Chapter 18:

Poisonous Flower

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

"Yamato-san! Yamato-san! There is something I'm wondering about. Is Yamato your first name or your last name?" The question came from Ando, ​​who had a very high blood alcohol level. With his red cheeks he asked the question with such sweet curiosity that Yamato was glad that Eita was in the toilet now. "A person should not become so psychopathic as to punish the person who their lover is asking questions sweetly to." he thought.

"What do you think?" Yamato replied with a question. Ando thought for a while and "I don't think it's both." he said. This caused Tachibana, who was at the table at the moment, to spray the beer he was sipping. Normally upbeat, Tachibana was a fun drinking buddy who found any excuse to laugh when he was drunk. When Yamato was sure that the drunkard next to him had not let his drink fall into his lungs, he turned to Ando and asked what he meant.

Ando, ​​happily dozing off, winced at the question and said, "Yamato feels like a nickname to me. You know, Agent Smith in Hollywood Movies?" This explanation made Tachibana laugh even more. When he paused his laughter, Tachibana said, "Sounds logical."

Ando set his glass aside and stood up. He slid aside Yamato and Tachibana, who were sitting side by side, and squeezed in next to them. He got closer to Yamato and said, "Come on, are you going to tell me? I am really curious."

Knowing what would happen to him if this friendly sitting was seen by Eita, "Does it matter?" Yamato asked. Ando pulled back a little and "Well... I think of you as my brother. That's why I want to know if you have a name to call more sincerely than Yamato-san." he replied shyly.

Yamato was taken aback by these sincere words. He said, "I would like a sincere, lovely and intelligent brother like you. Not the selfish, jealous and psychopathic ones." Hhe wanted to reciprocate Ando's sincere words with a hug, but when he saw Eita with one eyebrow raised towards the table, he simply patted Ando's head. "Just remove the 'san' suffix," he said.

When Eita came to the table, he sat down in Ando's place without saying a word. As he felt the warmth in the chair, he realized that Ando had not been sitting next to Yamato for a long time. This gave him some relief. Ando was probably being more emotional because he was drunk. Even though Eita's inner voice said it wasn't Yamato's fault, he couldn't suppress his jealousy. The biggest reason for this was that Eita knew that Ando was more comfortable in physical contact when he was drunk.

Ando looked at him, then at his empty glass, after Eita came to the table. He wanted to drink more, but for some reason Eita's gaze was holding him back. However, even though Eita knew that Ando was drunk, he hadn't said anything to stop him.

They had gathered this evening to celebrate the acceptance of Tachibana's associate professor dossier. Ando remembered this and decided not to drink any more. He got up from Yamato's side and sat next to Eita. He thought of the gift they had bought for Tachibana. He glanced first at his bag with the gift in it, then at Eita to ask if it was time to give it. Eita nodded and Ando took the gift from his bag and handed it to Tachibana. He congratulated him once again for his associate professorship.

Tachibana thanked Ando again while examining the pen with the title of associate professor and his name on it. Without trying to hide his happiness, "I hope I can give you a graduation present this time next year, Sakurai," he said. Ando shyly said, "There's no need for that, Tachibana-san. Thank you for considering something like that in advance."

They planned to get out of the meal and walk a bit. In the process, Eita hoped for Ando to get a little more sober. Because even from Ando's walk, it was obvious that he was blindly drunk. When Ando said he felt a little nauseous, "I regret not getting involved in how much you drank." Eita muttered. At the same time, he was helping Ando to walk. Hearing this, Ando pulled back and looked at Eita with a taken-up expression, as if he didn't need help. Then he replied, "You drank as much as I did, but..."

Tachibana said, "We don't always drink like that, after all. I don't think it's such a bad thing to go a little too far." Hearing this, Eita looked at Tachibana. He was about to say something when he stopped. After a few seconds, "You may be right." Eita muttered. Then, in a clearer tone, "I just don't want him to vomit." he added.

