Chapter 31:

Year 3-9: The child

Is it ok?

Yuusuke ran into the club room, past his confused friends and hid behind a book shelf. Shintaro came running after him. “I swear I have an explanation!” He yelled.
Riku stood up; closing the book he had just started reading. “What´s going on?”
“This is between me and Yuusuke-kun.” Shintaro said looking past Riku to find where his boyfriend was hiding.
“He clearly doesn´t want to see you right now.” Riku said.
“I know, he ran away from me after all.” Shintaro pushed Riku lightly to the side and walked past him. He made his way to Yuusukes hiding spot. “I didn´t mean to keep it from you. I just didn´t know how I should explain it.”
“Let´s talk about that some other time, ok? I need some time to myself.” Yuusuke almost whispered.
Shintaro nodded and left.

Yuki rubbed Yuusukes shoulder. He had come out of his hiding spot and was now surrounded by everyone.
“So what was that about?” Yuri asked confused.
“You ok?” Kiyoko sat next to Yuusuke, she looked very worried.
“So I wanted to tell you guys some cool news, that kinda didn´t happen because my boyfriend kept a secret from me.” Yuusuke said holding back tears.
“How about you start with the good news then?” Kiyoko said.
“Ok, so my mom is pregnant again.” Yuusuke had a very light smile on his face.
“That´s good news?” Takumi asked, he immediately got Kiyokos elbow into his ribs. “Ow… I mean that´s great.”
“Actually she´d been pregnant for a bit, but we have this tradition to not tell anyone until we know the gender and have a name.”
“And what´s it gonna be?” Takumi asked.
Yuusuke smiled. “A boy, Daisuke. It´s so cool to be getting a brother after having three sisters in a row.”
“Congrats.” Riku said smiling.
“Thanks. So I told Shintaro-san about it and he invited me to his house, you know we always hang out at my house but we had some plans… and we ran into his ex and his daughter.”
“Natsuki-san?” Riku asked. Yuusuke nodded. “Wait I think you might have the wrong idea, Shintaro told me Miyako is Natsuki-sans child.”
Yuusuke nodded again. “I know but as you might know it takes two to make a child.”
Riku stared at him. “You mean?”
“Shintaro-san is a dad. And he didn´t bother to tell me.”

Shintaro tried not to look into Rikus eyes. “Is something wrong?” He asked.
“Miyako´s dad.” Riku said.
Shintaro took his arm and ran to somewhere where the whole school wouldn´t hear their conversation.
“He told you?”
Riku nodded. “Yes, why didn´t you?”
“Because it´s embarrassing.”
“Your daughter is embarrassing?” Riku asked.
“No, the whole situation.” Shintaro looked at the floor.
“Go on, I´ll let you explain yourself fully before I´ll kill you.”
“Very funny.” Shintaro said sarcastically.
“That wasn´t a joke.” Riku said very seriously.
Shintaro sat down on a bench. “You know that Natsuki-san and I dated for a bit when I as a first year and she was a third year, right?”
Riku also sat down, he had a feeling this could take a bit. “Yes I know.”
“So we slept with each other.” Shintaro said.
“And I discovered that I should have practiced putting on condoms a bit more.”
Riku stared at him blankly.
“It ripped.” Shintaro said.
“You´re an idiot.” Riku said.
“Thanks I know. Natsuki-san and I thought it wasn´t that bad, it was our first time after all. How high were the chances of her getting pregnant?”
“Apparently high.” Riku mumbled.
“We broke up a few weeks after sleeping with each other. She figured I was into guys. I didn´t want to admit it.” Shintaro looked at his hands. “She was so supportive. Telling me how it wasn´t a bad thing, that I should just be myself. She even encouraged me to find a boyfriend. And she helped me come out to my mom and stepdad.”
“She sounds nice.” Riku said, his anger was starting to subside.
“She is. She´s studying to become a pediatrician. I wouldn´t be dating Yuusuke-kun if she hadn´t encouraged me. So when we found out she was expecting she was already six months along. She told me that I didn´t need to be a dad to Miyako and at first I wanted to take her up on that.”
“But?” Riku asked.
“I got to hold Miyako when she was born and she was so cute and tiny and Natsuki-san was so exhausted. I wanted to be there for them.” Shintaro turned to Riku. “You know my dad left my mom when she had me, I didn´t want to be like that. It felt so cruel. My stepdad taught me a lot, he met my mom when I was a baby and he took care of me whenever she was away for work.”
“So he became your role model?” Riku asked.
“Yeah. Natsuki-san and I were so lucky to have parents that helped us. It was natural for them to be there so we could go to school.”
Riku nodded. “That´s quite the story. But why didn´t you tell Yuusuke-kun? Just because you were embarrassed of your stupidity?” Riku looked Shintaro in the eyes.
“I didn´t know how to tell him. When he told me about his mom expecting another baby I wanted to tell him in private, maybe even introduce him to Miyako and Natsuki-san. But Natsuki-san had a nightshift that I forget about and I usually take care of Miyako when she´s away. We ran into each other while I was with Yuusuke-kun and he found out.”
“You´re so stupid.” Riku said.
“I know. Natsuki-san said the same thing; she was apparently under the impression I had already told him.”
“Which you did not.” Riku said laughing.
Shintaro stood up. “I have an idea.”

Riku didn´t manage to find out what his idea was until Shintaro was staining in the club room, a child in a white polka dot dress in his arms. “This is Miyako, my daughter. She just turned two a few months ago.”
Riku couldn´t believe Shintaro was that bold. Yuusuke ran to his boyfriend. “She´s so cute.” He took Miyako’s hand. “Hi I´m Yuusuke.”
The small child quickly became popular with the other club members. They were playing with her, reading books to her or just admiring her cuteness.
“She really takes after her mother.” Riku laughed.
“What do you mean by that?” Shintaro asked.
“Look wise.” Riku laughed.
Yuusuke came to Shintaro. “I´m still angry at you, but Miyako-chan´s so cute I´ll forgive you this one time. Keep another secret form me and I won´t be so nice, I have an army of younger siblings who don´t like it when someone else but them is mean to me.”
Shintaro smiled. “Got it.”
“And I want to meet Natsuki-san.” Yuusuke added.
Shintaro nodded. “Naturally.” He picked up his daughter. “I have to bring her home soon.”
“Aw, bring her over some time again.” Yuri said.
“I will.” Shintaro looked at Yuusuke. “Wanna come with me? Natsuki-san has today off.”
“Sure.” Yuusuke leaned in to kiss his boyfriend. Miyako was giggling, holding onto the second year. “You want one too?” He looked at Shintaro, who nodded his ok and Yuusuke gave Miyako a peck on the cheek. The girl started to giggle even louder.
“I think she likes you.” Shintaro said.
“Ditto.” Yuusuke beamed.