Chapter 54:


Fantasy Life

South of Mt. Fuji lay the pacific ocean, and Suruga Bay was located in Shizuoka. It only took about an hour for Yami to land on a rocky beach. Kaida looked around and realized just how big the bay actually was. The others began noticing the same thing.

"Without more specific details on the treasure's location, it could take days to find it," Jun said.

"It's true there is a lot of the shoreline to cover but maybe we can find some clues," Kei said optimistically. "And from the looks of it, we're the first ones here."

"In this part of the bay as least," Yun added. "It'd be wise for us to pick a direction and start walking. I have no doubt we'll run into another team soon so let's search while we can."

"Shouldn't we split up?" Rei asked.

"We would cover more ground, but if we run into an enemy team then we are outnumbered. Let's stay together for now." After some consideration, the team decided to head west along the shoreline.

As the group continued their trek along the beach, Rei turned to Kaida and asked, "Do you think the treasure has already been found?"

"No, I don't believe so," Kaida responded. "Sofia and Samuel would have let us know if that were the case. You know Rei, I've been thinking."


"About how fortunate we are to have made it this far. We all had to fight our way onto this team, and it was a miracle we made it through nationals. Now here we are in the final leg of the tournament."

"It's crazy!" Rei exclaimed. "Yui and sensei have been a big part of our success. But I think it has a good bit to do with the people we've met so far like Sofia, Samuel, Charlie, Mina, Ando, and-"

"Jackel," Kaida interrupted.

"Him too. Then there is also," Rei looked behind her to see that Kaida had stopped walking. She saw her friend standing deep in thought. "Why'd you stop?"

Kaida made no reply but only mumbled to herself. "Jackel, why am I thinking of him right now?" She thought back to the night before they were summoned to Mt. Tanzawa. "I’d look in a place where few humans go." Those words ate at Kaida. Were they a clue?

Yun and the others turned to see what was up with Kaida. She rambled on to herself before lifting her head and saying, "I think I know where the treas-"

She was cut off by person landing in front of her. It was a girl who was a bit taller than her. She had dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Above her flew a large thunder bird which continued hovering in the air. The girl looked down at Kaida and said, "And to think I thought we were the first ones here."

Startled, Kaida jumped back and Yami moved in next to her. "Who are you?"

"Why, the names Mary," the girl replied. She pointed at the thunderbird. "And that there is my thunderbird, Astor. Ain't he just precious? Now are y'all the team from Japan?"

"What's it to you?" Jun asked defensively.

"Woah there tough guy. I'm on the team representing America."

"And I assume you were told to come here and find the treasure?" Yun questioned.

"That's right hun. And if you're in the competition too, then I guess that makes us enemies." Mary snapped her finger, then Kaida and the others were surrounded by four other people and their mythical creatures. There was another girl who was followed by a black dog. The rest were all boys and behind them was a sea goat known as a capricorn, a giant, and a creature that looked like a jackalope with wings known as a wolpertinger. "No hard feelings." Mary snapped her fingers one more time to signal her teammates to attack.

The thunderbird screeched, and released lightning from its wings. One bolt nearly hit Kei before Matsume yanked her out of the way. Alba took off to have it out with the giant bird. Yami flew up over the giant and began to fight with him. The two large creatures stirred up so much sand and dust that it became near impossible to see. Fighting blind, the black dog attacked Matsume and the wolpertinger struck Asa with its horns. Once the dust cleared, Kaida saw that the capricorn had not moved, and she didn't think it was able to. Quickly, she ran towards Jun.

"Jun! Jun! Come with me." She grabbed him by the hand and Dallas followed. "Jun, I think I know where the treasure is," she whispered.

"What makes you say that?"

"Back at the hotel, Jackel told me to search in a place where few humans go."

"Ok, so?"

"So where have we been looking this whole time?"

"The beach."

"Which is right next to..."

"The water! Kaida that's genius!"

"Shh! While we keep them busy, can you and Dallas sneak into the bay and search?"

"Kaida, even if it's in there, Suruga Bay is huge. It could take all day. Not to mention there will be other creatures and animals down there waiting to attack. And what if another team shows up?"

"Trust us to handle it." Kaida turned to point at a rock formation off in the distance. "See that rock? Let's meet up there should we retreat. We'll come up with a plan b then."

Jun sighed. "Ok, I sure hope this works." Jun hopped onto Dallas's back and rode him into the water. Kaida turned back to see if anyone on the American team noticed. The man with the capricorn stared at her and gave an inaudible command to the creature. Slowly, the capricorn made it's way to the shore. Kaida wished to call Yami down but he was still entangled with the giant.

"Oh, I wish Chiyo were here." Kaida looked around for something to use as a weapon. It didn't take her long to dig up some drift wood from the sand which she then used to block the capricorn from entering the water. The man grabbed the drift wood with his hand and tugged on it. Kaida held on tight, but the six foot tall man easily over powered her.

Rei saw her friend stumble and she snatched another piece of wood which was in the shape of a sword. She ran in front of the man before he and his capricorn could enter the water. "Now you face Rei Iwasaki. Prepare yourself!"