Chapter 20:


I Turned Into A Boy

Both of them hugged each other.

Jeremiah: I love you moreee

Meddler: I love you more than you love me.

Jeremiah: I love you more than you love me more than I love you.

Meddler: I love you more than you love me more than I love me.

Jeremiah: Hahhaa….What are we even doing…Let's eat and sleep it's already late.

10 pm 24th May 2038.

Both of them hugging each other and sleeping…Meddler in Jeremiah’s arms.

Meddler: Now that we are this close and let’s not keep any secrets between us.

Jeremiah: Yeah, I’m fine with telling you everything you want to know.

Meddler: You see when we were just friends, I wanted to know your full…You see in anime they show how the person wants to call the person they love by their first name…But as an Indian, I just wanted to know what would be my surname would and I searched all your Books and It was a fail. Then I searched your register and I go to know you didn’t have any surname. Hahaha…Just wanted to say it to you.

Jeremiah: Ohhh…That’s cute, To be honest, I have a surname…But Mr. Kruger told me to change it when I was in 1st class it’s for my safety…

Meddler: What! You had a surname? What was that?

Jeremiah: It's something only I and Kruger know…But even you will know it. But do you want to know?

Meddler: Yeah…I would be more than happy to know it.

Jeremiah: You see My name’s spelled as J, E, R, E, M, I, A, H right…Now it's Jeremiah but before it was J, E, R, E, M, I, A ….Yeah I didn’t have the H in my name…You know how I got the H…The H came from my surname…

My real name is Jeremia Halidiya.

Meddler: What? Your Name is Jeremia Halidiya…Wow, I never expected that to be your name.

Jeremiah yawns and sleep…

Meddler: It’s so great to know…How I know the only secret of Jeremiah…Oh sorry, Jeremia….I'm so happy today, I confessed my love…Wait Instead he confessed to me, That was all of the I got to see Jeremiah so flustered…Even now while sleeping I can hear his heart beating…His warm body, His cute cheeks…Those are just so floppy.

Pinches Jeremiah’s cheek softly.

This is such awesomeee…It's a dream come true for me, I never thought I would be able to do this close to him…I always thought of myself under him…I always felt incomplete…I never knew, even though he had flaws…That even he has troubles with people…Even he is just an ordinary human being…Even he is incomplete….But When we are together we complete each other. That is how are will work…They might be obstacles, hurdles, barriers but we will try to break them altogether. How did it all start… I'm grateful, for whatever happened to me…This is the luckiest possible way for me.

It's like god just picked the best possible way for us to meet.

Meddler sleeps…

9:33 am 25 May 2038.

Jeremiah: Wake up…need to go to school right?

Meddler: There is no school today, Mr. Kruger said it's not possible to take classes…So he told me not to come today.

Jeremiah: wow…That’s a great thing but get up and have breakfast now.

Meddler: Yeah…Before that, I need to go washroom.

Meddler while going to the washroom with a sleepy head leans on the right side in front of the washroom’s door.


A secret door opens from that wall and Meddler falls down the door.

Meddler shouts!! “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”

Jeremiah: What happened Meddler!! Did you slip into the washroom again?

That secret door closes and goes back to normal.

Heyy….. Meddler where are you?


Jeremiah: Don’t tell me…He went into that secret room.

Meddler in that room…

“Anyone there!! Jeremiahhhhhhhhhh!!! Help!!! Help….Jeremiaahhhhhhhhh!!”

Jeremiah: Yeah, I can hear him…He went inside. It opened today….After this long time. Wow.

Pushes the door and goes back.

Goes down the stairs…

“Meddler…Where are you…



Meddler: Jere--….Jeremiah!!! I'm here!!!! Im hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Jeremiah!! I'm here….

Jeremiah: Found you!!

Wait…Let me turn the lights on.

Meddler: Wow!! There was this big room….And I never noticed.

Jeremiah: This room belongs to my parents…This has all kinds of stuff about research about something I don’t know…

Meddler walks to the room and says a photo of Jeremiah’s Parents.

Meddler: Jeremiah are those your parents?

Jeremiah: Yeah…This picture was when they were young.

Jeremiah’s parents are in white lab coats…with happy smiles on their faces and something really bright light behind his dad.

Meddler keeps walking…

Meddler: Jeremiah once comes here… Can you see that big trophy? Who do you think this trophy is…There is something written there…50th year of the tournament, 2013.

Jeremiah: Wow! This was the trophy my mom told me about day…This trophy represents the turning point in his life…That’s what my mom told me, She told they both met in this tournament…Once I saw a photo but I never saw this in real life.

Meddler: Jeremiah this box is something for you I guess.

Jeremiah: Wait…Let me see, is that something my parents left me behind?

Meddler: Turns the box around and he saw an “ H” symbol on it.

Meddler: Wait…It’s the same H symbol…That man in the restaurant I saw that guy wore this…Wait, Where did I see that symbol before!! Ahhhh I can't remember it properly…Let me remember for the first time, I saw that ‘H’ symbol…Ohhhhhh Yeah!! Now I remember! Holyyy shit! what happened to me is connected to this H symbol?

Meddler: Jeremiah…Open this box, I just want to tell you something once you open it…

Jeremiah: Yeah…Let me see how to open this, wait…There is a number lock here…

Jeremiah turns the look behind and says something written behind it…He wipes the look and saw “Today” written behind it.

Jeremiah: Today…What does that mean, if he kept this box the day he left then it should be that day’s date…

Tries that date…

Jeremiah: Wait…It didn’t work.

Jeremiah: Will it be my birthday?

Meddler: Try it…

Jeremiah: No it didn’t work… As much as I know my dad he is just a great strategist…He once got an offer from the president…But he denied it, I said, “ I have to look after my next generations.” And he left.

Meddler: I will tell you a date, will you try that…

5th May 2038.

Try 050538.

Meddler: It's that day…I turned into a boy but I don’t know if it will work I have this weird feeling about it.

Jeremiah: No…Meddler, it didn’t work.

Meddler: What’s written behind it?... Today, What does today mean…I giving up! Huh…

Jeremiah: No, Let's try for another time…My dad always said Don’t give up! Try the 4th try…I don’t how it's so accurate for today…But I want to give it a try…I admire him so much, tell me try this…

Meddler: If you want to try something random…Why not try today’s date?


Jeremiah: Meddler….


It opened!