Chapter 8:

Primal Bullet

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

"But that was all in the past I have to save them and defeat this demon but I trust them so I need to rest because for now, I'll only get in their way."

Akai then thinks "Whatever that power was inside me it seemed to respond to a spike in my adrenaline I need to use it again it doesn't seem to drain any riki so it's the only way I can keep up with that demon."

"This shows demonic superiority over humans, the next step in my barrage incinerator's evolution curry powder!!!"

Mantogai raises his right hand in the air as 12 fireballs appear in the air and descend toward Akai, Tsuyoi, and Dangan.

"I won't let you gunpowder!!!"

7 bullets collide with 7 of the fireballs creating a huge smoke cloud. When the smoke clears 5 more fireballs are heading toward what remains of the restaurant. Akai's adrenaline then spikes, time freezes around her, and her mind is transferred to her subconscious. Standing in front of her is a huge red dragon who is staring deep into her eyes for a few moments it is silent then the dragon speaks. 

"I am the mighty fire dragon spirit Ikari and you are my vessel I didn't want you to be my vessel but someone forcefully sealed me inside of you all though I seem to have lost my memory of that event moving on I will be the one in control and you must listen to everything I say!"

"I have no time to speak I'm in a hurry so lend me your power.''

"Who do you think you are you are just a mere child so don't make me laugh."

"I know you like adrenaline so just help me out and you can have all you want." 

"You know that low adrenaline can cause a rapid change in blood pressure which may lead to heart failure." 

"I come from a family of doctors so, of course, I must know what am I agreeing to, and besides I will only use you in battle which will give me a constant rush of adrenaline so the chances of heart failure are decreased."

"Fine, then both put your hands on my stomach."

Akai puts her hands on Ikari's stomach, and their eyes glow bright red.

"I the mighty dragon spirit Ikari sign a soul contract with Akai."

Akai's mind is transported back to her body and time unfreezes. Akai uses Ikari's power unleashes her wings and shields the restaurant from the volley of fireballs. When the smoke settles Akai is still standing in front of the restaurant with the restaurant unharmed.

Mantogai has a look of surprise on his face.

"Oh so she made a deal with the dragon, oh this battle is spicing up I'm so excited to kill them and break every bone in their tiny fragile bodies while I look at their faces in complete and utter despair knowing that they can't possibly fight me and win and then I'll make sure to kill everyone in their family!"

Mantogai licks his lips and looks at Akai.

"I'll start with the dragon's vessel noodle chain!!!"

Ramen noodle-like chains sprout from the ground and tie Akai to the ground. Mantogai then files down to the ground and stands over Akai who is struggling to get out of her chains. Mantogai smiles and then begins to murderously beat down Akai who can do nothing but sit there and take it. She stares into his eyes and then looks back down at the ground and smiles.

"I've been saving this one up for you dragonic roar!!!"

Akai roars like a dragon at Mantogai creating a shockwave and sending Mantogai flying a few feet backward and breaking her restraints. Akai holds her hand up in the air and closes her eyes.

"I've come up with something my since my adrenaline is at the highest it's ever been and my element is fire so if I focus on Ikari's Riki and spread it to a specific body part but then I thought why stop there when I can spread the flames to my whole body for extra efficiency this my will to fight dragonic body!!!"

Akai's whole body is covered in flames and her feet were burning the ground. She rushes at Mantogai hitting him with a flurry of punches and kicks and then swats him down to the ground like a volleyball. He gets back up and she flies back down attempting to punch him but he catches and slams her to the ground using her momentum with devastating force. 

"That little technique of yours was pretty impressive it even hurt a little but it still won't be enough to defeat me!''

"My flames will never go out especially not to someone like you not now not ever I'll beat the crap out of you!" 

The flames around Akai's body burn brighter than before and she focuses it in her right hand. Akai rushes at Mantogai.

"This is my strongest attack all of Ikari's remaining spirit energy!"

She throws a punch at Mantogai but he dodges to the side avoiding it.

"Not so fast your not getting away from me Tsuyoi ken!!!"

Tsuyoi surprise attacks Mantogai and punches him square in the face making him turn around. As soon as he turns around Akai puts her hands on his back.

"Flash burn!!!"

