Chapter 9:

It's a date!!!

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

Our heroes have defeated the demon Mantogai but little do they know a new stronger threat has risen. Oh you must wonder who I am after all I've been narrating Gin's story this whole time well except for flashbacks but that's beside the point I will reveal myself at the end of Ajin's story. Who's Ajin you may ask well let's just say he's the next step in my book covering the fall of the Soul Hunter organization well I've spilled enough tea already so let's check up on our heroes.

They all stop hugging one another and Sora begins to speak.

''Okay since we had to fight our hardest battle yet you can all have a day off oh and when your parents ask why you were home so late just say you were working overtime, okay oh and I almost forgot usually I give you your checks at the end of the week but since it is your first real day and we had to face a strong opponent here is your checks!" 

Sora hands them all a check for 1200 yen. Gin has an angry look on his face.

"Hey, this is only the amount of money we get paid for just 1 hour we fought that demon for like 2 hours!?" Sora looks at Gin annoyed.

"Look don't push your luck kid."

Akai perks her ears up and speaks.

"Hey, guys tomorrow wanna hang out?" 

Yasuko scratches his head sweating bullets and speaks.

"Um but I think I'll take tomorrow off sorry." 

Everyone except Gin nods in agreement.

"Um, I'm down to go with you."

Gin says nervously. Akai then looks at him turning her whole face red like a strawberry. When their eyes met a spark lit up within both of their heart at that moment neither of them understood the feeling but they did nothing to stop it. For a split second, there was only silence until Akai decided to say something unexpected.

"Well if it's just the two of us well then it's a date meet me at Kizuki's ramen shop at 8 PM."

Everyone looks at Akai in utter shock. Her words rang all out through the room and then in unison everyone shouted.

"A date!!!?"

Akai folds both her arms together her face still red and speaks.

"You heard me!"

The room once again became silent with tension filling the room. Everyone just stands there looking at Akai. Finally, after about a minute, Sora decides to break the massive tension that filled the room.

"Well, you guys can all go home now!"

Gin turns his head and looks at Mantogai's soul which is still floating in a corner. He walks towards it and pauses for a second before grabbing it.


Everyone looks at Gin in confusion at what he just did. It is yet again it is completely silent before Gin clarifies on his decision to absorb Mantogai.

"He could help out in battles and he could also work at the restaurant."

Sora looks at Gin but says nothing and just motions for everyone to leave. At home, Gin lays on his bed blushing with her face red like a rose thinking about his date with Akai. At that moment Gin realized how serious his first date was. He was constantly stuck in a never-ending loop of his own thoughts until one thought comes to his head.

"Oh I know I'll ask dad he probably has experience with this kind of stuff."

Gin walks into the living room where his father taking a nap on the couch. Gin walks up to him and taps him on the leg waking him up. He sits up and looks at Gin in utter and complete confusion.

"What do you want son!?"

"I'm going on a date and I want some help to make this girl like me so will you help me!?"

"Say no more all you gotta do is this one simple trick act cool I mean with your mother I was naturally cool but you could use a little work so just act cool and like a tuff, guy ladies love when guys act as tuff men trust me." Gin nervously looks at his father. 

"Ok, but are you sure about this?"
"100% positive trust me I'm a pro and your father are questioning me, young man!?"

"No sir!"

A couple of hours pass and it is now 8 PM and Gin is waiting for Akai while sitting at a table in the ramen shop. Suddenly he sees Akai walk in inside the shop in a stunning dark red dress which makes him blush in awe. Akai sees Gin sitting down at a table and joins him for a minute they sit in awkward silence until the waiter comes to take their orders.

"What do want today may I just say you two look like the perfect couple!"

They both blush and give their orders.

Akai: "So what do you do in your spare time?"

Gin: "I play football."

Akai: "Oh really what team do you play for?"

Gin: "The Tokyo ravens."

Akai: "Really now do you because I don't recall there being a football team in Tokyo called the "ravens'' and isn't that the name of an anime?"

Akai's eyes narrow catching Gin in a lie. Gin's body tenses up and his hand begins to shake. Akai frowns.

Akai: "Look Gin you don't have to lie to me and if this is who you really are, a liar then we're done here goodbye!"

Akai lays down the money for the check and leaves. Gin slams his head on the table and begins to sob.

Gin: "I don't understand I did everything dad told me but.."

Gin cuts himself off and leaves the shop to head home. When he arrives home he heads straight to his room ignoring everything around him. He sobs into his pillow all night until he falls asleep.

On a rooftop, 4 demons stand overlooking the entire city of Tokyo. A blue-haired demon's eyes begin glowing a bright blue.

Demon: "My lord me and my squad have arrived at our destination."

Demon King: "Stay in your positions and wait for further instructions from me."

Demon: "Yes sire!"

A mysterious squad of demons has appeared in Tokyo will Gin and the others be able to stop them? Find out in chapter 10 the beginning of the Tokyo train station arc!

Soul Hunter Gin character case No.6 Akai Sonzai

Blood type: B
Height: 5"3
Favorite pastime: Boxing
Threat level: a small building
Thus concludes Soul hunter Gin character case No.6!