Chapter 58:

A7P2: Moving shadows

From Assassin to Demon lord

The royal castle of Astenna kingdom.

In one of smaller audience chambers were all representatives of Royal faction.

They were Marquis Theodore Tarel, genius strategist who repelled Demon lord Arana ten years ago, Duke Ester E. Ester, the youngest lord of all lords currently present. His father was killed by monsters which came from mountains several months ago.

Next two men were Gren D. Alastir a Marquis who same way as Marquis Tarel lived on borders with Demon spider Queendom and the other man was Earl Pavel W. Venceslaw who stood in for small lords. He practically barged in as small lords were until recently on Noble Faction's side.

The king looked over all men around the table, where was a map of entire kingdom.

„Dear lords let us start with this meeting. We have several things to discuss. First we will talk about Things that are happening in Ester dukedom. After that we will talk about betrayal of Margel dukedom and lastly we will talk about Demon kingdom’s move on Durel dukedom.“

At king’s words the lords frowned as all of them were thinking the same thing. Monsters in Ester kingdom needs to be eliminated same way as Margel dukedom. No traitors are allowed to be in the kingdom or the surounding nations will act.

To north are two nations, Moon rabit kingdom, which is consistent of various rabit beastmen under rule of High Rabbit, the equivalent of human king. The other nation is Armed kingdom Djano. The armed kingdom is second strongest kingdom on continent after Holy empire and is simmilar in strenght to Mutasa kingdom on other side of Snowy mountains.

„Father, if I may,“ the third princess asked the old king.

„Go on,“ the king nodded.

„Thank you father. Dear lords, the risk of our kingdom getting destroyed is higher then anytime before. The human nations to north and beastmen to south. Demon lord Arana to east and Demon King Zaru to the west. From what we know, The Demon spider queendom and Demonic kingdom Zaruul are allied nations. We need to form an alliance with other human nations. I humbly suggest that we send messengers to Gegronia kingdom, Primal dragon theocracy, Apalutte kingdom to east from Demon spider queendom and Galvet human republics to the north of Mutasa kingdom. If we make major economic nations interested in taking down Armed kingdom Djano, then they will be also interested in defeating two demon lords. Some informations leaked from Scalefolk Marquistate Wil that demon lord Arana is weakened from curse that was put on her by a Fallen following the last hero she fought. And the fact that the demon lord Zaru was able to make Petty kingdom of Gurem into vasal state just by sending one letter shows how strong he really is. Also we can be sure that Holy empire is wary of him as they didn’t strike him down yet so it is possible that they are currently building up their strenght.“

„The fact is that Demon king Zaru is mighty foe. Some of our spies says that he is highly discussed at court of High Elvish empire. Aparently they are discussing if they should ally with him or not. They are waiting for their archbishop to have a word about it as he still hasn’t made his choice,“ Marquis Alastir said with dark voice.

„They will probably ally with him as thanks for what he did with the Ork kingdom,“ Marquis Tarel added.

„Well, the Demon King Zaru is giving us oportunity to crush the Noble faction and Margel dukedom in one swoop,“ King said and princess blushed behing her fan.

„Your majesty, I have a proposal,“ Duke Ester said abruptly.

„What is it young Ester E. Ester?“ The king looked softly at the boy, who even though was twenty years old looked like he just started grow his first beard.

„I think that we can combine all of the points above. We could say that Duke Margel caused the monster outbreak and initiated the raid on Demonic Kingdom by telling Duke Durel about it. We will make that information public and attack the Margel dukedom with our remaining forces to show the Demonic kingdom that we are sorry about what happen and we will give the Demon king the head of Duke Margel. If the Demon King destroys the Durel dukedom in the meanwhile, Darius dukedom will have no other allies and will have to join us.“

Interesting thought process sir Ester, the princess Monica thought, but it have flaws. Demon king Zaru knows of real motives behind Duke Durel’s actions. If we do as you say, Duke Darius, who also know of the truth will ask for help either Demon king Zaru of Demon lord Arana… seems like father realized it as well. The path duke Ester is leading to destruction of our kingdom. Father is thinking about something… maybe he’s deciding which of the demon lords would be better for us to swear loyalty to. After all father is same as me. He workship demon lords and let’s other demon lord workshipers do as they please.

...Oh? Aren’t you happy Marquis Alastir? Is it becouse you finaly have informations to feed to that Demon spider? I know all about you good sir!

Still, the best thing would be if I could get the Demon spider queendom to attack us. I could go to Demon king Zaru and promise him myself and the kingdom for saving the people. I would be seen as tragic princess which sold her soul in order to protect her people! Gi hihi… just wait demon king! I shall be your queen!


„And that concludes the report about the kingdoms secret meeting that was under our survaillance with mind reading Star elves,“ Tomi reported to me.

„So they will crush the Margel dukedom for selling state secrets. By the way who was he selling the information to?“ I asked while resting behind my table in Dulinor on third day after our smooth take over.

„To many countries. Demon spider queendom, Wolfman principality, Holy empire, us, High elvish empire, Gegronia kingdom and many others.“

„Wait, us?“ I got surprised.

