

I think I have already calmed down completely. But still, I would like to spend a little more time in the fresh air. There is no reason not to enjoy the gentle breeze and the austere grandeur of the starry night sky.

Hmm... Wouldn’t it be nice to have Kyashii with me right now? With an ambiance such as this, I could use some company.

Right... I’m not sure where she’s gone right after that incident. Did she join those two on the terrace? Uhh... Something tells me that what happened bothered her as well.

“Don’t you want to go back to our room yet?” Minori’s voice startled me.

It seems like she came downstairs to look for me, huh? “I’m still enjoying the night breeze; it feels great... What’s up? You don’t have to come down and find me, though. It’s not like I’m going to run away because of that.” I gave her a half-smile.

“Silly... I know that.” Minori took a seat next to me. “I just thought you might need some company after what happened up there.” She pitched me a warm smile.

Heeh… It’s hard not to feel even better after seeing her smile. “Your smile is really soothing, Minori... Thank you for being kind to me every time.”

“Ara~... That suddenness surprised me, Yuyo. Although, of course, you are more than welcome.” Minori looks a little embarrassed. “So anyway, are you okay?”

“No worries, I’m fine. I have already calmed down. That dare just shocked and embarrassed me so badly that I needed some time to recover...” I chuckled. “But yeah, it’s no longer an issue for me.”

“Y-You’re not mad at Mizuno-san?” Minori seemed baffled.

I scoffed as I gazed at the starry sky. “No… It’s a bit of a stretch to be mad. It’s just that I’m annoyed that she put us both in an awkward situation, and now I’m worried that others will start making snide remarks about her because of that. I’m sure you get what I mean, Minori... I have no idea who the other two girls are, but that gyaru is with us.”

Minori’s hand reaches for my shoulder. When I turned to look at her, a radiant smile filled her face as she stared at me with compassionate eyes.

“W-What’s up with that look?”

“Because I’m glad to be friends with someone as kind as you, Yuyo... It’s no surprise others like you. You have a habit of putting others ahead of yourself.”

“Heh... I don’t think I’m being kind, Minori. There’s just a stronger sense of personal attack when people make negative yet false remarks about my friends than they do about me.”

“So, you don’t consider worrying more about your friends constitutes kindness, Yuyo?” Minori giggled. “You’re kind, all right? Please take my word for it. And don’t worry about Mizuno-san; she can handle it herself. I had made her promise to own up to the mess she had dragged you into.” Her expression turned dark.

“What... She wasn’t strangled and hanging from the terrace, was she?” I laughed.

“Ara~… That’s something I’d like to do if only I could deal with her height. If I could, I would do so wholeheartedly! But in the end, I can do no other than be nice to her, so it’s all good.” Her frown stayed locked on her face.

“Man... Minori, sometimes you are cruel to Tomoka.”

“Mizuno-san is utterly deserving of it.” She scowled. “But anyway, make sure she knows you aren’t mad. She truly believes you intend to skin her alive as well.”

“As well? I thought you talked to her nicely.” I tittered.

“I did, but not Kyashii-chan. She exploded with anger and almost wanted Mizuno-san’s head on a platter.” Minori laughed heartily.

“Heeh... I guess I was right to think she went with you to the terrace, huh?” My heart leaped with laughter as I imagined Kyashii’s reaction.

“Yes... She started foaming at the mouth as soon as we got to the terrace. Her glare at Mizuno-san was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” There was another burst of Minori laughter. “Well... I’m sure Mizuno-san felt intimidated by that.”

“Pfft! That’s my best friend for you... I think she’s also worried about how that incident might affect me.” I smiled at that thought.

“You really don’t know anything, Yuyo, do you?” Minori is staring at me intently.


“Or, should I use Kyashii-chan’s preferred phrase for you? ‘Yuyo, you’re a dummy~’...”

“What?! What exactly do you mean?” What the heck am I missing here?

“Nothing.” Minori smiled yet again. “I do get it, though.”

“Get what...?”

She merely shrugged. “Anyway, it’s getting late. We need to head back now.”

Hmm…? “Sure...”

“Also, be sure you’re absolutely calm, alright?”

“Yeah… Yeah… I am, don’t worry.”


The utter silence was deafening as Minori, and I entered the room.

Great. This is precisely what I expected. I’m in the same awkward situation again. Jeez! Almost unconsciously, I gritted my teeth as my eyes searched for Tomoka. I need to talk to her right away.

Oh! And there she is, face buried in her pillow. Sheesh! You’re too cunning for that, you little rascal!

I started approaching her when I caught sight of Kyashii’s deadly glare at me.

“. . . .”

What’s with her glaring at me like that?! I don’t think I deserve that lethal glare under these circumstances, do I?!


Anyway, I’ll get to her later.

I must first deal with Tomoka, or I won’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night. “Tomoka, get up and come with me on the terrace. Now...” I said in a cold tone, staring sternly at her with my arms crossed.

“Yu-chin…” Tomoka’s voice is barely audible as she looks at me as if she’s about to get hanged or something.

“Come on... The night is getting late, and I’m eager to get to sleep. Yet... My mind won’t rest until I get answers from you, Tomoka Mizuno.”

End of Chapter Four
(End of Volume 1)


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