Chapter 57:

A7P1: Once again in Dulitor

From Assassin to Demon lord

It took three months, but we were finaly ready to move out. Lizzie’s belly started to get more and more swollen, as her labor was getting closer. The pregnancy of Elves takes only six months so I could say that everything was looking fine. At the same time my other wives became more… active, I could say. I deffinitely didn’t expect Miira to become such an expert in such a short time.

My wives weren’t the only woman who tried to curry some favor. Maids, denizens of higher floors, and most imprtantely Albea, the ambasador from Demon spider queendom and only princess there, did too. She, as a succubus usualy ended her talks with me with words like ‚Let’s continue this talk in bed,‘ or ‚If you’re free today, what would you say to some new meat?‘ I was getting tired of this. More so when I remembered that we are the same age so she couldn't really talk about new meat.

If it ended just with her, all would be fine, but I was getting wind of Renzir, Haba, Fia and even Hestia going around my room long after I went to sleep. They were usually turned away by my wives or by shadow elf assassin maid Tomi. No need to say that she wanted ‚rewards‘ for doing so, but she was put down by Kyoko or Miira most of the times.

I also learned about existence of one of the former Black leaf party members being in our custody. I wanted to go see him right away, but I decided that torturing all at once would be easier and more thrilling then doing it one by one.

All in all, the dungeon was lively as ever.


My today’s agenda was quite simple. I created plan for building a highway, which would connect all important cities with the capital.

Loa Nuta and his team were working in terrain right now as I created some rough scatches. I used connection between Tur, Fortress city, Amas and then finaly build new road leading from there to our capital.

New road was going from Fortress city to Gurem’s capital through Kyoko’s personal lands to former capital of Ork kingdom and there making a fork of ways. One lead to my capital and the other one to ogre village on the outskirts of our territory which bordered the High elvish empire. There was still no comunication between us, but I hoped they would answer us soon. At least the merchants were coming by that place very regularly.

„So why did you decided to build a highway to a village?“ Miira asked.

„Becouse when we make contact with High elvish empire, we will have to meet with their representatives. It would be rude to make them go all the way to our capital. It could also be seen as a disrespect and seeing them as one’s of lower status. That’s why we will make that place into trading city exclusive to elves of the empire,“ Yuki explained in my stead.

„Correct Yuki. Also, elves have rather difficult relationship with orks so making the meeting place be Ogre town is better for our image, after all, ogers crushed the Ork kingdom,“ I added.

In that moment a shadow elf, Tomi, jumped out of shadows in corner of the room.

„Master, I recieved a message from one of my subordinates. Kiriin, main city of Durel dukedom is in uproar. Daughter of the duke tried to commit suicide and is now detained in Dulinor.“

„Tsk. That guy knows that that is the first place I will attack so he want’s to get rid of her silently… such a bastard.“

„What are you going to do?“

„Let her live of course. Kaen.“

„Yes my lord?“

„You can use healing flames, am I correct?“

„Yes. Healing wounds or mind, it doesn’t matter. My flames can cure it all.“

„Perfect, I will leave it to you. Mobilize your people. We are going to Dulinor right now.“


Before we depatred, I decided to check on Lizzie, who was still asleep in our room. Our room, or rather the deepest part of the dungeon aside from mines, is like a wing of sorts, it can be only entered from throne room or by small doors leading to living quarters of last floor denizens (elves from Yuki’s village and important quests). As I made my way around said doors, which for some reason were widely open, I saw something.

The mage of hero’s party, or rather princess of Petty kingdom Gurem, our newest vassal state. She was silenty closing doors behind her. What supprised me most was the fact that she was dressed only in her underwear… wait that’s Filona’s room… did they? No, that’s no place for me. That’s right! Let’s forget that I saw anything!

I quickly used Hide presence and moved to my private room, which was connected by one passageway with rooms of my wives. Not like they actually use them as they secretly climb to my bed one after another during the night.

I silently entered Lizzie’s room and canceled hide presence.