There's a huge white flash of fire badly burning Mantogai's back sending him flying forward. Standing in front of him is Dangan readying an attack which he wouldn't have time to dodge or get out of the way.


6 bullets appear and hit Mantogai in the face simultaneously, creating a huge smoke cloud. When the smoke settles Mantogai is standing in the same spot he was before with blood dripping down his face. When he looks up his eyes become bloodshot red and his muscles begin to twitch violently he smiles and begins to speak.

"Activate berserker!!!"

Mantogai's soul energy skyrockets but seems to lose all sense of reason.

Dangan then speaks "Guys this isn't good at all after I got the job yesterday I studied a bit about soul energy this is a person's berserker mode when someone reaches a certain threshold of rage and loses all form of reason this activates a form that makes them 2x stronger than before!"

Before anyone can react Mantogai rushes at Akai and beats her down into the ground forming a crater. He then lifts her in the air by her left arm, breaks it, and throws her a few inches away like a piece of trash.

Mantogai then spits a fireball at Tsuyoi hitting him directly and giving him no time to react. Tsuyoi falls to his knees clearly being hurt by the last attack. Tsuyoi weakly stands and begins to speak.

"Damn that bastard that attack was far stronger than his other attacks before but we still have to fight we can't run away not now at least we're going to beat him if we work together nobody will die so let's give it our all!"

Dangan nods his head in agreement and then speaks.

"We have to hurry because he's getting more powerful by the minute!"

At that moment Gin snaps back to consciousness and sits up with a confused look on his face. 

"Where am I?"

Sora looks to Gin and 

"Gin stay here you're injured your in no condition to fight so just rest 3 of your ribs are broken."

"But boss I need to help them and there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

Gin gets up and walks to the exit that leads to the now broken-down training room. 

"Gin that is an order listen to me dammit!"

A bright blue aura surrounds Gin which shakes to his core. With that Gin leaves to face Mantogai and leaves Sora with his thoughts.

"Even though willpower hunters can basically can do anything their minds think of and on top of that have infinite potential but if Gin loses that resolve to fight he will most likely be killed I just hope he can defeat Mantogai."

When Mantogai notices Gin he fully becomes like a wild animal and attacks Gin with a punch which Gin blocks with both his arms. Dangan and Tsuyoi notice with surprised looks on their faces. Dangan then begins to speak.

"Gin how did you block that hit it should have broken both of your arms!?"

"I don't know but all I do know is we gotta fight to survive!"

The same blue aura spreads to Tsuyoi, Dagan, and Akai giving them the energy to fight. Tsuyoi looks at Gin in amazement and looks like he's going to speak but says nothing deciding not to question it.

But Dagan does decide to speak.

"Woah Gin this energy I still have my injuries and they hurt like hell but I seem to be in peak fighting condition what in the world did you do to us?"

"I don't know how it works but we can talk later for now we have to live that guy is getting stronger the more time we waste."


Gin dashes towards Mantogai and punches him in the face with tremendous force. But at the same time, Mantogai punches him in the chest with the same amount of force. Gin staggers back in pain but manages to stay on his feet.

Gin sends a blast of willpower toward Mantogai sending him flying back. Mantogai gets back up and rushes at Gin and moves so fast Gin can't react and hits in his chest with a flurry of punches slamming Gin into a wall.

Akai looks at Gin with a worried expression on her face and thinks to herself.

"How is he still fighting 3 of his ribs are broken no all of his ribs are broken at this point but something has to be negating the damage that's the only logical answer at this point but that still doesn't explain how his aura spread to us and how despite still having major injuries we're in our top fighting conditions well never mind that I can't sit here and watch Gin be pummeled like this I have to do something or else we are all doomed!"

Akai approaches Mantogai as he is beating down on Gin when suddenly Gin puts his hand out motioning for Akai to stop.

"Akai don't come closer I'll weaken him enough so you guys can beat him so just stay back!"

"But you are hurt badly so I can't let you just be killed I refuse!"

Gin then creates a barrier around him and Mantogai that no one can get through.

"I told you to stay back dammit and besides your arm is still broken."

Gin punches Mantogai with even more force and sends him crashing against the barrier. Mantogai then creates a huge fireball that hits Gin directly knocking him out cold. Just as Gin passes out the barrier disappears and so does the aura around everyone Mantogai then blasts Akai with a fireball knocking her back.

