Chapter 23:

The Barely Balanced Stick

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Eita washed his hands and face in the fountain a little further on. He sat down on the grass by the fountain without drying his face. He had nothing to set up anyway. He took his head in his hands. "I forgot that because of the dean's love of cats, the environment of the faculty is full of cats." he muttered. Standing behind the fountain and leaning his elbow on the wall of the fountain, Ando followed him, trying hard not to laugh.

The pain of the places where the cat had scratched was just beginning to appear. Although he had saved his face at the last moment, he had not been able to save the right side of his chin. Most of the scratch marks were on his right forearm. He smelled awful and wanted to go home as soon as possible. Moreover, if Ando was angry, he couldn't handle it with his current state. He had no money in his pocket to go home.

Eitae was startled by Ando's "Curious Fumikaze-sama!" words. He looked at Ando. He couldn't tell from his expressionless face whether he was angry or not, but he said what he had said sternly.

Eita lowered his head and muttered, "Skurai-sama who does secret things..." "Fumikaze-sama, who doesn't trust me..." Ando said, slightly softening his harsh tone this time. In response, he was waiting for a sentence ending with "Sakurai-sama" that he was accused of lying, but Eita looked up and "Not like that!" he said. Then realizing that he was coming off hard, he lowered his head and said in a muttering tone, "It's nothing to do with not trusting..."

He thought of a line from a movie he watched. The male lead was saying to a woman "You are like a little bird in my palm that would fly away if I spread my fingers a little." No matter how sure you were about the feelings of the other party, and how honest and innocent the other party was, the fear of being able to slip through them never passed. The feeling of love in Eita's heart was like another stick, barely balanced, on a thin, upright stick. When love came, it brought with it the fear of losing it. But he didn't know how to explain it to Ando. It was only natural for Ando to feel that he was not trusted.

Ando's footsteps snapped him out of his thoughts. Ando slowly approached him and knelt before him. He took Eita's right hand and brought it closer to him, examining the rake marks. Although Eita wanted to run away from the smell of garbage, Ando did not let go of Eita's hand and prevented him from escaping.

He brought Eita's injured hand to his lips and cheek and patted it. "I understand you. Because I feel like you're going to slip through my fingers at any moment." he said. Hearing this sentence, Eita buried his head in the ground. He opened his hand on Ando's cheek and stroked Ando's cheek with his palm. "I want a hug, but I smell so bad," he said in a childish tone. Ando laughed. "It's not that hard to clean you up, but pray that the cat who plundered you was one of the dean's vaccinated cats." he replied. He lifted Eita with his hand and dragged him towards his faculty.


In the place where the club rooms of the medical school are, the locker room and bathroom shared by some clubs were empty due to the current time. When Eita came out of the bathroom and came into the locker room, seeing Ando placing his dirty clothes in a bag, he suddenly tried to stop him from going there and touching his clothes.

"I will place it. Don't get your hands dirty for nothing." he said. He grabbed his own trousers and other clothes and walked away. "We are in the bathroom," Ando laughed. "No water? I'll wash my hand." he replied. Embarrassed by his dirty clothes as he had been crawling around here and there before going into the trash, Eita didn't answer, turning around and placing his clothes in the bag.

He had one of the spare towels Ando used for club activities wrapped around his waist. In the bright light of the dressing room, Ando watched the dragon curling as Eita moved on Eita's broad back.

After Eita put the bag aside, he saw the clothes placed for him on the bench and excitedly headed that way. The dragon danced quite attractively. Eita lifted and unfolded the gray scrub, "Wow! This is what you wear in the operating room!" he said. Ando smiled and said, "This is all I've got for you. It looks a little big to me, but it's just right for you." he replied.

Eita's attention was then drawn to the underwear placed between the top and bottom of the scrubs. He lifted it up as he had just lifted the suit and examined it. He thought he'd put his' back on, but Ando had also lent him one of his spare underwear.