Ando approached Eita. He was smiling slightly mischievously. "It sure is." he muttered without taking his eyes off Eita. Eita panicked and shut Ando's mouth first, fearing that the others would hear it too. However, as the attractive eyes were still staring at him, this time he got even more panicked and closed Ando's eyes, and Ando burst out laughing. Then he stepped back, tidied himself up, and continued walking smoothly. He was humming a cheerful melody.

Eita looked from behind Ando for a moment. Yamato also looked at Ando for a while and said, "I don't understand what you're angry about. Ando-san is not a bad drinker. He's pretty sane for the amount he gets." and started walking after him.

Yamato was right. Ando was just a little too cheerful for the amount of alcohol he was drinking. He was walking a little erratically. Eita had also seen Ando's more drunken times. Ando's drunkenness was nothing but overjoyed, but he usually had a bad stomach and had no memory of the next day. Actually, Eita didn't really want that. He hadn't seen Ando in three weeks, and it had been almost six weeks since we'd spent the night together. Ando had promised to go to their mini-apartment with Eita tonight, as he's moved to an internship where he's no longer on duty.

He remembers the night he and Ando had a one-on-one drink like it was yesterday. Ando had vomited until morning but insisted on having sex. Added to Ando's drunken libido, along with the fact that they hadn't seen each other in a long time, Eita didn't even want to think about what awaited him at night. He missed Ando too, but it was hard to contain Ando when he was drunk and vomiting. What's more, he didn't remember anything the next morning. With a sigh, he followed the others.

Ando was startled by the sound of the phone that his battery was dead and took his phone out of his pocket. Then he remembered that he had left his charger at home. Eita's charger did not fit his phone. There were no spare chargers in their mini flats either. When he remembered that one of his offices was nearby, he offered the others to stop by for five minutes.


"They brought it by ship and locked it in a basement in Shinagawa? They've put it in people's eyes!"

"Yes. My god! It was just the time!"

"Calm down."

"How can I stay calm? Young Master must not know!"

"What should I not know about?"

Both men were startled by Ando's voice. "Ando-sama!" one shouted excitedly. The other person, who looks calmer, said in a calm tone, "Welcome." He said hello to Ando first and then to those behind Ando. He gave another respectful bow to Eita.

Eita recognized him immediately. He was one of the Sakurai members who provided the most assistance in the incident where Ando was kidnapped. Moreover, he was very young.

The other man was hesitant to tell or not. Ando waited for an explanation from them for a while. He stood with his arms folded. After a while it shook. Then he sobbed once. Eita sighed once, realizing that Ando was still not sober.

At that moment, the panicked man's phone began to ring. Without waiting, Ando took the phone from the man's hand and answered it. When the caller realized that it was Ando who picked up the phone, he began to tell him something. Ando swayed towards another room. At the same time, he was listening to the man's conversations.

When Ando left, the younger man covered his face with his hands. "We are ruined." he muttered. "And this time he's drunk. Ryunosuke-sama will destroy us." The other added. Eita was curious as to what had happened, but chose to remain silent as it would be considered meddling in family affairs. All the while he looked at Yamato to see if he knew what was going on. He was also waiting curiously.

"Ando-sama was after a man." the younger one began to explain. "He is a wanted scammer in several major countries, including Japan. Two years ago, he set up a fake company by showing an address in our area. It caused many small and large companies in our region to lose with various fake agreements and tenders that they entered and won. He was laundering money in another group's casino as well as what he was doing in our area. He fled about six months ago, making Ando-sama lose thirty million yen. In fact, we narrowly missed him. Police are also looking for him, including internationally. We are not the only creditors. In the bureaucracy, he had a lot of opponents with balls."

"So the police want him alive. To find out where he hid what he bought..." Yamato guessed. The young man approved of it.

