Chapter 1:

It was just supposed to be another regular Monday

The best neet gets rehabilitated Into a regular normie.

As the alarm rang at dawn usually set to awake most for their daily activities while the sound overcrowded the sound of my small dog lulu snoring on his doggy bed. I sat there awake from my usual all nighters. At times like these I am usually playing video games or reading some manga or watching anime. It was time for the gym since at this time of the day I usually go because I can avoid all the people and social interactions.

See my name is Kazuharu and I’m what you would call a neet but I hate when most people classify neetz into one class, because there’s many different kinds. There’s your regular run of the mill neets aka never leaves the room, only eats junk food and usually very unhealthy etc…, half neets, functioning neets and the best class which by the way is the class I’m in is the top notch neet.

“ Yes I managed to be able to become a neet with a job and keep myself healthy while avoiding human interaction”.

I got ready as I usually do and packed the usual ecchi manga I read in the gym while doing cardio. As I left and said my goodbyes to lulu as he ignored me and went back to his nap, I made sure the coast was clear before I left. Hurrying to the gym while avoiding any type of social interaction is no easy task but with time on my side I can handle it.

I went into my usual commercial gym. It looked empty. The only people there are the usual front desk employees which I don't mind since they tend to mind their own business. Once on the floor I let out a long breath of relief. “ It's usually a risk coming here for me since there could be a chance that someone is here.”

“Although, I’ve been coming at this exact time for a few years I should be good to go as long as I can avoid people I’ll be fine”

“Ahh another successful journey here.”

As I start to get into my workout and I feel like I’m in my zone.” I mean I’m in a empty gym no humans near me so I can enjoy-“

Im forced to stop mid sentence as the sound of clanking cable machines distracts me and confuses me.

When I look I spot someone and my heart freezes as if the winter season has just begun within my body and I begin to feel goosebumps. I see what is not just anyone, a woman and a very attractive one at that.The worst possible person to be here at this moment.

“SHIT, WHY HERE?WHY NOW?WHY?!!! ” my brain yelled as my body froze there quietly from anxiety wondering why this girl decided to destroy my daily routine.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait , I've been coming here for 3 years and usually no one is here. Why the heck is she here and who is she?”

I thought that maybe I Should go home. “Although if I go home that would look weird since I just got here but if I stay then she might think I’m a pervert and now I’m overthinking and won’t be able to make a decision AHHHHHH AHHHHHHH STAY, GO, STAY, GO ,STAY ,GO!!!.” I thought this to myself while Simultaneously sweating bullets and inwardly having a panic attack. When just at this moment this girl looks up and locks eyes with me.

When I locked up my eyes with hers a current went through my body as if I’d just been hit with a taser.

The girl waves at me so I muster up my courage, try to ignore my anxiety and wave back at her. The interaction ends there.

“ Well that was very anticlimactic for what my brain thought was going to go down.”

“I hate how my brain overthinks because it started to convince me she was going to kill me or something. Not that she would be able to since I can run pretty fast. Well I guess as long as I stay by myself I should be fine so I guess I’ll just proceed with my workout.”

Forty minutes pass by and after my weight lifting and avoiding the girl while having panic attacks. I decided to get on the treadmill for my usual light jog. I open up my manga and set it on the treadmill pad to be able to read everything while I do my cardio. Ten minutes into the cardio session, I noticed someone step on the treadmill next to me and start to walk. When I look up I see the girl but I get a better look at her and my eyes take in the beautiful dark brown hair of a brunette with glasses, a beautiful face and a smoking hot body with big breast and beautiful thighs and light blue eyes as light as the clearest day in the summer season.

I obviously freaked out while Im jogging as she introduced herself.

“Hi, my name is Maiko. I noticed you here . Do you come often? What's yours?”

I began to slow down the speed on the treadmill to a slower pace, one where I won’t sound like I’m having an asthma attack as I introduce myself.

As I begun to think to myself “ how do I respond should I say something if I don’t it’ll seem rude”

“ yeah I do, my name is Kazuharu ” I softly said in a very low monotone voice.

