Chapter 2:


The best neet gets rehabilitated Into a regular normie.

Aww a beautiful gym. And empty at that? I must be dreaming. It’s just me and Lulu here no humans or anything. I can truly relax, unwind and have a amazing work—-



Those Were the nightmarish words that I heard come out of that devil woman, as I was woken out of a beautiful dream to the nightmarish reality that lies ahead.

“Shit, that’s right Maiko was supposed to come here today. Tell me again why I agreed to this?”



“Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m coming blah blah blah”

I open the door in front of me knowing there’s no turning back. “Looking at maiko she looks beautiful. She’s wearing a really beautiful but light blouse that show off her breasts. Light blue jeans that make the definition in her legs stand out and her hair was nicely taken care of as if she had just gotten back from the salon” I thought to myself as I witnessed the antichrist step into my home.

“I guess just invite yourself in then maiko- Chan”

“ What was I supposed to do to stand out there? Yeah whatever. You know you should be happy to have a beautiful girl in your home. Which is dirty by the way! and oh hey there's the dog with a baby bladder.” Says maiko ridiculing us.

Lulu and I both get extremely angry and agitated at this idiot very quickly. I mean who is she to come in here and judge.

“ You know the doors right there. Leave if you want. You smell like shit anyways”


“You know what arguing isn’t getting us anywhere.”

“You started it” I think to myself

“ So kazuharu-Kun today is the first day of rehabilitation from your neet life and who do you have to help you out of this? None other than the beautiful, amazing and intelligent maiko- Chan. How do you feel?”

“Boo, that stuff you said about yourself isn’t true. Stop false advertising!!! Booo” I yell

“WOOF,BOOOO” yells Lulu

“Shut up you idiots.”

“ How do you even plan on Supposedly helping me? I bet you don’t even have a plan”

“I do have a plan. Today is day 1 so we have a busy day.”

“How so?”

“We’ll day one is the day you bounce back and leave this home. You avoid social interactions and people in general. What we’re going to do today is get you comfortable around other people even if you don’t talk to them. This way we can ease into talking to people and making conversations. Let’s face it you can’t do that unless you can physical be around another person which you can’t”

“Actually wait- I’m another person so why don’t you run when I’m around or feel uncomfortable talking to me”

“I don’t really see you as a human maiko more like a devil”


“Ok, so wait, are you telling me we’re going to a crowded area?”


“Um yeah maiko- Chan that’s not happening”

“Um yes it is”

“Um no it’s not”





The mall by the train station~

As we stand there surrounded by a sea of people or NPC’s, Lulu looks at me while wagging his tail and drooling. At the same time Maiko is staring at me and having the time of her life laughing her ass off because she sees how uncomfortable and out of place I feel. Hundreds Of people but what felt like thousands overcrowded the marble floors as they continued on to their daily shopping activities.The lights were bright and the mall was huge and beautiful with many different stores and eating spots. It had been years since I had been to a mall so I had forgotten what it was like to come here.

“H-h-how did I end up here I was just arguing with you and I had just said no I don’t get-“

“Don’t ever underestimate a woman’s persuasive charm” said maiko with a Clever smirk as she shushed me by putting her pointer finger over my lips.

“Your finger smells like shit” we’re the words I muttered as she quickly removed her finger in anger

“YOU smell like shit”

Maiko stares me up and down for a while and I begin to wonder what she’s plotting but I know that it must not be good.

“Mhmmm, we need to get you new clothes that will make you stand out a bit more. Not too much but just enough to make you look good”

“What are you talking about? My clothes are fine, they're clean and nice and I buy them online. Plus it’s not like my style is bad”

“Well it’s not that it’s bad, it’s more like it’s dark. You only wear all the dark colors you need to lighten your wardrobe up a bit. The clothes people tell stories and yours are saying;

“ I don’t want to be seen as much as possible and I want to hide and not call much attention to myself”

you wear clothes like that because they’re plain and generic. You don’t feel comfortable wearing colors or anything flashy in anyway because you feel like it call too much attention and you feel like you’re undeserving to stand out of receive attention”

“ Well I mean I don’t really like calling much attention to myself. But what if I just like black and grey? Why do I need to change?”