„Yes, we were under your orders sending people from mountain side regions to other provinces. Also by that time we plundered some merchant caravans and let no-one live, making sure that commerce in Durel will stagnate and suport of mercenary groups will be lost. By doing so we got our hands on some materials meant for Holy empire. We send some people to the Duke Margel and told him that if he don’t want the king to find out about what he’s doing, then he have to give us information we need.“

„And then you told the king, correct?“ I asked.

„We talked with miss Yuruki and miss Hestia about it before geting green on it. Also we send some Sucubae in that dukedom to get some prepwork done.“

Yuki, teach, what are you doing? It’s bad that this is first time I hear about this… although it’s not such a bad plan… Also, using sucubae eh? I heard that there are some useful people in Margel dukedom, we better get them to our side.

„I understand. What do you plan to do next?“

„Right now we plan to undermine small lords near Tarel Marquistate. They were part of Noble faction so we should be able to bring them to our side. Sadly we weren’t able to find any noble that would satisfy our needs for future there.“

„No-one passed the test?“

„Yes, it saddens me truly.“

The test in question is about governance of their cities and territories. We look into every little detail to decide if we will keep the noble or dispose of him. Our standards are 3.5 out of 5 points from six different judges.

Sadly only a handful of nobles reached two points. But no one reached three. It seems like we will dream about noble with 3.5 points for a long time. Well, second son of duke Margel, reached 3,4 so maybe we could keep him at the very least…

Many villages we traveled to, were so much destroyed and poor that they would sold their souls for week old scrap of bread. With villages that decided to serve us right away I let some spirits to do blessing ceremony, which enriched the soil and in theory it should make easier to cultivate the land. Also some beastmen who lived on jungle floors decided to move here to help. Interestingly, may villages in this human supremacist nation were really welcoming to demihumans.

Also I created fake dungeon core and placed it outside Dulinor for adventurers to train in. This dungeon was so-called Sky type. It looked like a giant tower with bird like monsters. It appears that I unlocked this type when leared of Harpies who become my subject evolved into Queen Harpy.

„Seems like I should thank Wendy for this help,“ I smiled to myself while remembering the harpy in question. She was around twenty years old and had rare disposition call Phoenix blood, which made her able to use Fire magic. Unlike the rest of the harpies, she wasn't a bird brain.

„Yes, her help with Sky dungeon was much appreciated. Also we have finished our assessment on this territory’s nobles and there actually are some interesting individuals,“ Tomi handed me few papers with names of nobles we could use for our cause.

„Oh, this Earl Hunter J. Baldhold seems like a good man his territory steadily grows and people seems like they want to work for him… Okay, this may work. Tomi, make him understand benefits in serving me instead of Duke Durel.“

„Yes my lord. I will head to Lasten City personally,“ Tomi bowed and disappeared in shadows of the room.

With that done, I returned for some time to my dungeon to summon new minions which would help me expand the territory. I don’t want to spend a week traveling around turning everything to Dungeon area myself.


Kiriin city, inner palace.

„My lord! The people are whispering about revolting against you, you need to act! Show them that you are not afraid of that newbie demon lord!“ one of the advisors said to Duke Durel.

„That Newbie demon lord as you call him, is cunning bastard who played me and is standing behind our lost battle in Snowy mountains! That guy baited us by only taking small parts of territories and inflicting despair onto those he didn’t took over. And when the despair reach certain point the people will rather go to him then to stay with their good lords! Let it be know that anyone who will rebel will be treated as demon lord workshipper and sentenced to death.“ Duke Durel waved his hand to send the advisor away.

When advisor left, the duke was alone looking at the map of his territory. His former bodyguards, the Black leaf party, were in confinement in underground cells of his castle. If push comes to shove I will use them as scapegoats and sacrifice them to that demon lord.

„Too bad Gallen, won’t survive, but her mind is unrepairable. Good thing my son is with duke Darius right now… I should probably go see him after this is over…“

As the duke was pondering about his only two children a messenger entered the room.

„Your highness, I bring report from our scouts in Dulinor.“

„Hm? What’s about it?“

„Yes! The city is in perfect condition, the people are alive and well and the Demon king’s army works together with people of the city to improve the land. There were many sights of earth and water spirits.“

„Spirits? A demon is using spirits for an army?!“

„Yes… also another thing… your daughter was seen walking around the city hand in hand with General of the Spirit’s army. Apparently she is in perfect mental state. No signs of brainwashing.“

„Are you kidding me?! She couldn’t even speak and kept wetting herself all the time! How’s that even possible?!“

„We belived it to be work of the demon king, but our analysis of the general idicates that he’s a Spirit king ranked or even higher.“

„S-spirit king…“

Spirit king was known well among humans. Last time one appeared was when Demon lord Akemi of Sinful seven attacked Mutasa kingdom and turned hero of the time into wyvern. That time a Spirit king by name Vergill used power of water to banish the demon lord Akemi from the kingdom. Thus it’s belived that Spirit kings are as strong as the most powerful Demon lords.

And now there is one serving a Demon king.

„Oh, god… what have I done…“ the duke started shivering.

„My lord…“

„No. I can’t be like this. There is still hope. There is a hero in Armed kingdom Djano… I will ask for help. The king here won’t help me. I better sell him out. Contact Duke Margel to send reinforcements. I will ask duke Darius myself.“

With that Duke Durel dismissed his servant. Not knowing what will happen to him next.

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