Chapter 26:

I'm Sorry

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Mitsu was fidgety as he continued to try and fix his wig. No matter how much he messed, it just didn’t seem perfect. The reflection looking back a him today was ‘Hana’ and she was as feisty as before today. ‘Be prepared for whatever happens today,’ She warned. Mitsu nodding to show his understanding. ‘Emi is quite understanding but this time, even I can’t say what’s going to happen.’

“You look good,” Akio complimented, leaning over Mitsu’s shoulder from the back, holding his waist. “I can’t believe just how feminine you look.”

“I put a lot of effort into this persona,” Mitsu smiled, thinking back to the countless magazines and fashion websites he browsed. Most young men would be looking at websites of the 18+ variety and deleting their history afterwards. Though Mitsu did still feel the need to delete his history, just in case. “This may be ‘Hana’s’ last outing.”

“You sound disappointed about that,” Akio commented.

“I guess,” Mitsu took a deep breath, looking ‘Hana’ dead in the eyes. “It feels as if I’m saying goodbye a piece of my mom as well.”

Akio moved to hug Mitsu from behind. After the confession, Mitsu had shown him pictures of their mother, she truly seemed a beautiful woman and Mitsu had certainly inherited her looks. “Remember,” Akio stared to say, moving his mouth to Mitsu’s ear. “That’s why you’re going to visit the acting programme, so you can keep her with you during every show. She’ll never really be gone.”

Mitsu turned pulling Akio into a kiss, a way to thank him for the kind words. It gave him that little bit of courage to go and do what he needed to achieve today.

Arriving at the mall, he was right on time and was pleased to see Emi standing at the entrance of the stationary store as per the agreement she made with Akio. Mitsu gulped, taking in a couple of deep breathes before walking over being greet with a gentle smile. Emi’s smile, wasn’t the bright smile she usually wore, in fact, it was a mix of sadness and relief. “Morning ‘Hana’,” She greeted.

“Morning Emi,” Mitsu bowed.

“Oh no formalities today,” Emi laughed, gesturing for Mitsu to stand up straight. “I want us to have a fun day. Let’s do lots of shopping.”

“Sure thing,” Mitsu nodded as he was being dragged into the store.

‘She’s acting off,’ ‘Hana’ commented, ending with a hum. ‘What is she up to today?’

I’m not sure, Mitsu thought to himself, bring brought in front of the pens. But I’ll play along today. Emi started to pull out of aquatic themed items. This first stop was to get a leaving present for Tomo. “While it may not be as amazing as the bracelet Mitsu brought,” Emi joked picking up another pen and showing it off. “What you think?”

“Very cute,” Mitsu leant over, picking up the matching notebook. “How about this to go with it?”

“Good eye ‘Hana’.”

The visit to the stationary store was taking longer than Mitsu expected. Emi wanted a variety of items to present to Tomo at her going away party in the upcoming weeks and then just happened to look for some items for herself too. Mitsu had noted, Emi picking up flower and honey themed items. “They remind me of my mom and Mitsu,” Emi smiled with a sad tone in her voice. Mitsu feeling a slight stab in his heart. “You grab something too ‘Hana.’ It’ll be my treat.”

Mitsu wanted to refuse but seeing the look on Emi’s face, he couldn’t bring himself to say no. In the end, he picked a couple of items with flowers on them. He was drawn to the flowers, maybe because of what Emi said or maybe because it was a rose, the flower that represents love.

The haul from the bags messed with Mitsu’s posture, making his hunch over from the weight as they walked across the mall to the next store. Emi smiled, taking a sudden stop, Mitsu bumping into her from behind. He looked to see Emi with a large grin and turned to see; “A tea shop?” He raised a brow. “How long has this been here?”

“Why don’t we have an afternoon tea?” Emi suggested, not waiting for an answer as she spoke to the hostess. Mitsu quickly composed himself, hurrying to follow as Emi was already been shown to a table. This little tea shop, hidden in plain sight at the mall, was elegant and decorated in beautiful bouquets. Emi pulled out the chair for Mitsu to take a seat, being sure to push him in before taking her own seat opposite. “You know,” Emi spoke up, getting Mitsu’s attention from the décor. “Mom and I used to visit here all the time Mitsu.”

“Mitsu?” Mitsu laughed, trying to keep up the façade. “Emi, I think you’re mistaken.” The smile Emi kept said it all. She already knew Mitsu sighed and nodded. “Yeah, when did you find out?”

“When you were talking with dad,” Emi answered, feeling guilty about eavesdropping on their conversation. “I’m not mad.”

“Really?” Mitsu gasped.

“A little disappointed,” Mitsu cringed at the word ‘disappointed’ but it was expected. “But I asked you here for a selfish reason.” Emi started to visibly shake, a few tears rolling from the corner of her eyes and landing on the table. “I love you mom.” Taken a back, Mitsu allowed the words to sink in. He understood why Emi brought him here as ‘Hana’ and not as Mitsu now. “I’m sorry for what happened to you. I hope you and Mitsu can forgive me for being a bad daughter and a bad sister.”

Emi spoke through the tears with a smile, breaking Mitsu’s heart. He got up out of his seat, hugging Emi, her head landing in his chest. “Mom loves you,” He whispered, trying desperately to hide his own tears. “Nothing to forgive, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry for being a bad little brother.”

“Oh Mitsu,” Emi cried hugging back. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sis.”