“You don’t you idiot! Just give it a try. Be more open minded you might like what you see and if you don’t then after the three days you can just dress like you usually do”

“I don’t know”

“ I promise I won’t pick out anything too flashy”

“Fine whatever you say”

We walk through a sea of people in this humongous mall. Tightly holding onto Maiko’s hand and Lulu's leash. As I pass by many different stores and boutiques. I have to be honest it was pretty nice returning to this place despite the annoying number of people that were were walking we spotted this store where there were many different forms of clothing for younger people; “I guess you would say hip clothes or whatever “. We decided to head into the store so I could try on different outfits.

“This store is where most young people tend to shop at and the stuff here is name brand but not too expensive so it’s affordable”

“You call 4,000 yen for a T-shirt affordable? You’re a idiot i got bills to pay”

“Okay listen here if you’re not going to be open minded then we won’t get anywhere plus since it’s my idea I’m paying for this so don’t get all in your feelings cheap ass”


“Yeah, yeah just try this on”

Maiko hands me a blue t-shirt one size too big for me and a pair of white skinny jeans with some blue sneakers. Stepping into the dressing room and trying the clothes on I notice how stupid I look. I look like a toddler wearing adult clothing.

“Umm yeah this isn’t going to work these clothes are too big and baggy I look stupid”

“Yeah you’re right you do look really stupid”

“Then why would you make me try these on” I thought to myself

“Well some people can actually rock the baggy clothes look and look stylish with it, but I guess it’s not your style let’s try something else.”

“Okay what else do you have for me?”

She hands me a red collared medium sized shirt and some grey slacks and a fedora. Knowing that I might’ve just made another huge mistake with even giving this outfit a try.

“You’re shitting me right? A fedora? Listen maiko if you brought me here to mess around then-“

“Fine fine try this last one on okay and I think you’ll like this one since it looks more your style and less flashy”

In our last attempt I was handed white t-shirt with some dark blue jeans and a flannel long sleeve shirt. It didn’t seem so bad when I saw the clothing she picked as she handed them to me. Trying on the clothes I notice I feel comfortable and I like the way the clothes fit and look.

“Mhm, I guess the outfit does really make the person sometimes. I look good and I feel a lot better going out there. Maybe she does know me a bit more than I thought because I didn’t even know I’d like this” I thought this to myself as I admired my new look in the dressing room mirror.

“HEY ARE YOU ALIVE” we’re the words that I heard maiko yell and snapped me out of my head

“ yeah sorry I got distracted”

“Distracted doing what? Well, it doesn't matter. Mhm you actually look decent, how do you like it?”

“I actually like these clothes”

“Awesome!'' yells maiko in excitement as lulu gives a thumbs up to us.

“ Okay so now that we got the outfit out of the way”

Maiko stares down at the old beat up pair of running sneakers I got on. The shoes I always have one.

“We need to get rid of those asap”

“No they’re great”

“Are you brain dead how so?”

“What I like about these shoes is that I feel comfortable wearing them because I’m extremely used to them plus they were a gift.”

“Okay then just store them in the trash can”

“Shut u-

Before I could finish my sentence she tightly gripped my wrist and began to pull me along, following her to a famous shoe store. The store was full of different kinds of shoes from the kinds skaters wear to basketball sneakers, running shoes, slides etc… I was able to work with this store since I was a big fan and basketball sneakers but was just too lazy to go out and buy or too cheap to buy them myself. Although I’m a huge sneakerhead.

“Hey, what are we doing at shoelocker?”

“Do you really have to ask we’re getting you a new pair of shoes”

“This place is very expensive, are you sure you want to shop here?”