„Fufufu, I think this is first time you entered my room like this,“ Lizzie teased me from bed where she was resting. I could see that she had a lot of papers on table next to her bed.

„Don’t over work yourself, I don’t want you to fell ill.“

„Fufu, don’t worry about me, this is nothing compared to the work as receptionist for the guild. …it’s time isn’t it?“

„Yeah, the disturbance is at it’s possible highest. If we don’t move out now, we will never have such a chance. There is only five big cities, one of them already switched sides and is helping us from inside. But the problem is—“

„—Dulinor, right?“

„Yeah, they have Paladin Tongu on their side…“

„Guildmaster will show her fangs when we arrive there, I’m sure. Plus that daughter of duke is confied there as well.“

„Zaru don’t you…“

„Aparently she lost her mind after our attack on her so I thought that Kaen could heal her.“

„Kaen? Not you?“ Lizzie asked with dubious look in her eyes.

„Yeah, Kaen. I know what would happen if I did that, that’s why I will leave this to him. Let him bring her to our side.“

„So you don’t want to expand your harem?“

„I’m happy with girls I have and love,“ I sit next to her and put my hand on her shoulders, while patting her belly with the other hand, „You are my family, there is no chance I would do something like expanding the harem without your approval.“

„Geez, you can be so smooth sometimes,“ Lizzie put her head on my hand on her shoulder with happy smile, „Also I will remember what you said about not expanding the harem without my approval,“ she smiled like a fox.

After I left Lizzie I headed out of the dungeon, where the city building was progressing smoothly. On top of dungeon was castle-in-development and many sectors were build alongside it. The closest building to the castle were buildings for officials. We also had plot of land to west and south reserved for vassal state officials. To north we had three mansions for foreign visitors.

Behind this district was commoners district and as we couldn’t expand too much to distance, we decided to build up. Most of the houses there could accomodate three families of five in single building. This district was divided into parts. North-east to east-south was for crafters. South-west was for merchants and the rest was for living of our people.

Needless to say that the city was not really fully build, just the commoners district was finnished.

Within two hours we were all ready for combat. I was leading the troops. We could teleport, but the spell consumes too much magic power with this much people, so I decided against it. Most of our army was made from earth, wind and fire spirits, all named and ready to fight. One of the demons, Tristan was with us as my third in command. Kaen is second in command.

We went down the mountains by only way possible and headed to ruined village underneath. The lesser vampires made a quick work of adventurers and soldiers of the city and took the civilians as hostages. Yet the place was run down by something else. From what I could see, an Earth worm came here from north and destroyed this place. Probably it ate sheeps and cows and went on it’s marry way. Good thing no humans were here.

We build a camp near former guild hall with my ‚tent‘ being the building as a whole. I took some sheets from my Magic bag and lie down on them in guildmaster’s room.

The next morning I was aproached by one of the earth spirits I named Nina. She simmilarly to Haba took female form after naming. As she was one of ‚officials‘ in army she held position of First lieutenant. Honestly I had hard time talking with her, becouse she reminded me of my big sister, who died when I was little. The face was practically the same!

„Master, we found some materials in underground cellars. I belive your expertise is needed.“

„Sure, lead me there.“

With single bow she started leading me. I followed her to underground of butcher shop, which was right next to the guild building.

Unlike guild house, this one was almost completly ruined. The underground cellars, which held most of the meat, was destroyed by earth worm, but one side was still standing. This was where they had hides, bones, scales and such items.

„Seems like they got some interesting thing here. Flame antillopes horns, fins of Sahuagins… Oh, yes there is lake to north from here on borders between Durel and Margel dukedoms. There is river that goes from there to south and ocean there… …what?! Where the hell did they get wyvern eggs?! Nina! Go and bring five fire spirits! Those eggs are still alive!“

„On it sir!“

The five eggs were hidden in hides of Fire antillopes, which produce heat even after their death. They are famous among adventurers since when correctly processed they will produce heat even with little magic input.

