Chapter 19:

A Naughty Dance

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

While Yuu was passing through the entrance to his room, he saw that Eita was wearing his shoes. Eita was wearing neither a kimono nor suit. Yuu guessed that Eita was not going out for work.

When Yamato popped out from behind the corridor, he didn't see Yuu was there. "Well well! Eita-sama is on the way-" he was about to say but he saw Yuu was there and stopped talking because of panic.

Eita turned his back to stare at Yamato and saw his grandfather, too. He didn't say anything to Yamato. He greeted his grandfather and went out quickly. Because he didn't want his grandfather to ask anything.

Yuu stayed there for a while. Then he turned to Yamato slowly. Yamato saw that and stood stiffly. "Yamato..." Yuu said. Yamato put his arms beside himself like a soldier as if Yamato said "Ten-hut!" to him. "Yes, sir!" he answered.

"Did you tell him what I told you?" Yuu asked. Yamato hummed and hawed for a while. Then he could say "Yes,". Yuu got closer to Yamato slowly. As he got closer, Yamato made his standing tighter. Yuu suddenly put his arm around Yamato's neck. "You come with me a little bit," he said and started dragging him towards his room.

While he was dragging him, "That brat is going out with his casual clothes and isn't coming back home until the next evening. I bet he has a regular woman," he said. "I... I don't know, sir," Yamato answered by trying not to be choked.

"Do not lie to me!" Yuu shouted. Then he continued to drag Yamato and "The relationship between my grandchild and women is more disappointing than mine in the past. I used to hang out with a lot of girls. Still, he has never had only one lady, you know. And, If a man has only one lover, that means this is a serious situation," Yuu continued to say.

Yamato was still trying to get rid of strong old arms. "Is having only one lover a wrong thing?" he asked. Yuu stopped dragging him. He slapped Yamato's neck and "Fool brat! If he visits only a woman regularly, he will want her to make his bride! He mustn't bring an unknown person to home as a bride, got it?" he shouted again.

He let Yamato go and held his chin thoughtfully. "I'm not going to leave this matter to you. I'm going to order him," he said. Then he turned to Yamato who was rubbing his neck in pain and "If you make him attend Kobe's birthday party, that's enough for me," he said.

Yuu laughed like a villain and went to his room. Yamato looked behind him and sighed. "Grandchild or grandfather... They are same when it comes to torture me," he muttered. Since he thought the things that would make Eita angry were going to happen, his joy came again. He headed to the kitchen wondering what the dinner would be.


While Ando was chopping the ingredients for dinner, Eita got closer and hugged him from behind. "Tell me you can't do it properly because of me," he said. Ando said it was no problem.

While Ando was chopping carrots, "Since my class finished late, you had to wait for me. I guess you're hungry. I am trying to make it quickly," he said.

"You are more important. I guess you are tired because of school. We should order something," Eita answered. At the same time, he was watching how Ando was chopping the carrots. "We usually order something. I wanted to eat homemade dinner this time." Ando said.

After Eita was sure he learnt how to chop, he held Ando's wrist and pulled over him. "I shall continue to chop so that i can help you," he said and he took the knife and carrot in Ando's hands. Ando smiled and asked, "Do you know cooking?".

"The maids just haven't let me cook. When I learn it, I guess I can do it," Eita answered seriously. "Do you want me to teach you?" Ando asked again. Eita smiled and pinched Ando's cheek gently. "You feed me, that's enough for me. When I want to feed you, I will learn how to cook." he said. He wanted to add a naughty meaning to feeding him but Ando didn't understand him.

"Of course! I will always cook for you. But I want you to cook for me, too," he answered. Eita turned his face to the other side and sighed once. "He didn't get what I mean, really..." he muttered. Since Ando couldn't hear him, he asked what he said. Eita said nothing and washed his hands before chopping.

After dinner, while Ando was checking his class notes, Eita washed the dishes. He guessed that Ando still had something to do and he sat on the bed slowly and checked his phone. When he saw the message on his phone he got nervous. It was saying "Yuu-sama is after a thing, dude. He wants you to be at Kobe-san's birthday party this Saturday."

Eita answered by writing "What does he want this time?". Yamato wrote "I don't know but he thinks you are seeing a woman regularly."

Eita sighed once. Ando had figured that Eita's face had got nervous before that sigh so he asked what happened while he was putting his notes in his bag. Eita changed his expression immediately. "Nothing. Just Yamato..." he answered.