Mantogai then hits everyone with a stream of flames severely injuring them almost to the point of death they then pass out. Seeing this Sora rushes out to fight Mantogai with rage filling his heart.

"You'll pay for that I would go berserker on you but I have to control myself even if I run out of Riki I'll die but if I must to defeat you I will!"

Mantogai then rushes at Sora and pummels him with a combo of punches and kicks. Sora is much slower due to barely having any Riki left and he coughs up blood. Mantogai then picks him up and spits multiple fireballs at his face killing him instantly. 

"Is this death am I dying  I'm such a failure I failed them all I don't deserve to face Yuki or my brother in the afterlife." 

Suddenly a glowing bright green beam of energy shoots up into the sky from inside the restaurant. Yakuso gets up and sees everyone lying on the ground with Mantogai standing above them. At that moment Mantogai's berserker state ends and he goes back to his normal mental state.

"You hurt my friends!"

A red aura surrounds Yasuko and his Riki spikes and the ground begins to shake violently and crack below Yasuko's feet. Yasuko creates a blade made of pure Esper energy and attacks Mantogai and slices his left arm off. Mantogai throws a punch with his right arm which Yasuko blocks with his sword.


Mantogai regenerates his left arm and creates a sword made of concentrated flames and attacks Yasuko with it which Yasuko dodges. Yasuko attacks Mantogai and grazes his cheek taking the opportunity Mantogai slices his back. They clash swords in a fierce battle but as Mantogai was charging at Yasuko preparing an attack Yasuko teleports behind him and slices deep into his back. Mantogai then unleashes his wings and flies up into the air preparing one final attack.

"I've had enough of you humans you should be honored because you were kind of a challenge but now prepare to die this is the strongest attack in my final form!"

Yasuko could somehow sense the amount of Riki he was charging up and he knew he couldn't defeat him alone.

"I can't defeat him alone I have to heal them I have enough energy to do that at least!"

Yasuko closes his eyes and concentrates on the wounds of everyone. The almost completely destroyed training room is engulfed in a bright green light and when the light disappears everyone is revived in peak condition and the training room and the restaurant are completely fixed.

"Everyone you're alive!"

Everyone hugs Yasuko and turns around and faces Mantogai. Gin's blue aura engulfs everyone making them slightly stronger but only temporarily and Gin begins to speak.

"It's time to finish this once and for all and this time you'll be the one cornered!"

Dangan then speaks.

"This is time we're gonna do it together!"

Dagan then creates a huge bullet that could destroy a regular-sized building. Everyone empowers the bullet with their respective powers making it even stronger. A huge fireball appears above Mantogai's right hand and he grins sadistically. And at the same time, the bullet grows even brighter at this point both attacks are ready but both parties are waiting to see who will strike first. Finally, Mantogai grows impatient and launches the huge fireball toward them. 

"It's time no more playing waiting games die SWEET INFERNO!!!"

He launches it at them playing right into their trap because making him strike first allowed the bullet to become more powerful due to the growing effects of Gin's willpower. They then launch the bullet at Mantogai and begin to shout.

"Together now PRIMAL BULLET!!!"

The bullet and the fireball collide smashing into each with tremendous force in an epic light show. The bullet pierces through the flames of the fireball and hits Mantogai directly on the chest creating a huge explosion. The room is filled with smoke and when the smoke disappears the only thing left of Mantogai is his soul which is a small blue orb. Gin then begins to speak.

"Did we beat him?"

Everyone responds with "Yeah we did it!"

They all surround Gin and hug each other in celebration. The demon king sits on his throne in his own thoughts when a small green-faced demon walks in.

 "My lord one of our new low-ranking soldiers Mantogai was defeated by the reincarnation of the soul king and his friends." The demon lord has an angry look on his face.

"Dammit, useless low ranks who can't get the job done but at the same time I don't wanna immediately show my strongest ranks at the same time well send a weak enough squad that is stronger than the previous scum to the nearest train station to the Tokyo soul hunter base that should spike their attention and take them out."  

"Yes my lord." The demon walks away and leaves the Demon lord by himself who by that point fell asleep as a new threat arises.

Character case No.5:Yasuko Kane 
Blood type: O+
Favorite pastime: Making manga
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