Chapter 16:

Is this the End?

I Turned Into A Boy

2 am of May 23rd, 2038.

Jeremiah sitting near the door…

Meddler coming home from a movie theatre…

Jeremiah sleeping near the corridor…

Meddler opens the does and sees Jeremiah sleeping over there...

“Hey…Jeremiah wakes up…Why are you sleeping here.”

Jeremiah wakes up and hugs Meddler.

Jeremiah: Where the Hell did you go? Are you mad…I called you so many times, Did you ever think how would I feel…Why didn’t you lift your phone?

Meddler: Oh…I'm Sorry, I had my phone on silent…I guess that’s the reason.

Jeremiah: How can you be so irresponsible? I thought you were about to do something bad.

Meddler: I went to a movie…That’s why I won’t repeat it.

Jeremiah: So, did you eat something…

Meddler Remembers Jeremiah and Sahisha hugging.

Meddler: Why are you annoying me this much?

Goes into the room and sleeps.

Meddler: It was the first time Jeremiah ever cared about me and I throw it away like that…He has a pure heart, He just wanted my safety, I don’t think he did anything wrong in that…I was just being a toxic possessive piece of shit. But both of them hugging really hurts me…How can he hug her, He is mine…No, he was never mine, I was the one who thought he was mine…I think what happened makes sense…He is not mine anymore…He is Sahisha’s, Even I need to move on…This is a body in which I'm…I'm a boy, I can't deny it…I shouldn’t be stuck in my life…It's time to move on.

9 pm of 22nd May 2038 at Sahisha’s and Jessie’s place.

Sahisha comes into Jessie's room

Jessie: Wow… you seem happy, I hope all things went well…But don’t reveal now, let’s reveal once we both are done proposing…

Jessie: I think she got her love…Now I need to try my luck…That’s how I will know…And I should face my love…Tomorrow’s Sunday till now with my analysis I got to know Meddler loves movies and Chicken stuff…I will see what’s the best place for that…Wait I like KFC…So that would be a great place to eat. And why not watch this movie, “ Robo weds cannery”… A romantic movie for this occasion…What it’s the love story and drama…Need to watch it. After all its main leads consist of this Indian Robot Manav and Famous Indian actress Vamika…While watching this Movie, He will be more connected with me and then I will just take him to a park and propose in the sunset it worked by Sahisha…Then It will work for me also.

2:34 am of 23rd May 2038.

Meddler: I can't sleep…I don’t know what to do, Let me just watch some comedy stuff…

Opens His phone.

Meddler: Woah! He called me every 5 minutes… I feel guilty now…

Jeremiah’s already in deep sleep, beside meddler

Meddler: I'm sorry…It was my mistake…I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you.

*Was about to keep his hand on Jeremiah*

“Shit...I shouldn’t do this…That would make sahisha feel bad.

*And continues to watch her phone*

Meddler: Jessie messaged? What might be the matter?

“Can we meet tomorrow…To hang out, it's Sunday…So it would be fun, If we could just hang out…” sent at 11:03 pm… seen 2:35 am.

Meddler: Hmm…What should I do…I will go, don’t have to do much and I should give Jeremiah and Sahisha their time to spend together.

Jeremiah keeps his hand on Meddler in sleep.

Meddler: Is he two-timing…But I will let it slip off now…Cause agree to it or not…I'm in love with Jeremiah.

I was always been…He was my 1st love…And I wanted him to be my last…But few things can't be helped…From the day I got this male’s body…My life just took a sudden turn…From there on, It's been a roller coaster ride…I got close to Jeremiah and now it's over I guess. I need to live my new life with this body and accept my situation. There was a famous quote, “ Fake it till you Make it.”

I need to Fake that I am a perfect boy…I might find someone on my journey and I might continue to live my life happily… So tomorrow I will go with Jessie.

Yes…I'm free, Let's meet tomorrow.” Sent 2:40 am.

10:30 am Meddler wakes up, has a bath, and then gets ready to meet Jessie.

Jeremiah: Ohh…You're Finally awake…What’s the matter, you seemed kinda off yesterday.

Meddler: It's nothing…I had a hard time…By the way, Jessie called me somewhere…So I'm going to meet her.

Jeremiah: hmm…Ok.

Meddler: So bye.

Jessie calls Meddler…So where are you?

Jessie: I’m near the signal…You just come there.

Meddler goes out in a white t-shirt with black pants and White shoes…

Jessie: It’s been a while…HI.

Meddler: Hi, So why did you call me…

Jessie: let's go to KFC…I want to eat some KFC stuff…

Meddler: Yeah…Let's go…By the way Nice dress.

Jessie: WaoH! He liked my dress it’s great for the day…My dress is just a black frock…

Meddler: Yeah…so we reached here…What do you want to have?

Jessie: Let's take that stuff and eat to the fullest.

Meddler: Okay…then Let's take that...

The food came and both of them start eating…

Jessie: Wow…I'm eating with Meddler…He is just eating like lily…holding the leg piece I the left and the ketchup on the right…He sometimes reminds me of lily, they are a lot more common between both of them… He is like the Boy version of Lily Rose. After all, he is her cousin.

Jessie: Hey…Meddler, You seem to be a bit off…Is something a matter?

Meddler: No, It’s nothing.

Jessie: Meddler…Can we go to a movie after this…

Meddler: Oh…Yeah, that would be fun.

Jessie: But from your voice, I don’t think it seems to be fun.

Meddler: It's nothing…I shouldn’t be off today, I need to give her a good experience…

So what is that you're talking about?

Jessie: It's Robo weds cannery. A beautiful love jihad between a robot and a human girl. The fun part is that this robot in the process of making this movie she fell in love with the robot…And announced her marriage.

Meddler: Wow! That’s something…revolution…Then it’s a must-watch movie I guess.

Jessie: Yeah…I thought it was some promotional tactics but it's official. I got excited.

Meddler: Yeah…Even I got hyped up now. Let's go!

Jessie: Wow! He does like movies, He got hyped up.

Both go out of KFC and go to the movie…In the same mall…Meddler suddenly turns back.

Jessie: What happened? Why did you turn around?

Meddler: No…Just thought I saw someone I know.

Jeremiah Hiding behind a billboard.

“ What Am I doing…Thank god he didn’t see.”