"We tracked him down in another country a few months ago. Ando-sama preceded the police, but our plan failed as he himself could not go abroad. The chase tactics of the men we dealt with didn't work out well. We got a lot of attention as we were able to find him before the police. He was even threatened by great statesmen so that Ando-sama would not touch him. However, our young master is quite angry with this man. The caller was one of the men he hired for the job. We were glad he called us first, but it's all over here." he finished his story.

From where Tachibana was leaning, "I think you're afraid Sakurai-san won't surrender the man and he will turn the state against him." he said. Yamato laughed, "The fact that he found the man earlier than they did is probably enough to make him hostile. They don't care if you deliver." he added. Without saying anything, Eita headed towards Ando.

Without hiding the panic in his voice, Ando's young man said, "Since you didn't see Ando-sama doing his job in anger, it's only natural for you to make such possible guesses." Eita laughed when he heard this.


The man slammed one hand on the table and continued his silent wait. He didn't understand something. If he was not mistaken, he was caught by the Japanese mafia and smuggled into the country. Yes, the basement where it was located was exactly the place to be used by the mafia. Indeed, he was abducted not by the state's dirty work, but by the small yakuza group he had swindled away from a year earlier. And that yakuza group had found this man, chased by the three countries, long before they did. Both times...

Yet despite being so vindictive, they didn't even bleed on the way here. And he didn't like the tense look on the faces of the men who were on watch. It was as if his hands were tied only as a formality.

"What proud and stubborn men!" he passed through. Thirty million yen was nothing compared to the money he had defrauded from other people. And he divided these proceeds quite well and hid them in good places. He laundered some of them so well in places that had nothing to do with him that even if he told them where the money was, they could not easily get that money into Japan. He put an end to his thoughts by saying, "Even the deep state cannot achieve this, so that a yakuza group can succeed..."

In any case, it was better to be caught by the state's dogs. He could come to an agreement. At least it could save time, as they would want to know where all the money was. If the Yakuza boss was after his life and not his money, then things got more serious. His private bodyguards might not have had enough time to somehow manage to enter the country and find him safe and sound.


The private soldier looked at the yakuza member to his right. He was almost ten centimeters shorter than him, but his face had more balls than his own. As someone who has worked with Japanese magnates before, he always wondered how the mafia business was progressing in a country where it was so difficult to keep a gun.

Another thing he had wondered about for the past six months was his new Japanese employer. For six months he had been chasing the man sitting in front of him now. He narrowly missed the guy in the country called Ecuador. This time, the financial criminal was caught in another country where the delivery was not made.

In fact, he would have had it delivered to a certain place in the ocean, but he had come to Japan himself to both make up for his failure a few months earlier and meet his employer, who had demonstrated superiority in planning and programming. The intelligence he provided and the plans he presented were enormous. He thought it wouldn't be bad if there was one such strategist in his team of seven. But he couldn't make such an offer to a yakuza boss.

The rhythm of the guy he caught on the table with his tied hands was getting on his nerves. However, he did not do anything to him as his employer did not want this swindler to be harmed.

Door opened. Two men in suits entered. One was young and the other quite old. One of them said something to the Japanese next to him in their own language. That man turned to the team and said in English, "Young Master is coming here with some guests. Probably someone is a cop." Then he said to another man next to him in English, "The master asked us to take this guy one floor down. OMG!" The private soldier couldn't make much sense of it.

He hadn't guessed that there was a floor lower than this basement. They already descended to that floor by a secret path, not the normal stairs. After waiting for a while, four people in their daily clothes came out from another entrance. There was a middle-aged man and four young men behind him. The private soldier thought that the middle-aged man was his employer and the other three were his bodyguards. The thin and bespectacled one was probably also the police.

The middle-aged man turned to the handsome young man and said, "Sakurai! Are you sure you did this? You're in serious trouble if you don't hand him over to us." Although the special soldier did not understand what was being said, he realized that his guesses were wrong when the handsome young man was called Sakurai.

