Chapter 1:

Meet the girls


The birds began the day by their sweet chirping, making the world wake up to another sad or glad day.

The girls woke up in their house. Aroma, the kind and creative one, Benedict, the eccentric crybaby, Tina, the best at everything, Kayla, the dance machine, Angelina, the struggler: these were the girls in the house.

Today was their old friend, Alethea Elle's birthday, also the day to get her from her home. She was going to come and live with them now that she had turned 14.
The first one to ever move in to this house was Angelina. Actually, all these girls were born in the same year but different months.

She moved into this big and comfortable house. Then, Aroma, then Kayla, then Tina, then Benedict. She was the most recent to move in.

Aroma was constantly knocking on the washroom door. "Angelina, open up", she said for the fifth time in a row. "Wait. I'm coming", she replied, from the inside.

Tina started making breakfast, because it was her turn to make it today and she was the best at it, too.

Benedict, on the other hand was lousing on the couch. She was sleepy but still woke up. Because she was excited to get Alethea.

Kayla, was still asleep on her bed, not worrying about anything or anyone.

"So, should we get a gift for her?", Aroma asked. "I don't think we need that", Angelina said. "Well, it's just that you don't want anybody to be happy, right?", Benedict asked. "What? No!", she said, " I don't mean that at all. I want everyone to be happy. But I'm just saying that we're out of money". "But, I guess we have some of it left", Tina said, giving them hope. "But, if we use the amount we have on the gift, then we'll definitely run out of cash", Kayla said, bringing the gloom back in. "What were we even gonna spend it on, anyway?", Tina asked, smiling. "It's not like we have all the supplies of the world. We need money to buy food and groceries and we're not gonna spend it on a damn gift!", Kayla said.

"But, we can always buy a small gift. Can't we?", Benedict said, thinking of it to be a great idea. "As if she'll like it", Angelina said, disgusted. "Angelina, shut up", Tina said, banging her fist on the dining table where they were done with the breakfast, "Go and pick up the dishes with Kayla and wash them".

She got up, along with Kayla and they took the dishes to the sink and starting cleaning them.

"Why did you say that, Angelina?", Kayla asked, while cleaning a plate. "It's 'cause Alethea's super selfish and nothing pleases her!", she said, her face boiling up. "And why is that?", she asked her. "I dunno. Tina and Aroma know her better than anyone. So you should ask them", she said. "Is that why Tina got so mad?", she asked. "Didn't I say "I don't know", she said, getting mad. "Oh yeah. I'm sorry, she replied.

As evening started to fall in, the girls started to get ready to get their friend from her house.

After everyone was good to go, they walked to her house, with nothing in hand but their happy  and contended smiles on their faces.

When they got to her house, Tina ringed the bell. The door was opened by Mrs. Elle. "Hello, Mrs. Elle", she greeted her,"Ummmm, we're here for Alethea". "Alethea, your friends are here", she screamed into the house.

After what was like 20 minutes, she showed up with two of her suitcases with her.

When they were walking back home, alot of people passing by stared at them. The thoughts they had in mind, looking at them were like,"6 girls! All in one house?", "Do they live in a big house?", "She doesn't look happy at all", "That one's sexy!"

As soon as they were going to have dinner, Alethea said: "Where's my gift?". "Oh actually, we ran out of money. So we couldn't get it", Aroma said, smiling. "Didn't you guys have any savings?", she asked them. "You talk alot for a new move in", Angelina said. "Hey, that's too harsh on her", Benedict said. "Look who's talking!", Alethea said, admiring Benedict for speaking up 'cause she was such a crybaby but mocking her mostly. "Why, you.........!", Angelina said and was about to hit her when Tina stopped her. 

    The glint in her eyes was enough to make all the girls go back to their old selves. Alethea was shocked by her superiority, too, considering her being on the fifth number, now fourth because of Alethea.

The next morning, Alethea's Mom sent some cake for them. It had a note which read: "We won't miss you but wish you have fun with the girls. Love, Mom".

Alethea just tore it up and threw it away. Upon which, Benedict asked her: "Why'd you do that?". "They won't miss me so why keep it, anyway", she replied.