“Kazuharu-kun Cool I see you’re reading something there, what is that? Maiko asked in a soft spoken but warming voice.

“It’s a manga”.

The girl suddenly picks up my book without permission.

“Who does that?” And as I attempted to get it back from her, she looked at the manga, looked surprised and dropped it on the floor and then looked up a me with disgust on her face as I swallowed my own spit I knew a storm was brewing as my stomach turned from the anxiety and goosebumps that went through my entire body.

“Hey That- I can- Explain-“ before I could even construct a sentence enough to get a word out she opens her mouth and cuts me off.

“ oh you’re one of those gross otaku neets, that’s why you’re reading degenerate stuff like this you LOSER” says maiko in the most cold hearted and sinister voice i've ever heard as the words shoot a arrow through my chest “

“Pervert” she yells and another arrow comes

“Virgin” she also yells as another arrow goes through my chest like I haven’t took enough damage

“Who does this evil bitch think she is judging me? I mean I don’t even know her, I thought to myself with my feelings hurt by this devil woman.

“no wonder you could barely speak how disgusting”she uttered and those words were the cherry on top since I’ve always been anxious to speak.

Those words went through my stomach and heart like a blade making me sick to his stomach from what I heard.I picked up his book and fled to the men's locker room where I knew she wouldn’t be able to get me.

Sitting in the locker room, drowning in my own humiliation and hurt, I began to think to myself; “ maybe I should just stay home and exercise, I don’t think I want to come to this gym anymore”

Few minutes pass by as I decide to leave hoping that the demon woman I unfortunately met had left but as I'm running out the gym towards the door ,like two cars crashing on an intersection I run right into someone and in the collision both this mysterious and I fall to the ground. Immediately I began to start apologizing on my knees.

“I’m sorry I’m so so sorry” I pleaded in the most apologetic way possible while I picked up the contents that fell out of the person's bag to give back to them.

I was so worried about fixing what I had done I didn’t even look to see who it was until I noticed in my hand that I’m picking up something familiar . Taking a closer look, it's a manga.

“ oh cool you’re into manga so am I” I said in a nervous voice to smooth the mood out.

“But wait this is- yaoi and doujinshi, and I don’t recognize these titles”

I take a peek inside and witness lewdness no human eyes should ever come across.

Looking up I catch a glimpse of what you would call a man’s heaven, no heavens gates, no no no the forbidden land.

“Teddy bear? Panties” I said without noticing what come out of my mouth.

Taking a closer look there on the ground after the collision is none other than that evil woman who ridiculed me; maiko. But wait why would she-? Then it clicks.

“SO, you make fun of my you hypocrite when you’re yaoi-

Before I could get my words out Maiko suddenly arose from sitting on the ground after falling frozen in embarrassment not only from being exposed through her underwear but also her dirty slapping me so hard I did a black flip the kind you only see in Olympic Games. I would say if I were competing it would’ve been a perfect 10, and as I fall on the floor with a bloody nose not the kind you get from looking at porno mags but the painful kind and a face swollen like I gos gotten bit by a mutant bee. I thought to myself “ damn this girl is strong as hell” and I hear the words she yells as the fade away while she flees the scene in a rush with her belongings.

“Ahhhhh, y-y-y-you gross neet,Die,Die,Die!!! a thousand times, Pervert”. She yells while crying and running from the humiliation she faced.

“ What a bitch I can’t believe her” I muttered to myself in anger as I picked myself up and dusted myself off.

Looking down I noticed a wallet and open it to take a closer look to see that it belonged to none other than the demon woman.

“ I should throw it away, yeah that’ll get her back and maybe then she’ll suffer and feel sorry for what she did yeah she’ll- sigh “I’m probably just going to end up returning this who am I kidding I can’t do something like that”

“ No wait this girl is a hypocrite, I should leave her shit her so she loses it. why should I return it at all after what she did?. Although you know what the right thing to do're better than her!!”I kept thinking to myself while the evil me and the good me had a fight within.