Sakurai didn't look at the man calling out, "You'll be thankful I didn't give it to you, Kuchiki-san." he replied. Then he turned to the private soldier and said, "I think I'm finally meeting Mr. Nico." and held out his hand. They shook hands. After Ando introduced himself, he thanked Nico for coming to personally deliver the person he had caught. Then he apologized for coming with such a large team. He pointed to the middle-aged man and said that he was the chief of police, but that it would be fine even if Nico and his crew were armed.

Nico, on the other hand, listened in amazement to his young yakuza boss, who spoke fluent English, and his courteous speech. When Ando finished his speech, "My team and I were pleased to meet our employer in person." he said.

Ando gave some instructions to one of the men in the room. Then he turned to Nico and said, "I'll do my best to make sure you don't have any problems leaving the country. However, you can rest a little here if you wish. The weather in Tokyo is not pleasant, but I would like to arrange a nice place to relax and host you in the south of the country." Not knowing how to respond to this kindness, Nico was startled by a sigh from a distance. This was the handsomest of the people who came with Sakurai Ando.

"I want to quit my job and become someone who works for Sakurai too." Eita said, sighing once more. Hearing this, the military-haired man chuckled once. The thin, bespectacled man in the back asked, "Since you have such fluent English. Why didn't you help with my two projects?"

"I am one of those who can speak but cannot write," Eita said. On the other hand, he was looking at the swindler who was caught.

"Fu-Fumikaze..." the swindler stammered. Eita ignored him and continued to stare at him. Then he stood up and sighed. "I give up. And I want to scam Ando and run away. So he would run after me for six months." he said. The one with the military haircut laughed and said, "I hope you do well in this business. Our family would have been spared a boss like you."

They regained their seriousness as Ando glared at them. Ando turned to his guests and said, "You can pretend you didn't see them. Because knowing that one of them is the leader of Tokyo's largest yakuza family would hurt our pride." He sobbed once afterward. He was so embarrassed by this that he had to put his hand to his mouth. Ando's cute demeanor surprised Nico once again. Tachibana and Yamato were still laughing out loud. Eita scolded Ando, ​​"Take care of yourself. You do your job when you're drunk."

Without listening to his complaint, Ando turned towards the man who had swindled him and fled. "Did you bring my bag?" he asked.


After about fifteen minutes, they passed into a large hall in the forward sections of that floor. Here the room was designed to be divided into two by several steps of stairs. Two men laid the captured man on the ground and tied him with the rings previously mounted there. Then they retreated to the farthest. Eita couldn't understand what they were so afraid of. They were also watching the event from the compartment above the step.

Ando opened his large metallic bag in a corner. He wore gloves on his hands. "Are you going to operate?" Eita muttered. Ando, ​​on the other hand, was not looking at anyone, as if he was in some kind of trance, focused on his work.

"It was Mai, wasn't your name?" he asked the bound man. The bound man chuckled at first. Then he said, "It's ironic that you pretend to forget the name of someone who scammed you for as much as thirty million yen."

Ando began to speak in a calm tone. "Not thirty..." he said. He went back to his bag and prepared a few more things. "Since you left most of the companies I did business with unemployed in the tenders you entered with your liar company, I couldn't get the tribute I should have received from them in this process. You cost me about fifty million. That's why I named it "the bastard who stole my fifty million". I forgot your name because I've called you like that for a long time." he added.

Ando's abusive speech caused Eita to whistle. Ando approached the man again. "I guarantee you'll get out of here alive, but once you do, a name and your name won't matter any more." he said. Then he sat next to the man.

"I have two matters to discuss with you, Mr Bastard. All these months of chasing have created an intimacy between us, it's okay if I call you an abbreviated name, right, Mr Bastard?"

"What are those issues?" he asked.

"My first concern is the fifty million yen you made me lose. If you return this to me, I can guarantee you get out of Japan." replied Ando.

"Hey, Sakurai. Do you know what they'll do to you and me if you make this deal in front of a government official?" said Police Chief Kuchiki. Ando continued his speech without answering him.