Ando got up from the cushion on which he sat and headed to Eita slowly. When Ando stopped in front of Eita, Eita put his phone next to the pillow and held Ando's arm and pulled him onto him. At the same time he turned right, leaned on the headboard and made Ando sit between his legs. Ando leaned on Eita, too. Eita hugged behind him tighter and kissed his neck. When he got Ando's smell he wanted to kiss him one more time. Since he got excited he gave his breath to Ando's neck and that made Ando tickle.

After Eita gave his third kiss to Ando's neck, "Eita..." Ando muttered. While Eita was getting up to Ando's ears, "Yes, darling." he answered. "My tomorrow classes will be early," Ando said with a kind tone. Eita kissed Ando's neck again and "I know. I won't do more," he answered.

"The problem is that you're making me want more," Ando said, trying to hide his embarrassment. Eita was not waiting for this answer. He turned his head to the other side in shock and "How can you make my heart beat so fast just like the first days?" he muttered. Ando leaned on Eita again and listened to those beats.

They lied for a while. Then Ando remembered something and raised his head. "I'm invited to Kobe-sama's birthday party this Saturday," he said. Then "Will you come, too?" he asked. Eita said yes without thinking because he thought he couldn't miss a party that Ando will attend. He was going to bear his grandfather's attack on that party.

"We haven't seen each other on family works nowadays," Ando said, smiling. Eita smiled, too and "Isn't seeing each other at home enough?" he asked. Ando didn't said anything. His eyes looked at his front. Eita was able to see the roses which were blooming on Ando's cheeks. "I wonder what's going on in his mind now and making him shy," he thought.

As if Ando could hear Eita's inner thoughts, "Well... It isn't a big deal. I can only see you in your kimono in only family matters. I like to see you in a kimono or a suit," he said. Ando looked so cute that Eita was having a hard time to keep himself from kissing him. "Even if you think I can't wear them properly?" Eita asked. "You look handsome in those messy wearing styles," Ando answered with a cute and charming voice.

Eita closed his eyes to restrain himself but the wiggle in his lower half got caught by Ando. Ando looked at Eita's lower part without being aware. "Don't mind him," Eita said shyly. "You look more handsome in a kimono than me," he added to distract Ando. But Ando was still looking at Jr. Eita was in his pants so Eita gave up and apologized.

Ando leaned on Eita again as if he wasn't aware of Eita's erection. After a while he took his right hand to Eita's pants. When Eita, whose head leaned on the headboard, felt that his testises were grasped kindly, he startled and "What are you doing, Ando?" he asked by surprise. Ando raised his head slowly and looked at Eita. "I want to take care of him," he answered.

Eita was about to reject by saying "But you have class in the morning," but Ando stopped him by kissing his lips suddenly. At the same time, he was still playing with Eita's lower part. He let Eita's lips go, took his own lips to the left side and bit Eita's cheek slowly. Then he took his lips to Eita's ears by kissing all the way on his cheek.

"Promise me." Ando whispered. Then he stopped kissing and touching Eita. He put his hands to the wall and sat on Eita's groin by getting support from the wall slowly. He kissed Eita's chin once and took his lips to his ear one more time. "If you promise you won't do anything, I will take care of him without tiring myself," Ando said and continued kissing. Eita didn't understand how he was going to take care of his erection but "As you wish..." he muttered.

Ando kissed Eita's lips for a while. At the same time he got rid of his own and Eita's top clothes. When Eita felt Ando's soft tongue in his mouth and Ando's naked body wrapped around himself, he got excited and hugged Ando. Ando stopped him by holding and opening wide his hands. "If you break your promise, you can't touch me for a while," he whispered. Eita sighed and closed his eyes. "That is so difficult," Eita complained. Ando smiled and continued his kisses.

Ando got down slowly while kissing. After he kissed Eita's Adam apple gently, he sucked his neck. "Sorry but you won't be able to wear any open neck clothes," Ando said. Eita was holding himself hard. He didn't say anything. Eita's suffering made Ando satisfied. On that night he was going to give Eita's body a few more bite marks.

His kisses got lower and arrived Eita's belly. At the same time Ando was caressing the thing inside Eita's underwear. Therefore, his lips first went to outside of the underwear then inside. When Eita felt those hot and soft lips on his tool, he took his hands to his own face and muttered "Where did you learn this?". There was no hope. This night was going to be tiring for both of them.