„Sir!“ the fire spirits saluted as they entered the room.

„Everyone pick one egg and keep it from dying. As we are close to our base, take them home right away. After you deliver them to dungeon, hand them to Lizzie and Yuki, they will know how to look after them.“

„Yes, sir!“ the spirits took the eggs and head for the dungeon right away.


As famous Paladin Tongu and guildmaster of adventurers guild, I knew better then anyone else what will happen next. The demon lord, or rather Zaru, is going to take revenge for duke’s attack on him. I understand that people with power to kill lesser dragons like Zaru have power to do whatever they want. That is why I don’t understand Duke Durel. He’s weak and useless in fight, why would he attack demon lord as cunning and powerful as Zaru? Even as human he was almost imposible for me to defeat. If I didn’t befriend him when I did… I don’t even want to think about that…

I know that the duke’s new bodyguards were former members of Black leaf adventurer party. In my eyes they were rather crude fellows and I warned Zaru before them… Well, now he have Lizzie at his side so I’m not worried about him as much… we are only five years apart, but still, that he would become king of all things… Seems like he got the throne in the end anyway...

I once talked with him about his past and his life in Mutasa kingdom. I always knew he’s different from other adventurer. I mean, why would assassin became adventurer of all things? He could ask the duke and he would have all the money he could want for just killing some useless nobles.

I actually asked him why he didn’t do that and his answer shocked me. ‚I want to live by my rules, and have calm and uneventful life. Maybe I will even have kids one day,‘ he chuckled and finnished his beer that evening.

„Guildmaster! There’s army before west gate! It seems they are surrounding the city!“

„So he finaly arrived… Call mayor Hendson, he have to whitness this… also, get Frank from butcher shop and Gavin from toolshop. They are pretty knowledgable about things and have connections.“

I headed to west gate and checked my sword and round shield. They weren't the best quality sure, but I could slay Frost giant with one hit with it. The shield was also enchanted so it would never break. My armor and weapons shined with pale blue light, the holy powers were flowing through me.

„I’m going to meet you Zaru, you better be ready for this.“


Our army of spirits encamped the city. Earth spirits were placed in strategic positions around the city with fire or wind spirits behind them. Water spirits created enormous rain cloud over entire city and let it rain. With how bad the Dulinor’s sewage system is, it shouldn’t… never mind the representatives are already on their move.

I signalised to water spirits to stop the rain for some time and together with Kaen, Nina and Water spirit representative Junet I moved out.

„Mayor, Gavin, Frank and Guildmaster Tongu. It’s been far too long,“ I said.

„Sure has, Zaru,“ guildmaster said.

„Wha? Zaru? Like the guy who was killed by Black leaf?“ Frank and Gavin both looked suprised with the former speaking his thoughts.

„You didn’t tell them that I was turned into Demon lord?“

„No, who would belive that?“

„Yeah, you’re right… So how will we do this?“ I asked, while knowing good well how it will turn out.

„I, the Paladin Tongu and guildmaster of adventurers guild in Dulinor city, am challanging the Demon king Zaru of Demonic kingdom Zaruul to a duel!“

„I thought you will say something like this. Well let’s get to it… one more thing, do you still have the amulet Lizzie gave you on you?“

„Yeah, why?“

„I’m just curious.“

The reason Lizzie went to Dulinor in the first place was to give guildmaster that amulet.

„Then let this bout to death begin!“

I parried Tongu’s blows, which were reinforced with holy magic.

„H-how can you avoid Holy magic?“

„To cover for ones weaknesses is basic, that’s what you always said to newbies,“ I smiled and let out barricade of slashes with my Demonic Blade.

We exchanged blow after blow and Tongu even managed to scrach my cheek.

But that was the end for her.

I used all my power and smashed her sword with mine, her shield slashed in two with another hit. The cut continued and tore open her armor. After that a simple stab was all it needed to finish the job.

„N-no way… so fast…“ Frank let his voice get out silently.