"I guess it will be on you," said Ando who was embarrassed by Eita's review of the outfit. Eita turned to him, grinning sullenly, "I'm not giving this back." he said. Ando laughed, "You're a pervert, but you're an honest pervert." he replied.

"My honesty may be admirable," Eita said, waving the boxer in his hand. Ando laughed again. Then he turned and headed for the exit. On the other hand, "I am waiting outside. You'll come when you're dressed." he was saying. Eita sounded disappointed, saying, "I thought you had a fetish for work clothes by dressing me up in these. Are you going to leave without watching?" he asked.

"It may be a nice fantasy, but right now is not the time or place," Ando replied, unflinchingly. By this time he was just about to walk out the door. He heard Eita's "Fantasies are enjoyable when done out of time and place." words. He stood at the door and looked at him. Eita was also looking at him with a slightly mischievous face. Ando watched his lover, who was wrapped in a small towel for a while, without saying anything. His hand slid to the buttons next to the door. His other hand on the doorknob twisted once, landing on the key. "It's good that being a club president has such perks," he said as he turned off the lights.

Sitting on the bench in the dark, Eita wondered what Ando, ​​who was right behind him, was doing. "Are you sure you want to spend your arm wrestling glory here?" he asked. There was no sound from Ando for a while. Eita began to feel Ando's breathing between his shoulder blades.

Hearing Ando's hissing "Yes." he understood what Ando was trying to do. He was about to turn around when Ando stopped him and "No, I told you not to turn around,"he said. Then, in a calmer and more embarrassed tone, he added, "You won't turn around and you'll forget about it completely." "You are torturing me," Eita replied by putting one hand to his head.

The dressing room light was off, but the bathroom side light was on. Ando could clearly see the view in front of him, thanks to the light hitting that side. He dropped to his knees on the bench and bowed slightly. He grabbed Eita's shoulders with both hands. Eita was startled as he leaned his bare body against Eita's back. However, he didn't make a sound.

Ando hugged him tightly at first. Then he started rubbing his body lightly. "If I had huge breasts, you would enjoy it too," he muttered with a playful laugh. Eita covered his face with his hands and "How can you be so sure I wasn't enjoying it?" he grumbled. He would patiently wait for Ando to finish, then he would not let those pink nipples go until they would turn red.

Ando broke the hug and watched the broad back once more from bottom to top. Meanwhile, he was giving Eita's shoulders a small massage. He got up from his knees to a sitting position, crossing his legs and approaching Eita. Eita tensed as he felt the hardened organ rubbing against his waist.

Seeing Eita's back muscles that suddenly contracted and became more pronounced, Ando brought his lips to them. Eita felt the burning lips kiss his back. "I didn't know you had a fetish like that," he said. Ando leaned a little closer on Eita's back and licked the top of his spine from the bottom up. Eita was so impressed by this that the towel still on his waist was half-opened from the erection.

Ando placed a scented kiss on Eita's neck and said, "I have more fetishes that I'm afraid you can't handle?" With a sigh, Eita replied, "I'll show you what I can't handle if you just let me turn around..." Ando laughed. Then he pulled back a little and fell on his knees. One hand was on Eita's shoulder. With his other hand, he stroked his own thing for a while. The dragon's reactions, startled and twisted with slight movements every time he felt Ando's exhalation, turned him on.

The more he looked at the wide shoulders, the more he realized that the back was craving more than the front. He moved a little closer to Eita. Caressed, Ando's hand slid forward into the half-open towel. He slowly slid the hand on his own organ to his hip and began to stroke and widen his own hole. He was stroking Eita's pile-like organ while preparing himself for mating.

Eita was more impressed with the idea of ​​Ando playing with his own hole than with his organ. Ando's breathing, which turned into soft moans, showed that he was enjoying himself. He was not using any gel. Eita was raging as he imagined Ando enlarging his self-soaked hole. His hands are still on his face, "Ando, ​​I beg you. I can't ejaculate like this." he said in a tearful voice.