“But who am I kidding I can’t do that, I’ll just return the wallet to that idiot later today, but not without a price or my payback” I decided

“That’s right I’m going to give her a piece of my mind”

Leaving after what happened as I walked home through the empty streets and rising sun with myhead down trying to hide my embarrassment and plotting what I would say.I thought to myself that I needed to confront Maiko on what she had said.

“How is she going to say that when the things she reads are way worse? Hypocritical bitch!!!” That sentence kept being repeated in my head as I flowed with anger.

As the day progressed, I tried to figure out a way to give the Demon girl her stuff.

“Woof,woof,woof” I hear the sound of familiar barks of my small and lovely but annoying best friend while opening my apartment door.

“ah lulu you’re up I guess it is time for your walk how'd you sleep”

He looks at me with a smile while wagging his tail with happiness to see me and barks.


“Oh that's right you can’t talk dummy, but I bet that meant I love you yes it did who’s my boy” I sat in a babying voice the kind you use on a young toddler and the kind you don’t let other people hear you use in public.

I see him move towards me, then I hear a current of water sorta calming like a waterfall in a Forest but it was no peaceful Forest waterfall as I looked down and saw Lulu peeing next to my feet with a face of accomplishment

“LULU YOU IDIOT, IS IT CAUSE I SAID YOURE DUMB? BAD BOY” I yell frantically in anger while I see Lulu give me a thumbs up and wink his eye at me.

“Even my own dog is kinda an ass,he’s lucky I love him unconditionally” I thought to myself.

“ahh you know you give me Attitude but if you didn’t have me you couldn’t feed yourself” I yelled without noticing lulu didn’t care enough and went back to bed.

“ I guess I’ll walk you later then since obviously you took care of it” I muttered as he snored in his doggy bed in the corner.

I turned on the tv and put on the news

“On today's news the rise of hikikomori among our young generation keeps rising. This toxic lifestyle is causing harm to our young”. We’re the words of the old news reporter on tv.

“tch that’s not true but whatever if you can’t be a neet and function then that’s on you. Im one of the best If not the best so they wouldn’t understand where I’m coming from anyways”

I unintentionally glance at the girls wallet

“I wonder how I can find her. Maybe there’s something in her wallet that can lead me to her, b-b-but this is just strictly to return it to her.

picking up a work ID it clicks that she works at the restaurant next to the gym.

“ well I guess my best bet is to return to the gym maybe she’s at work at the moment I’m sure she’ll notice it missing but She’ll probably return to— W-w-wait, I’m such a idiot I could’ve just gave this to the gym staff I didn’t have to do all this I wasn’t thinking what a dumb decision I guess I’ll take care of it”

“Maybe I’ll keep looking to see if she has a phone number or email so I can reach her. That way I can let her know I have it. B-B-But JUST TO MAKE IT COMPLETELY CLEAR I'M ONLY DOING THIS TO HELP HER “ I utter those words as I search further through her wallet.

Lulu sits up looks at Me with a doubtful face and septic eyes

“Don’t judge me pee boy”

“Grrr, woof”

“bingo We got it,here’s a business card I guess she streams video games or something? She probably sucks anyways”

“Ok lulu we got it now it’s time to contact her”

Lulu gives me a thumbs up for accomplishment although he didn’t really contribute much.

“hey why are you acting like you did anything when you just peed on me and slept”

Lulu smiles and approaches me.

“ I hear the sound of peaceful waterfalls again-W-w-wait!!”


Lulu barks and smiles at Me, gives me a thumbs up then runs to his bed to sleep

“LULUUUUU” I tell frantically

While cleaning up the mess in a angry fashion and muttering stuff to myself the thought crosses my mind

“When I’m done. I should try to call her or text her, yeah maybe text I think that’ll be less creepy”

I open up my phone and anxiously type email adress to send my message.

“Hey I know you don’t know but I found your wallet I’d like to return it to you. I can meet you today in a public place if you’d like” I messaged her

“I wonder if she’ll Res-“

Before I could even finish my sentence I get a lightspeed reply back, which is odd considering a lot of girls don’t text back fast. “ I guess she really wants her stuff”

“S-s-she responded”

I say as my heart races Begin to wonder why and why am I nervous. Am I maybe afraid of what she’ll say or if she’ll offend me I mean she has been rude before.

