Chapter 15:

Did he accept Sahisha?

I Turned Into A Boy

Sahisha: “What do you like about me, Jeremiah?”

Jeremiah: I didn’t get you, what do you mean by that?

Sahisha: I mean are there any good physical features I have?

Jeremiah: Oh.That way.

Sahisha: yeah...What do you think I have any good features?

Jeremiah: You have a cute smile.

Meddler: Wait! You never said something like that to me…I’m so jealous, Even I will ask him…But what if he doesn’t like it?

Waiter: Sir…Those things are all packed.

A man walks from there.

Meddler: It’s the same man, where did I last see him…The last time when I and Jeremiah came here, I saw him somewhere else…I can’t remember, My memory is all fuzzy…It’s something…That “H” Symbol, where did I first see it!!

Jeremiah and Sahisha are about to leave.

Waiters: Sir, Bill.

Meddler: Here you take…And all those banana things, What happened to them?

Waiters: Here you take.

Meddler: Because of these bananas I turned into a Boy! I hate these. Let me just give it to a homeless man that would be the best solution to do.

Goes near a homeless man sitting there and while about to give him…He slips and that homeless man catches it perfectly.

Meddler: Great catch homeless bum!

Both Jeremiah and sahisha walk together.

Sahisha: Next, Let’s go to that aquarium…

Jeremiah: Sure…

Meddler: What’s happening? All of a sudden this is turning out to be more a Couple’s thing than friends' stuff…They both had lunch and now they are going to the aquarium…Is this a date?

Yes…It is, I'm so jealous now…How can she do something like this? I can’t even ask him out, now that I’m a boy…Even though it's 2038 people are still homophobic even though Jeremiah is not homophobic, He is not even gay. But this is not something Jeremiah planned… “I liked a girl.” These words still haunt me…It's confirmed that girl’s Sahisha…He told he likes her smile. I think that’s how my story ends…In this tragic way…But let me see till the end.

My Tragic Love story.

Jeremiah and Sahisha both reach the aquarium.

Sahisha: You see…That whale’s so good right…Those fishes and those baby dolphins aren’t they beautiful…This was a place I always wanted to come and I came with you…It was a dream come true for me.

Sahisha: Jeremiah…I heard it somewhere, “If someone had to love you, they should first love their self…More than others.” Do you love yourself…If I would fall for any boy that would be you.

Meddler: Is she indirectly confessing her love to him? What is he going to answer…

Jeremiah: Yeah…I guess I started liking myself since few days, Yeah I have some self-love.

Meddler: Wait…That’s a very politically correct answer, but he kind off said yes. I guess…Sahisha knows how to play her cards well…I feel like I’m losing Jeremiah.

Sahisha puts her hand into Jeremiah’s hand and starts walking.

Meddler(Lily Rose) looks at the camera: Hey!! Author, what the hell’s this? How can you do this to me? I hope you get stomach ache…You're a hole!! You’re not a “hole”…You’re “a-hole”…You see audience won't like this…I’m their favorite! Heh. Now what!! Did they accidentally kiss?

Author: Wow…That’s a great Idea…*Noted*

Lily Rose: Shit!!! No…Don’t add something Like that I might die…and my heart will be shattered.

Author: Lily rose to die… *noted*

Narrator: Can we proceed with the story…If you two could stop fighting…They are people reading this…Even as I speak, They are reading this word currently. I have my kids at home…I need to fee—

Lily Rose: Stop…Let's go.

Sahisha: See, That’s the venue my dad went to recently to see that Chess tournament…

Jeremiah: Is your dad a Chess fan?

Sahisha: Yeah…He follows it so religiously…Like my dad and Jessie's dad told me they have been watching this tournament for 25 years… they never liked chess but 1 day they saw someone play chess and they started that day.

Jeremiah: Wow…That’s something I never knew about Sohel uncle. By the way, where are we going now?

Sahisha: Let's go to that park…When we stand in the middle of the park…We can see that beautiful sunset.

Meddler: I feel like I'm losing Jeremiah from my grasp. It’s like he is some slippery sand. I don’t know…I feel this chemistry between them, They are cute…I can’t hear them, But I can just see them…This ground is so empty, I don’t know where to hide…Let me see Jermeiah and sahisha… I have a really bad feeling about this now…I just go a sit on that bench…

A stranger who is also sitting on that bench: Hey boy, Are you stalking that girl?

Meddler: No…The boy.

Stranger: It's 2038 after all…

Meddler goes near that tree… While goes near that tree to the sky on…He passes by them to listen to what’s happening…And something struck his ear…

Sahisha: Jer-Jeremiah… I love you.

Jeremiah: Uh….

Meddler goes behind the tree…

Meddler: Shit! I can't hear anything now…What did he reply…Did he accept her? Or reject…He might have done anything…Wait, They are talking about something, I can't hear them…

I like…”

Did he just say I like you? Shit…Wait…Sahisha’s blushing and she is smiling… Even Jeremiah’s blushing and smiling…He is kinda shy…I never saw him like this, It’s something I can’t forget. He has that pure smile on his face…And what’s happening, Now that I see it with my own eyes, I could understand why he is smiling and shy…And that happiness on Sahisha’s Face, who wouldn’t be happy…If the person they like accepts it what’s a happier thing than that…Your lucky Sahisha…I guess that’s what would have happened that day If I had stayed there…I could have gotten his approval. But these all are hypothetical situations…

*Sahisha hugs Jeremiah*

Meddler: Hmm…Now that they have their bond between them, I guess my chances are over. My happiness is over. I had a great time with Jeremiah…It was wonderful. I guess that’s what my time till now was…I'm grateful to god that I got to spend time with Jeremiah…I got to see his joyful side, His fun side…His sad side…His angry side…Now his shy side, I got to know He is not perfect, He is not a god…He is just like us a human, A young simple boy…I will miss you, Jeremiah...

Thank you.

10:21 am May 22nd, 2038.

Jeremiah: Meddler!! Lift my call…What happened to you, Where did you go…What's wrong with you…You didn’t do anything stupid right…

*23 missed calls* - Jeremiah.