“Yes I’m positive I told you I’d take care of it idiot now come on and look at some shoes do you know which type of shoes you want or it’s better if I -“

Maiko from surprise as she looked at me and stopped mid sentence and noticed I have in my hand a pair of very limited basketball sneakers that were just released this week and most of the people who were what you would say “cool” had these on.

“Did You pick those out?Or the store employee?”

“I did these were just released this week and these are the 3rd edition with black cement, these were worn by the legendary-“

“Listen I don’t care but that’s really great you’re a sneaker head so I won’t be needing to help you pick out your shoes since it seems you know what you’re doing”

“Yeah I’m pretty good when it comes to my sneakers”

“ yeah and pretty shit at everything else”

“It takes 3 seconds to yell your entire secret across those mall and let every- “

Before I could finish my sentence my mouth was covered by Maiko’s hand completely eliminating any chance I would’ve had to get a word out. She stares into my eyes with the cold and evils eyes. What I saw at that moment was a half demon turn full demon as she uttered the words that sent shivers through my spine and made lulu pee himself next to a random NPC in the mall. Although he was doing that anyways

“It takes 2 seconds for me to stab you in the neck. I think there’s a little something you don’t know and that is that I’m a black belt in mauy Thai and jujitsu. So yeah I’ll fu-“


“Are you insane?” whispers maiko in a panic while she sweats from the nervousness and embarrassment of public humiliation “

“Hahaha I’m sorry we’re just playing a game “ said maiko in a nervous voice trying to justify this to the crowd.

Maiko grips my hand and lulus and runs away from the area where I won at her little game.

“I won at your little game bird chest”

“What the fuck is wrong with you ? “

“Nothing can defeat the power of shamelessness”

“You’re a idiot and so is your dog”


“Hey what did my dog do?”



Okay well now it’s time for a haircut”

“What’s wrong with my hair I don’t understand”

“ it looks like a mop? You honestly don’t seriously think that hairstyle is good. When was the last time you got a haircut?”

“About 3 months ago, no or 4 I can’t really remember.

Okay we’re going to a hairstylist now!!!

As maiko once again grabs my forearms without any permission whatsoever to run me across the mall I stop her.

“Wait wait wait okay maybe this is a little too much im very particular about my hair I mean I cut my own hair now I’ve never been to a barbershop”

“You cut your own hair? No wonder you look that way. Listen please don’t tell me you’re scared of getting a haircut”

“I’m not scared of getting a haircut it’s not that”

“Then what is it”

“Nothing I don’t want to talk about it”

“Why not?”

“Because I just don’t okay. leave it alone”


“I don’t know”

I uttered those words out of my mouth although I knew exactly why and what was wrong but I wasn’t going to bring up the past to her. She has nothing to do with me and she wouldn’t have understood anyways

“What do you mean you don’t know- “


As I yelled those words out of my without even noticing as people started to gossip and wonder what happened from all noise I made

“Hey what the hell is wrong with you there was no need for that!”

Maiko was right that was uncalled for but what crossed through my mind when she mentioned me getting a haircut brought back some unwanted memories

“I’m sorry, let’s go somewhere else away from here and go to the haircut place.”

I uttered those words in shame as maiko stares at me in confusion

“ let’s go I guess but if there’s something you want to tell me let me-“

“No there’s nothing let’s just get out of here”

Walking away from the crowd while hiding my face in shame. Maiko decides to pick my brain a bit more about why I freaked out about getting a haircut and my outburst.

“ I know you don’t want me asking but what was all that about why would you react like that out of nowhere, that was pretty insane”


“See even your dog agrees”

While maiko was asking me this I thought to myself about the past and decided I’d tell her especially since I unintentionally technically publicly humiliated her.

“Well my mom”

“What about your mom”

“She was the one that would cut my hair for years she owned a salon and I never went to a barber because she would take care of it”

“That’s great then why didn’t you say that earlier it makes this a lot easier if your mom is a hairstylist why don’t we go over there and-“

“We can’t”

“What is the reason? Didn’t you say she cut your hair so I don’t understand “

“Because my mother abandoned me years ago”

“Huh?” What do you mean “

“I don’t know if I’m right about this but my mom started to resent me more and more because she hates my father.although she cut my hair she would say horrible things to me as a child.”