I pick up my phone and the text read;

“OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been looking all over for my wallet. I can definitely meet you today. Where would you like to meet?”

“Okay let’s do this” are the words I use to hype myself up as I reply

“Would you like to meet at the front of the fitness world gym next to the Italian restaurant Tony’s house at 5 pm? It's a very public area so that way you’ll feel somewhat safe meeting a stranger.”

“Hey sure that’s perfect. Haha that’s funny I was just there today.I’ll see you at 5 pm.wait what will you be wearing so I know it’s you?”

“I’ll be wearing a red baseball hat and a black shirt”

“Okay I understand I’ll be wearing a Pink blouse and blue jeans.”

“see you then”

I turn my phone off and sit back on my computer as I stare at the ceiling in wonder. how I’ll go about this because once she sees me she’ll recognize me right away.


“That's right, I'll confront her!!! She’s hostile right off the bat from our first meeting. Let's not forget that. And she’s kinda a bitch.”

Sitting up I let out a huge breath to relax myself

“Being anxious won’t help me confront that devil girl.I need to confront that hypocrite in a relaxed state of mind. When you’re angry you tend to act irrationally”


“Thanks for agreeing with me Lulu”


“we’re gonna get her Lulu!! You want to come along?”


“I’ll take those three barks as a yes and bring you along” I confidently say while petting the top of his fluffy head.

“That's my boy.”

The days Hours pass by like seconds as My day gets overloaded with me overthinking about my upcoming encounter with Maiko or as I call her the “demon woman of two faces.”

“I can’t stop thinking to myself about how the encounter will go and how she’ll react? Will she immediately start yelling and get angry or will she be confused? What if she calls the cops”

Shivers and goosebumps overtake my body.

I didn't notice the day race by or the time of truth get closer.

4:30 pm hits and as anxiety rushes my body as I put on my shoes and a dog collar around lulus fluffy neck. We both take a deep breath and open the door to’s a short walk since I only live ten minutes away from the place,but I stand frozen with fear.

“I guess it’st-t-time!! AHHHH WHAT D-D-DO I WHAT D-D-DO I DO“

“WOOF,WOOF,WOOF,WOOF” comes from lulu in attempts to snap Kozoharu out of it

“thanks Lulu I guess you’re coming too right? I’m not alone”


“Ok then then let’s set out” I said determined as we both set out to what seemed like facing a final boss in a rpg game.

After we finish walking for what feels like a eternity due to the climatic build up. Lulu and I begin to look for the girl.Then I suddenly hear a voice near me that sounded like it was trying to get my attention.

“hey right here” were the words the voice spoke and the voice sounded familiar as I swallowed my fears and prepared myself. I quickly turn to glance and notice it’s the girl. The devil.

I turned around to hide my face and bended down to consult with lulu.

“ I-I-I d-d-don’t think I can go through with this”


Said lulu as he put his paw on my shoulder for encouragement and gives me a thumbs up with comforting eyes that say “I believe in you”

you know what you need to do my friend”

Lulu and I both have a little moment where we both shed one tear of happiness for our strong friendship and we give each other a thumbs up

I stand up take a deep breath and turn around,and began to make my way towards the she devil.

“here’s your wallet”

“Thank you, who are you? you look very familiar”

I lift my face and take his hat off.

“Huh?Wait, aren’t you t-t-t-t-the gross otaku NEET!!!”


“Is that your dog?”


H-H-How can you say that when you’re a Yaoi”

Before I finish She snatches her wallet back and covers my mouth while blushing with embarrassment and giving me the stare of death:

“Yao- what we’re they saying?” , “why are they yelling?, “did he just call her a hypocrite” , “this dogs peeing on me” were the words that were uttered from the people in the background who overheard our conversation

“Hey, I’m serious someone’s dog just peed on me”

“D-d-don’t you dare s-s-say it I’ll kill you where you stand” says Maiko in a sinister whisper to me as my heart drops to my stomach.