"As for the second issue... I especially hate you for trying to lose all my patience in this chase and for turning your other foes against me. You will come out of this room alive, but you will no longer be you."

Mai swallowed once. He wondered what to answer. What could this baby-faced little yakuza do to him? He could have accepted the first offer and walked away, but the second thing he said was already starting to sound scary. Trying to negotiate to buy some more time was the best tactic. So his own men could find and rescue him here. Still, he didn't want to risk it. It was logical to lose 100 million vons and get out of this country safe and sound.

"Let's make that $70-" he was about to say but "No bargains, Mr Bastard." Ando said. Then, in a calmer tone, "I want my money and the reward for the patience I spent on you... As I said, you will come out of this room alive, but how you get out will be decided by my taste." he added. He began to stack the items next to him in front of him. Meanwhile, he continued his speech.

"Of course, there will be options of your own choosing. You have a bargain. For example, there is a drug in this syringe in my hand. I'm going to give it to you in a special way, from your spinal cord. Do you know that most surgeries are done like this now? I stick this in your waist and you never feel down. Japanese mafia custom. We can't just cut off a few fingers. Plus, you have a lot of money. When you get out of here, you can get yourself a prosthetic finger or a prosthetic penis. But it's not a good thing to just watch and do nothing, since you won't be dealing with something like pain while your limbs are being amputated one by one, frankly."

"80 million yen data-"

"A! A! A! This is not the place to bargain. I will show you another thing. But before that, I would like to raise the general culture. The higher the number of viruses, the more disease they cause, you know? This is called viral load. For example, if the number of viruses that cause the flu is enough for your immune cells to cope with, even if you take it, you can defeat it before it multiplies. But if it's too much, it can lead you to respiratory failure and kill you." There was a specially protected injector in the capsule in his hand. He showed it to Mai and continued with his explanation.

"Unfortunately, there is no flu virus in this capsule. But you're not a complete stranger to him, either. You could have caught this virus while banging a prostitute in one of the African countries from which you fled. You guessed what it was, didn't you? You know, that famous immune system-destroying virus. Of course, what I have is different from what you can grab from others. Developed more aggressively on a special medium. Moreover, the viral load I mentioned earlier is enormous. Probably, when you get the virus from this injector, you will not be able to be treated even if you spend all the money you have."

"I'll give you the money you want. What happens?"

Ando made a deep cut in the man's thigh, this time in one motion. Those who watched the event from afar could not see when Ando took a scalpel. Eita happily turned to Yamato and said, "He might be pulling a knife faster than you." Yamato watched Ando compose the psychological and physical torture without answering him.

Ando said, "I'll tell you when you can negotiate, Mr. Bastard. Don't use unnecessary words when I'm so impatient." Then he pulled out another injector. "This is my favorite thing in it." he added.

"I don't actually prefer it. Because although it does not kill immediately, it kills by crawling. There is a toxin in this syringe. You may not know what toxin means. Let's call it poison. This thing is destroying some of your liver's functions. Its main mechanism is abot blood coagulation. If I give you half of this syringe, you'll start bleeding all over the place. If you don't get treatment within 24 hours, it will kill you in three days. Of course, you can't be the same after treatment. It also causes heart failure. Your money may give you a new heart and liver, but I hope you find time to go abroad and buy new organs for yourself when you get out of here."

Ando put that injector on the edge and sat cross-legged in his seat. Then he said in a calm tone, "Of course I have a few more options. I don't want to talk about them out loud for now because they are my secret inventions. That's why I'm going to whisper in your ear. Bargaining begins after the event. It's up to you to decide which one to start with."

"What do you mean start?" murmured Yamato. In fact, he thought it would give him a choice. Ando meant that he could implement them all. Nico didn't understand much as all the conversations were in Japanese. He asked a man to explain what had happened. When the man told him, "How does he know so much medical information?" he muttered.