She kicked me out on my 16th birthday and I’ll never forget the words she said that day;

“I wish you were never biggest regret of my life was meeting your father and having you, you’re old enough now so I don’t have to put up or deal with your worthless ass anymore so get out”

“That was the last day I saw her and from there on I was on my own. I jumped from job to job and place to place battling homelessness. Eventually all that fighting on my own broke me and before I knew it my life became this and I stopped caring. I felt worthless and alone, it hurts when you struggle but struggling alone I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. For years it felt as if I was alive but I had died inside from all the damage”

Maiko’s face went into surprise after hearing what I had told her.

“Oh shit that’s a lot to take in. I’m sorry I didn’t know. I’ve been pushing you all this time and I didn’t know what you had been through.”

“No it’s not your fault, don't apologize.”

“No from now on I won’t force you into anything we don’t need to go get you a haircut if you don’t want to “

“No it’s fine let’s go I need one plus I feel better after opening up”

“I think so too” said maiko

“I don’t think you should let your moms actions in the past destroy your future. You don’t deserve that”

“Thank you” we’re the words I uttered from my mouth while holding back tears it hurt to hear that but not in a bad way it’s just something I wish I had heard a while back”

As we head to the barbershop a lot of things flood through my mind from the past and I feel the weight on my shoulders start to get lighter from opening up before I knew it we had arrived at the barber shop.

I open the door to the sound of a bell and the voice of a very tall and intimidating bald foreign man with a lot of tattoos.

“Hey there how can I help ya although I can see you need a haircut is that it?”

“You’re right on point we’re here because he needs a haircut and a new makeover” said maiko in excitement

“We’ll come on sit down I’ll take care of ya

While I’m sitting getting my haircut I can see maiko and lulu out the corner of my eye laughing at me. “I wonder what those two idiots are laughing at and when did they get so close?”

Before I knew it my haircut was finished.

“Well what do you think?”

“Mhm not too short on the sides and you trimmed it really good and also cleaned up my face and eyebrows. I have to admit I like what I see in the mirror. I've never thought I could look this good.”

“Wow you look great. right Lulu?”


“Then what the hell were you two laughing at? “

“Your stupid face “



“Well of course he’s going to come to my side I’m better anyways.”

“No you’re not.”

“Okay enough for the chatter we need to get out of this barbershop now that todays makeover is done, because tomorrow is a new day and you should get some rest tomorrow's task is going to be a lot harder”

“Huh? How so?”

“Tomorrow you need to make your first friend, well male friend At Least ,because I’m your first female friend of course I know it must be a honor for you to hear me say that”

“Honor ? Oh really that’s rich coming from you”

“If you guys are looking to make friends I suggest maybe meeting up with some people and going to karaoke.” Said the barber

“See that’s a great idea”

“How is that a great idea He doesn’t know what’s going on”

“Yea I do she’s trying to help you leave your shut in life behind by making you do certain things to get back on track to rehabilitate you from being a neet”


“Okay it’s settled tomorrow we’re going to help you make a friend and take them to karaoke”

“So we’re just going to ignore how he just basically read through us and gave us a detailed description of what we’re doing as if he’s been watching us?”

“Hey I think that’s a great idea karaoke will definitely help loosen up”


“Okay I guess we are ignoring it then”

“Well then let’s get out of here it’s getting late anyways this barber is about to close”

“Thank you for everything”

“Thanks you for the haircut”

“Woof “

“No problem come back anytime and I hope you can let go of your old ways see you next time”

We start to head back through the busy streets of people leaving work and getting to their homes and the setting sun as I start to notice a smile on my face and realize I was happy. Maybe maiko knew what she was doing after all since I hadn’t felt like this in years.

Kid Komet