Chapter 30:

Year 3-8: The ski trip part 2

Is it ok?

“Oh wow. Looks like Yuusuke-kun kept you awake all night.” Riku laughed looking at Shintaros face. He had bags under his eyes and he was yawning every few minutes.
“You´re right.”
Riku stared at him.
“Not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter, will you?” Shintaro yawned again. “We were trying to cuddle, but let me tell you when he gets excited he talks a lot.”
Riku nodded. “I know. But you can cuddle and talk can´t you?”
Shintaros blood shot eyes stared into Rikus. “You can, yes. But not if he flails his arms around while talking.”
Riku laughed, he stopped as soon as he saw Shintaro glaring at him. “He was just excited to go skiing.” Riku said.
The two friends walked around a bit, mainly to wake Shintaro up a bit before going to the piste.
“Was the student council president with us yesterday?” Shintaro asked after a bit.
“No, she wasn´t.” Riku followed Shintaros finger pointing at a familiar blonde girl kissing another familiar looking girl.
“They´re really going at it.” Shintaro mumbled. The kissing had turned into a full make out session. The boys looked away embarrassed.
“So you and Yuusuke-kun slept in the same bed?” Riku tried to change the topic.
“Yeah. Wasn´t the first time though. I stay over at his place sometimes.”
“You never invite him to your home?” Riku asked. Shintaro looked at the ground. “Is it because of Natsuki-san?”
Shintaro nodded. “I´m not worried that he might be jealous but… but maybe she´s his type.”
“I wouldn´t worry about that.”
“Hi guys.” Yuri walked up to the two boys, she was grinning from ear to ear.
“So you and Aiko-san got close.” Riku laughed.
“Like really close.” Shintaro laughed.
Yuri glared at them. “Very funny.”
“So you just met here randomly?” Riku asked still giggling.
“She´s here with her sister.” Yuri answered.
“The teacher you had a crush on?” Riku teased.
“Yes. We met up and well…” Yuri blushed.
“You decided to explore each other’s mouths?” Shintaro laughed.
“I can kiss my girlfriend as much as I want to.” Yuri said, emphasizing the word girlfriend.
“You´re dating?” Riku asked shocked.
Yuri just nodded happily.

“You need a bit more tension in your legs.” Keith tried to explain to Riku and Mei how to ski. He and Kiyoko were the only ones who really knew how to ski so they took on the roles of teacher. Yuki and Yuri didn´t ski, they were on their snowboards laughing at Rikus incompetence.
“I´d much rather be on a snowboard.” Takumi mumbled.
“You can do that after you´ve managed to not fall flat on your butt on skis.” Kiyoko laughed, Takumi was sitting in the snow after all.
“When did you learn to ski?” Riku asked Keith while he tried to stay standing on the wooden sticks.
“Like I said yesterday, I grew up in Colorado. We went skiing almost every school break. My granddad had a little cabin we used to use.” Keith answered. He was holing Mei´s hands.
“Are you sure you can…” He began.
“I just have a prosthetic I´m not st…” Mei slipped.
Keith caught her. “You´re not what?” He laughed.
“Never mind.” Mei mumbled.
“Yuusuke! Stay focused!” Kiyoko yelled.
Yuusuke and Shintaro were standing together talking and laughing. Yuusuke went back to Kiyoko, he apologized to her.
“Shintaro-san could I also ask for your attention?” Keith asked meekly.
“Sorry.” Shintaro laughed.

Riku had made it, he hadn´t died on his way down the slope. He took a deep breath of relieve.
“Hey Riku! How do I look?” Yuri came running to him.
“Sweaty.” He answered absentmindedly.
She hit him. “That´s not what I meant.”
“But it´s the truth!” Riku saw Aiko close by waving Yuri. So that´s why she asked such a stupid question, he though. “You know that you don´t have to be super aware of how you look once you start dating, right?”
Yuri laughed. “Oh sweet innocent Riku. Once you date you have to look even better than before.”
“Right, not like I´ve been dating for almost two years.” He said sarcastically.
“Satsuki-san is different. She doesn´t care about stuff like that.” Yuri said.
“I know. I´m dating her.” Riku mumbled.

“Hello Hinata-kun, I mean Riku-kun.” Aiko came to Riku who was taking a break on a bench close to the slope. She sat down next to him.
“Still not used to first name basis?” He laughed.
“Aiko shook her head. “I usually don´t get to call people by their first names.” She looked at the slope. “Are you having fun?”
Riku nodded. “It´s my first time skiing. It´s kind scary at first.”
Aiko laughed. “I know, right? But once you get used to it it´s quite fun.”
“I´ve only fallen on my face like eight time so I´m happy.”
Aiko offered him her cup. “Do you want some? It´s hot cocoa.”
“I don´t know, that would be an indirect kiss. I doubt your girlfriend would like that.”
“She told you?”
“Oh she sure did.” Riku decided to omit the part about having seen them kiss. “I hope you´re prepared, she can be a handful.”
Aiko giggled. “I know. Yuki-kun told me the exact same thing.”
“Did he, well he should know best.” Riku took the cup. “Is she your first girlfriend?”
Aiko nodded. “I´ve dated one guy before.” She went quiet for a bit. “Can you keep a secret?”
Riku nodded smiling. “I´m pretty good at keeping secrets.”
“I´m into guys and girls.” Aiko said.
“I know you´ve told me before.”
“But my sister doesn´t. I want to tell my sister, but I don´t know how she´d like it.” She took her cup back form Riku staring into the liquid.
“You two are close?”
“Our parents died years ago, so she practically raised me.” Aiko said softly. “I want her to be proud of me.”
“I don´t know what she´s like, outside of class I mean, but I think she´d be proud if you were honest with her.” Riku said.
“I guess. You´re good at this.” Aiko smiled.
“Not as good as Mei-chan.” He laughed.

Riku was making his way down the slope one last time, they were going back home the next day and he wanted to enjoy his new skill one more time. On his way he saw something that made him smile: Aiko was standing next to her sister, blushing hard. She seemed to be introducing Yuri to her. Her sister hugged the two girls happily. See, I told you she´d be proud, Riku though. He was happy for the two. He felt a light sting in his chest; he was missing Satsuki a lot.