"Sakurai Ando is practicing medicine as a hobby in his spare time," said Eita turned towards him and waved his hand as if he was seeing something normal.Thinking that Yamato should laugh at his joke, he turned to look at him. Yamato soured, "Your precious dear Ando may soon kill a man. You make jokes here."

"He deserves to have some fun too," Eita said without changing his expression." Tachibana, on the other hand, left as soon as he heard about the torture methods.

Every time Ando whispered, "For God's sake! You're crazy!" He responded with shouts. Ando stood up from the man with a face that showed his patience was running out, and he thrust a scalpel into his right chest wall.

"You shout a lot! I deflated one of your lungs so you wouldn't give me any more headaches. If you shout any more, I can slit your throat!" he said. Then he said more calmly, "But don't worry, I'm on my word right now. His lung collapse is under control for now. However, the situation may worsen. I know the cure for worry. For now, try to breathe properly." he added. At the same time, he was sticking a special tape to the chest wound he had just opened.

After controlling his breathing, the man said in a tearful tone, "I beg you, I will give you any money you want. Hand me over to the police on the way out." Ando smiled, satisfied with what he heard. Then he said, "But we have a problem. I'm guessing he's got three million dollars in cash with what he's laundering."

Kuchiki squinted, "How does he know how much he's stolen from the dark men?" Eita laughed, "This is the secret of our profession." he replied. Kuchiki grimaced, "I hate the length of your hand and the sharpness of your ear." he said. "I take that as a compliment," Eita happily replied.

"A million dollars is enough for me. You know what you do with the rest." said Ando. He took off his gloves. He called out to a man whose face was white. The man quickly brought a phone call to Ando. Then he untied one of his hands.

Ando said, "The internet connection on this phone is not something to be followed easily. You can send an e-mail to anyone you want. If you want, you can also send a message to the guards who are calling you right now, showing your location. You have five minutes to transfer the laundered one million dollars to the Sakurai Family accounts over this phone. How you use the five minutes is up to you." he explained.

He got up and put his stuff away. He took off his apron. "We got it done without any bloodshed. No need anymore." he muttered. One of the men confirmed that one million dollars had been transferred to the account in three separate sources. Ando happily turned to the audience and said, "Kuchiki-san, you can get the man." He gathered his bag. Seeing that Nico wasn't leaving as he walked upstairs, he turned to him and smiled. He sobbed again. However, for some reason this time he didn't look cute.

Ando said, "Mr Nico, I would very much like you and your men to be our guests. Please enjoy yourself." After what Nico had just seen, he thought he couldn't refuse this yakuza boss's request, so he accepted the offer. But a few days later he would leave this country, never to come back.

Kuchiki took the man away. On the other hand, he wanted an ambulance and a patrol team. Eita tried to get Ando out because they weren't supposed to stay there any longer. However, Ando looked at Yamato with a sincere smile and said, "Where were we? Yamato-san please tell me your real name!"

"I swear my name is Yamato. Yamato to me. You can even say things like Yam-chan, Yam-kyun, but please stay away." he replied. Ando left the building, continuing to hover over Yamato.

Eita lit a cigarette outside the building. All the while watching Ando chase Yamato. When he saw Tachibana just beyond, he went to him and said, "We're done here. Let's go before the cops see us here." Tachibana said solemnly, "I just saw how psychotic a creature that looks super cute can get." "A man to fall in love with!" Eita exclaimed. Tachibana grimaced, "This is your psycho, I guess." he said. They both laughed.

After a short silence, Eita said, "You don't have to be afraid. Ordinary yakuza would have solved this in more nasty ways."

"Ando... He's not the type to use the medical stuff he's learned in these jobs. He knew he could take revenge on him just by talking about those tortures." he added. Tachibana felt his hairs stand on end. He got up from where he was leaning, rubbing his arms. "Still scary," he said and started walking. Eita laughed, "Things are more believable if you start the deception from those closest to you." he said and followed Tachibana.