Ando moved his body a little closer and said, "I'm not satisfied with my fingers as I imagine what I'm holding inside me." Then he added in a sad tone, "But I wanted to do it by seeing the pet dragon behind you."

Eita did not immediately turn to Ando, ​​even though he was given the green light. He brought a hand to Ando's face. Ando straightened up and poked his head over Eita's shoulder. Bitten in the ear, Eita turned towards him and kissed Ando's lips softly. His hand was still holding his head. "Would you like me to give advice?" Eita asked.

"Like what?" Ando said. With one move, Eita hugged Ando and led him to the bathroom stalls. He opened the curtain of the cabin where he had just showered and put Ando between himself and the wall. Ando got support from the wall, but wrapped his legs around Eita to keep from falling. His arms were around his neck. They kissed for a while. At that time, Eita's penis was slightly inserted into Ando's hole. Eita slid down to Ando's neck, and Ando noticed the mirror directly across from the open cabinet

As he lifted himself up and leaned against the wall, he could clearly see the tense muscles and the dragon staring hard at him. It contracted. Noticing that the hole was getting narrower, Eita whispered in Ando's ear, "I guess you noticed..." He gripped Ando's hips tighter and spread his legs wide apart, inserting his penis as far as it could go. Ando groaned. He buried his head in Eita's shoulder, since he was embarrassed as his voice echoed so loudly.

Eita didn't move, and with one hand he turned on the shower. The sound of water drowned out other sounds, he thought it worked. It began to move back and forth inside Ando. Ando still hadn't lifted his head from Eita's shoulder so as not to make a sound. In Ando's ear, "You're biting your lips. You will bleed." Eita said.

Ando coyly lifted his head and "Even if I don't bite, you do." he replied. Eita laughed and started to nibble on Ando's lips. He used his tongue to seal Ando's lips as he continued his back and forth motion. Ando couldn't moan for a while, but the breath he took through his nose wasn't enough. When Eita let go of his lips, he threw his head back and immediately orgasmed with the sight he saw in the mirror before him.

Due to his sudden contraction, Eita also ejeculated immediately afterward. Still, he didn't let Ando out of his lap for a while. "Your back will hurt," Ando said sweetly. Eita looked up and "You worry about your own waist first." he said. He lowered Ando from his lap but did not let go right away. One hand slid down Ando's hip while the other began to stroke Ando's front. Ando was about to say "No way... Again?" Eita's lips stopped him.

Eita gently pulled Ando under the warm water and put his leg between Ando's legs and lifted his leg and leg. While one hand was cleaning the hole, the other hand continued to caress the erected organ. With his arms free, Ando wanted to stop him when Eita's hands let go of the way he was playing, and grabbed Ando's hands and pinned them to the wall.

They kissed like that for a while as their hardened penises touched each other little by little. Then Eita remembered his vengeance and let go of Ando's lips and landed on his breasts. His hands were still clasped against the wall. Ando began to weaken as Eita gnawed at Ando's nipples.

Realizing that he was no longer resisting, Eita let go of his hands and brought them to his breasts. He was both pinching and sucking and licking. He looked harshly at Ando and said, "They're even prettier than women." and resumed his work.

"You made it swollen." Ando said. Eita looked at Ando as he licked Ando's right nipple and said, "Yes. I will do more." and began to do it more violently. These sentences came out limp because his tongue was busy with Ando's nipple. With all his remaining strength, Ando wrapped his arms around Eita's head and kissed the head that was pressed into his chest.

"Please... you're like a baby..." he was able to say. Eita pressed his face against the breasts and "Babies can't fuck." he replied. Ando said, "It's starting to hurt." Eita slowed down. He kissed those parts gently for a while longer. "These kisses don't make up for what you just did," Ando tearfully reproached. Eita straightened up and asked "Who is to be forgiven?"


