Chapter 25:

Can't Resist

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

The squeal from Tomo was sharp enough to burst one of Mitsu’s ear drums as they sat in the classroom, waiting for the lecturer. Mitsu tried to protect his ears, regretting telling Tomo in person about his and Akio’s budding relationship. “You guys are so cute together,” Tomo awed, the squeals finally calming down. “I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks, Tomo,” Mitsu moved his hands away from his ears. “For everything.”

Tomo blushed, leaning over and giving Mitsu a tight hug. In just a couple of months, they will part ways for at least a year so she wanted to embrace every happy moment while she can. “Hye don’t hold on to long,” Akio laughed, appearing from behind Mitsu, pulling him out of Tomo’s grasp in a joking way. “His boyfriend just might get jealous.”

Tomo swore her heart just fly to heaven in happiness, seeing how Mitsu became shy at Akio’s touches. It was just like a scene out of her favourite manga. “Be careful of the PDA,” Mitsu whined in a whisper, as not to draw any more attention. “Rumours might start going around.”

“Eh,” Aki shrugged. “Let the rumours fly. I mean they clearly don’t mean anything. I didn’t turn out to be the cool playboy type you thought I was.” Mitsu blushed, his mouth twitching. That was a good point Akio brought up, he was certainly million miles awa from the that particular stereotype. “But there is something we need to talk about.”

“Breaking up already,” Tomo joked with a straight face, making Mitsu worry.

“Nothing like that,” Akio shook his head, trying to assure Mitsu who was looking at him with puppy eyes. “I promise.” Mitsu sighed, feeling relieved. That would have certainly been a short-lived relationship. Akio raised his hand gesturing to Tomo as he spoke up again “So Tomo is aware of ‘Hana’,” Mitsu nodded, Akio then gesturing to himself. “I know about ‘Hana.” Again, Mitsu nodded.

“Yeah, I even told dad,” Mitsu piped up, still not understanding where the conversation was going.

“Oh,” the realisation hit Tomo. “Shoot.”

“Emi wants to meet up,” Akio kept his voice calm as he explained that.

“She’s my sister that’s nor-”

“She wants to meet up with ‘Hana’,” Akio said bluntly and Mitsu’s eyes widened. “I think I broke him,” Akio said worriedly, seeing how Mitsu had just frozen; lagging like a website struggling to load.

Everyone knew, everyone but Emi. The dark pit in his stomach started to swirl, making him feel sick. Akio had gone on to explain that Emi called him to see if he can arrange for ‘Hana’ to meet her this weekend at the mall for some one-on-one girl time. Whatever that could mean? Mitsu wasn’t sure.

His only choice was to agree. Akio set up a date and time for the two to meet and the night before, Mitsu now found himself staying at Akio’s apartment, the outfit he chosen for ‘Hana’ hanging off the back of the door. He sat with his knees to his chest, feeling his heart pound hard enough to make his knees knock. “Everything will work out fine,” Akio assured, sitting beside Mitsu and wrapping an arm around him.

“I’m not necessarily worried about the meet up,” Mitsu mumbled, hiding his face in his knees. “It’s Emi’s reaction to when I come clean. I mean, I was basically using mom’s image all this time. No wonder she freaked out seeing me.”

“All the times I’ve heard about you freaking out to her,” Akio tried to joke. “I think she’s allowed to air out her grievances too.”

Mitsu let out a small laugh, still hiding his face. Looking back at his actions, he had been a selfish and blown up at Emi basically trying to live her best life. A life their mom would have been proud of. In reality, he had been a pretty horrible brother. “I think I just want to get some sleep right now,” Mitsu yawned, moving away from Akio and planting his head on the pillow.

Akio leant over him, leaning down and placing a kiss on his cheek. He was careful as he moved away, leaving the bed to allow Mitsu to sleep but felt something pulling him back. Turning, he saw Mitsu’s face, his eyes looking at him pleading eyes and holding onto the elastic of his sleeping bottoms. With a face like that, how could Akio say no to sleeping beside him?