She grabs my hand and runs while dragging me to a more private place as lulu chases us.

We arrive at a park and night starts to set. lulu and I both try to catch their breath from all the running while the devil stands over while looking down at us.


“Okay! Listen here you neet Loser!”


Lulu nods his head and aggressively points at Maiko.

“we’ll At Least I’m not a neet you idiot and I bet you stole my wallet too just to see me? You must like me?”


“The way you dress, act, you can’t hold a conversation, no social skills. I'm betting you don’t have a girlfriend or friends and the only time you leave your home is to workout when no one can see you.”

As she mentions each of these traits invisible arrows go through My poor heart and leave me on the ground in sorrow while lulu sympathetically pats my head.

I watch as Lulu gets up with his fist balled ready to confront Maiko and he walks up to her as to make his next deadly move.

“ Is that? Waterfalls I hear? Like a peaceful waterfall hidden in a beautiful Forest”.


I gets up and give lulu a thumbs up with a tear of happiness dropping from my right eye as lulu returns the gesture.I get up with courage as I prepare myself for war.

“You know for someone who has a dirty little secret they don’t want out you sure are lively!!! Would be a shame if someone found out”

Goosebumps go through Maiko’s body.

“Fine, what do you want? Neet!”

“I want you to apologize”

“That's it? How anticlimactic. I’m sorry then are we good?”

“um sure, I guess”

When the final words leave my mouth she starts to walk away.

“we’ll lulu that was fast right? I guess we can head ho-“

Before I can finish his sentence I notice her stop and turn back around towards both Lulu and Myself. This both confused and scared us.

“ what could she want?”

Maiko aggressively points at me and looks into my eyes with eyes that feel very familiar and that had a fire within, and a determination that I hadn’t witnessed before. But why?.

“I’ve decided since you helped me find my wallet regardless of how much of an undeserving neet

loser you are.I’ll Help you.”

“Huh? Help me, what are you talking about? She devil!!”


“ First, why are you yelling? I’m right in front of you. That hurts my ears”

“I just wanted to add some drama to my statement for the climax. You big baby”

“that’s dumb and my name is KAZUHARU not big baby”




“ Are you sure because even though I read stuff like that I’m not a neet and I have a social life.

A arrow from her words punctures my heart

“I don’t need your help and you have no reason to help me either. Why would I accept your help? Actually, why should I trust you at all?”

“because you know you need it. also I can’t have you exposing my secret. The best way to do that is to have you owe me for helping you not be a neet while simultaneously keeping an eye on you. So if you don’t trust me remember I also have a reason for this”

“I don’t need you or anyone”

“you do. Whether you like it or not, the truth is You need to get out of that neet life even if you think that as long as you’re taking care of yourself you won’t need anyone.

“What are you talking about? I’m fine without having anyone in my life.”

“No, you're not dumbass. No matter how much you may want to lie to yourself and say how happy you are alone you know it hurts and how terrible it is to silently suffer without anyone by your side. Aren’t you tired don’t you want change?”

“trust me I know” maiko softly whispers

“What was that last part, you said I couldn’t hear you, since you whispered”

“nothing. I didn’t say anything”

“why should I trust you or accept your help?”

“Do you have anything better to do and deep down you know that you need it.”


“What?, why idiot I’m trying to help you here”

“ no I hate you hypocrite”

“ three days”

“What did you say devil girl”

“Give me three days if I can’t make a change I’ll leave you alone”

After hearing this, I start to think and sit down to consult with lulu.

“What do you think? Should I trust her? I mean I do know her secret I have dirt on her so if she tries something-“

Before finishing that sentence lulu and I both give a thumbs up knowing we have a back up plan.

“Hey so if you’re done speaking to your dog like a crazy person tell me what you decided”


“Shut up she demon”

“Also.You have three days if nothing happens then we’re done here”

“Deal!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed loser”


she once again runs off while yelling;


Lulu and I both look at eachother with anxiety and nervousness as We think “ what did we get ourselves into” lulu looks at me sighs with his arms crossed and nods his head. As we both wonder what tomorrow will bring with the new girl we met today.

Kid Komet