Chapter 21:

Y to X

I Turned Into A Boy

Jeremiah: Wow! It opened! Meddler it opened! How did anyone know it’s going to open today…Wow!

It’s surprising as someone can predict we are going to open it…And even if we don’t find his room today…Then the password might be wrong, Wow such a mystery.

Meddler: Yeah…Now let's see what's inside the box.

Jeremiah takes 4 things out of the box.

2 papers, an identity card, and a Rubix cube wrapped in paper.

Jeremiah: There is an identification card…Wait let me see who this card is.

“What! This card is for Lily Rose… And it has that same H symbol behind it.

Meddler: What! Identification card of me…I mean, why is there an ID card of mine? Let me see…

Jeremiah, can I see that?

Jeremiah: Sure.

Meddler: Wait…This Id card photo…This was a pic they took 4 years ago…I look so young, But what is this doing here?

Jeremiah: See this paper…There is something written on it.

46 Y to X.

Jeremiah: What does that mean… 46 Y to X.

Meddler: 46…What’s 46, 46….What’s linked to 46…Don’t tell me, it's hitting about me.

Jeremiah: This is now a different Note. The handwriting also changed…

“I love you.”

Jeremiah: This Rubix cube…Wrapped in a paper…There is something written…

“Way to make why to an ex.”

Meddler: What does it even mean…

Jeremiah: I don’t know…It's something just out of my mind. Such poor grammar…

Meddler: Yes!! I got what it means…Now I remember where I saw that “H” Mark…That day. When I—

Jeremiah: Hey…Meddler, What do you think this rube is for…

Meddler: Jeremiah before that we need to I need to tell you a truth…Which I have been hiding for almost a month.

Jeremiah: it?

Meddler: It's something serious…

Jeremiah: So, Let's go into the bedroom and talk. I'm ready to listen to it.

Meddler: Thanks…And bring that box, It’s related.

Jeremiah: Okay…Let's solve this thing.

Both Jeremiah and Meddler sit on a bed.

Jeremiah: So…What are you wanting to tell?

Meddler: It's just that I'm not...Lil Meddler…

I'm Lily Rose.

Jeremiah: What are you crazy? What are you talking about…How is even possible…

Meddler: Calm down…I will explain everything.

Meddler: Do you remember when I proposed to you on 5th May…That day after proposing to you I went running towards the other side and dashed a few people…Then I said sorry and I went home back…The caravan I use to live…Then the next day may 6th morning I woke up…It was that day…I saw myself growing a beard…My body was muscular…I thought I was dreaming so I went back to sleep again, But when I woke up I didn’t know what to do…I didn’t have any boy's dresses I wore a unisex dress…I just started Investigating, what happened…That day I saw you If you remember.

Jeremiah: Yes…You were asking for the principal’s office…Wait! It was actually you…Now I remember…And I remember lily rose to disappear after proposing to me.

Meddler: Yeah…That day when I asked for that Principal’s office…But I came to see you…I wasn't able to see you, so I felt like seeing you. I saw you…I felt happy about you…Then Jessie and Sahisha came to my caravan to check whether I…Not meddler they came to see Lily rose didn’t come to school and a really funny thing happened…I was sleeping and they were about to cops thinking I'm some kind of thief.


Jeremiah: hahaha…They actually care about you. You came that day to see me, that’s so sweet.

Meddler: They went away and the next day I wanted to see you again…I was craving you…I blamed bananas for what happened to me. Since that day I hated bananas. Then I wanted to get an entry into the school as Meddler…I wrote a board exam again and also got certificates but I didn't have any transfer certificate and all…First I got rejected from the school…Then I went to Mr. Kruger… I told him I was related to Lily Rose…Whereas I was Lily rose…He gave me admission….From there on you know everything…I joined I met you, I started a crazy life…I lost my caravan, I fell asleep that day in the park you brought me I started living with you…I did what I always Liked…Then I was hurt when I misunderstood you were liking Sahisha but it all got solved when you told me you actually like me…Lily Rose. I was shocked…I was surprised but all over I was happy. Yeah…That’s how it all happened.

Jeremiah: So your now meddler and Lily rose.

Meddler: I'm lily Rose in meddler’s body.

Jeremiah: So…Who do I love? Lily Rose…Or Meddler….Woahhhh such a dilemma.

Meddler: You see…That’s the dilemma…But I think you loved this Lily Rose.

Jeremiah: Okay I will figure that out later… But how did you turn into a boy?

Meddler: It's something I was searching till now…But I got the answer now. Somehow…

Jeremiah: So, Tell me what happened.

Meddler: I will tell that but I'm really hungry it's 10:40….Huh…Let's eat and talk.

Jeremiah: Yeah…Same here Lily…Meddler…What SHOULD I CALL YOU?

Meddler: Yeah…Let's eat and talk about it.

Both went to eat lunch.

Jeremiah: Now…I want to know how you turned into a boy…But I saw when you fainted in the washroom…You are a boy.

Meddler: Uff!! Shut up and eat.

Jeremiah: Pass that sause here…

Meddler: Nice bread omelets honey…

Jeremiah: Did you just call me honey…That was so sweet dear.

Meddler: Ohhhh…This is just so cute.

Both of them blushed and continued to eat their breakfasts.

Jeremiah: Now that we are done eating…Tell me.

Meddler: Do you remember, when I told you I accidentally went the other direction and dashed a few people…At that moment I felt like someone poked me with an injection…Now that I remember, At that moment I thought I fell on a shark object…At that moment…I ignored it in happiness…But I saw this “H” symbol… I think the person who poked me is working in that restaurant… because I saw him there twice.

Jeremiah: But How did you get it now…And what’s the meaning of this 46 y to x thing on this paper?

Meddler: What do you think 46 represents…In a human being, there are 46 chromosomes but the sexual Chromosome of a boy is XY whereas a girl is XX.

Jeremiah: with that being that means this sentence on paper makes sense.

“ Way to make why to an ex.”

The way in actually the Letters Y and Ex is X… Hitting the chromosomes…

Meddler: Bingo! I thought it was not related to me, But I got it when I saw that Id card…That photo, I took with my parents before their death.

*Knock Knock*

Jeremiah: I guess someone’s knocking.

Four people talking to themselves outside Jeremiah's house.

Those four people had weapons and a few sprays in their hands.

Man 1: So even you got those letters?

Man2: Yeah…Even I have been doing those stuff that the letters told me to do…After all, they are from Him.