„I didn’t even see…“ Gavin looked frightened.

In that moment the necklace started to shine briliantly and quickly turned black.

„Wh-what’s happening now?“ the mayor screamed out.

„Heh, you really think I would let my guildmaster die so easily? I owe her too much for that to happen.“

Black cocoon surounded guildmaster's body.

„What is happening now Zaru?“

„The thing is… I had my best craftsman to make that necklace. And the core of it is Demon fruit. Same thing that turned me into demon lord many months ago, I know that she woudn’t allow herself become demon so we made secret deal that if she defeats me here I will take the necklace back.“

„And you won… so what will happen next?“

„Probably same thing that happen to one of my wives that ate the Demon fruit, while having high Holy power.“

In that moment the cocoon burst out and Tongu was sitting there with black bird-like wings on her back.

„Well, I lost. So Dark angel I become huh?“

„Exactly. Guildmaster, I know that you are probably the most important person in this town. Sorry mayor to say that, but this city have more adventurers then regular citizens so Guildmaster here have more power than you.“

„Like I don’t know that Zaru…“ mayor puffed up his cheeks which would looked cute if he wasn’t fat old man.

„So you turned me into your servant, what will you have me do now?“ Tongu asked.

„Nothing that important really. I want to keep adventurers as they are with single change.“

„And what that thing will be?“

„I want adventurers in my kingdom to do exactly what their name say: Adventure and explore. I have enough people to produce DP for all eternity so I won’t be making them into my spies or anything. I want them to reach the white spots on maps. Build friendly relations with all kinds of living beings they find.“

„Is that all you want?“ Frank asked.

„People fear the unknown. And I want to know the unknown. Also, people fear monsters, but they never tried to comunicate with them. Did you know that the undead are rather talkative fellows?“

„I don’t see skeletons being able to speak,“ mayor frown his brows.

„Of course they don’t talk like we do. Skeletons comunicate with gestures and clacking their bones. I have quite a lot of them you see?“

„I guess that undead aren’t only monsters you want to comunicate with right?“

„Yeah, Sahuagins, Gabnirs, Gyuthali or Beynoons are considered monsters, yet they have enough inteligence to threaten villagers in rural areas with complex attack plans. They can create weapons and primitive clothing so I belive we can comunicate with them, if we try.“

„Would that also work for Frost giants?“ Guildmaster asked.

„Giants are giants, if they can speak then we will speak.“

„I understand. Now, Zaru, can you promise me that you will not hurt anyone in the city?“ guildmaster looked into my eyes.

„Of course. We are no monsters and I used to live in this city. If we are not attacked then we will not retaliate.“

„That will have to do, I guess…“ mayor bowed his head deeply.

The doors to the city opened and we entered. I entered the city on Phara’s back. Some people recognized me and seemed to relax a little.

When I entered the central plaza I noticed that some people were following us so I stopped at public speach area and addressed them.

„Ladies and gentleman, some of you might know me as Legendary assassin Zaru. Few months ago I was declared deceased, but the truth is that I was brought back from deaths doors by goddess of demons herself and I became a demon lord. Many things happened and I created my own nation inside Snowy mountains. That was where I got hit by reality when Duke Durel attacked without any warning. My retainers and I agreed that duke needs to be punished for his actions. My only wish was for minimal damage to people who already live in the lands. Guildmaster Tongu stopped adventurers from participating in the battle which helped to persuade my retainers against all out anihilation. Few minutes ago, Guildmaster challanged me to duel with fate of the city as price. I won the duel and the city as well. But as you can see! The guildmaster is now standing beside me as representative of this city! After I defeated her, I made her into my minion and gave her this city and it’s surroundings to govern.“

„Whoooo! YEAHHHH!“ some people were really happy about Tongu becoming the ruler of the city and were the loudest in the group.

Even though I made up the entire thing about anihilation, it seemed like the people took it as seriously as I implied with my tone.

This was how I took over city that I called home ever since I came to Astenna kingdom.

Tony Raven