Yuki yawned and looked at the moon emerging from the clouds. She was a little tired today as she had been walking a lot. She noticed that she had been very inactive lately. In high school, she participated in the events of judo and track and field clubs. Now she was just at home. The women of the house sometimes showed her embroidery. It was her only activity in her last days.

He was startled when the balcony door opened. It was Yamato. After the four of them ate dinner in a private room on the second floor of a small family restaurant, Ritsuko was still showering Tachibana with questions. Yuki went out to the balcony of the room to get some fresh air, so as not to disturb Ritsuko, who had lost her hesitation.

Yamato lit his cigarette after asking and receiving permission to smoke. Then he turned around and said, "You must be upset because Sakurai-san left early and abruptly. Then he will apologize to you personally."

"No, no! We took a lot of time by extending the one or two hour meeting we had already planned. It is only natural to be called from his home urgently." Yuki politely said. "Why did you think so?" Yamato asked in surprise.

Yuki shrugged, "Those who take responsibility for a certain thing don't have as much free time as we do. I felt bad for taking up so much of Sakurai-san's time."

Yamato regretted the issue he opened and said, "Your friend seems to have made a decision about university education. I hope you have a good educational life."

"I'm not going to go..." Yuki replied in surprise. Yamato raised his eyes, "Is that so? I totally misunderstood then,"he said and apologized. It wasn't actually a lie. When he first heard about the matter, he had thought that the young lady was going to college. Yamato was surprised as Yuki started laughing. Yuki apologized and said, "It was funny when I imagined that I had a campus life like where I see it today."

Since childhood, she was brought up with special education outside of school. She had received training such as home economics and table manners, which would help her when she got married, which led her to become a respectable wife. Even embroidery, the only thing she's been doing lately, was in it. It was hilarious for her to imagine herself as a college student wearing the modern outfit she wanted, having friends, and her only concern for studying.

While she was going to ask permission and return inside, her foot tripped on the carpet on the balcony. She was about to fall when Yamato caught her with a momentary reflex. "Today I am reflexively in shape," he said.

Yuki collected herself and apologized for her carelessness. It embarrassed her that she was about to fall in front of his enemy's man, a vulgar scumbag.

"Kurenai-sama..." Yamato said calmly. Yuki turned and looked at him. "When our young master said that he wanted to get a university education, most of his family members made fun of him," he said. Then laughingly, "Yuu-sama even kicked him out of the house to discourage him." he added.

Yuki was listening quietly. "When the Young Master paid his tuition with his own savings and started school, Yuu-sama gave up and told him that he would support his education on the condition that he transfer half of the family business, and accepted him back home. When the young master started to apply his education on the family, how neatly our family ties and organized affairs became And we saw that he was walking in good health. Even Yuu-sama admitted that he was wrong about it." He laughed. Then he said, "It might give you a headache, but you know because you're close to the yakuza. It's a combination of crazy, out-of-the-box, out-of-society gangs and families. And I don't think it's silly or a laughing matter to want to get an education to run a community like this."

Yuki laughed, "Yes, when training is needed." she replied. "You don't need training, do you?" Yamato asked in surprise. "I'm already getting the training I need." she replied. Yamato with a confused expression on his face for a while, "That's right! You are the sole heir to a large family. The education you have been given is more specific and qualified. Forgive my rudeness." he said.

Then, without waiting for an answer, "I'm sure you'll be a great manager when you take over the family business. Our family will support you." he added. Yuki froze. Her father was a very busy man so she couldn't see him often. But as compensation, her servants would swirl around her.

She was trained to be a good bride by recruiting a reliable groom into the family so that she could lead a comfortable life. Then she thought. At first she hadn't treated herself like a prospective family heir.She smiled and said, "Thank you, Yamato-san."

She asked permission and entered. She would listen to Tachibana and Ritsuko's conversation for a while and ask questions of her own.