Chapter 22:

Special Aims

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Yamato looked at the restaurant across from behind the fence where he was hiding and said, "At first, I was angry that you dragged me here, but when I saw why we came here..." Then he grinned and added, "Looks like I'm going to have some fun..."

Eita, who looked at what he saw in the restaurant behind his hat and glasses in amazement, said without turning his head, "If you're going to laugh, get out of here." Yamato put his hands in his pockets and sneered as if to say there was nothing to do when he was leaving, Eita grabbed him by the neck and placed the hat on Yamato's head tightly and pulled it to his side.

"If you don't help me, I'll tell my grandfather that you beat everyone in the Sumaushi gang," he said without looking up from the restaurant. Yamato instantly hid behind the fence, put his hands through binoculars and assumed a watching position. "Yamato Holmes at your service, young master!" he said. Saying that, he sounded like an undercover detective.


When Ando entered a nice restaurant, a waiter greeted him and took him to the expected table. How the waiter knew him and how he knew which table to go to, he couldn't understand. The people who arranged the meeting had already arrived. He greeted and apologized for making them wait before sitting down at the table.

Kurenai Yuki stood up to greet Ando and thanked Ando for accepting her invitation, telling him that he was not late and that they had arrived early. Without waiting, he commanded the table. After Ando put his bag down, he smiled at the two women dressed in traditional and stylish clothes and said, "My outfit doesn't seem very appropriate since I came here directly from school... I'm sorry that I didn't have time to get ready."

The girl next to Yuki took a sip of water from the glass in front of her and swallowed it. Yuki handed the menus brought by the waiter to Ando, ​​while saying, "Please, we are sorry to take your time in the middle of your work." Then she turned to the young girl next to her and "Let me introduce you. Sakurai-san, this lady is my childhood friend, Mumirachika Ritsuko. Ritsu-chan, this gentleman is Sakurai Ando-san, one of the young bosses in our city with a college education I told you about." she continued.

Ando and Ritsuko greeted each other again. "I guess Mumirachika-dono doesn't live in Tokyo," Ando said, paying attention to one of Yuki's words. Yuki was surprised by Ando's conclusion, "Yes, she lives in Osaka. But if your advice encourages her, she can now live with me," she said. Ando simply replied with a smile. This caused Ritsuko to take another sip of water.

Ando had heard the name Mumirachika before. They were a well-known yakuza family in southern Japan. He knew that he was a master with many children. For this reason, although the family acted collectively, it was a formation consisting of many brothers divided into their own regions.

Ritsuko, one of the younger daughters of the family, did not want to focus on family affairs unlike her siblings. Instead, she wanted to go to university because she wanted to lead a normal life and pursue her own profession. However, since it had been a few years since she had graduated from high school, she was quite anxious about going to college. Her family did not support her much in this regard. Her friend Yuki, who was her biggest supporter, had arranged this meeting to get advice from Ando, ​​whom she learned that he had a university education to show that she could do it.

Ritsuko had not yet decided what kind of profession she wanted to pursue. Ando advised first that she should have a goal in this regard. Afterwards, he talked about campus life, what opportunities it has, how to reach universities and how to take exams to get a university education.

Hearing this for the first time while talking about the difference between public and private institutions, Ritsuko shyly said, "I'm so sorry I came from such clear research. You had to inform us." Ando smiled again, stating that there was nothing to apologize for. Then he went to the bathroom, asking permission, as he had come in a hurry.

When Ando walked away, Ritsuko put her head on the table and sighed. Yuki looked at her, wondering what was wrong. Ritsuka turned to Yuki, her head still on the table, "I was wondering how you knew someone like that. I've never met a yakuza like this before." she said.

Yuki laughed proudly and "There is someone I want to fuck with. While researching his weak spot, I found out about Sakurai-san's education. I also arranged this meeting through Kobe-sama." she replied.

Ritsuko sighed at Yuki's arrogance, "Who is this person you want to smack?" she asked. "His lover..." Yuki said with a scowl. Ritsuko quickly lifted her head from the table and looked at Yuki, sad and confused. Then she muttered, covering her face with her hands in embarrassment, "Of course... Such a person will not be empty... She is a very lucky woman," she said.

Yuki rolled her eyes and said, "Um, it is..." If Yuki hadn't explained something to Ritsuko properly, she would usually look away like this. Ritsuko knew this habit of her childhood friend. She was about to go to find out what Yuki was hiding from her when Ando returned to the table. Immediately after, the teas they ordered arrived.

During the conversation, Ando offered to show them both the campus. Ritsuko agreed, albeit slightly hesitantly. However, she had to return home tomorrow morning. They could draw attention in the university with the clothes they were wearing. Ando had an idea.


Eita couldn't make sense of where the three left the restaurant were going. He sneaked after them so as not to miss them. Yuki's bodyguards had been sent home by Yuki outside the restaurant. That would make it easier to follow.

After walking for a while, they entered a clothing store. Eita couldn't understand at first. Then he said, "Take me to the market, the girls to a fancy clothing store..." Those words caused Yamato, who was behind him, to chuckle. Eita glared at him and said, "Give me an idea to laugh."

"Dude... I don't understand what you want," Yamato said. "I want to know what the Kurenai witch is doing with my boyfriend," Eita said, unflinchingly. Moreover, she brought with her another of her own derivatives.

This job seemed like a matchmaking thing to him. But if it was matchmaking, Ando should not have agreed to the meeting. Why had Ando concealed that he would meet with her if this was not the case?

As he grappled with these thoughts, he saw the three of them leave the store. The girls' clothes were no longer yukata, but modern ones. He sat down in front of the sign where he was hiding because his morale deteriorated. What he saw through his glasses was Ando getting into a taxi with two women. As they left, Yamato followed them a little and turned back to Eita. "Aren't we going after them?" he asked.

Eita did not answer. "What if they're going to the hotel..." Yamato said with an expressionless face. Hearing this, Eita stood up and raised his hand to one of the taxi drivers. They needed a plan. He would think on the way.


Ando first took the girls to his faculty. Then they wandered around a few sports fields and cafes. Thinking that the girls were tired because they had sprinted around the campus a lot, he ordered them a drink at the cafe where he hung out the most.

That's when he thought of Tachibana. If he was still on campus and had time, he could introduce the girls to him. In this way, they could somehow overcome the fear of being ostracized at school, which Ritsuko could not express but was evident in her every move. However, Yuki might not like Tachibana-san's connection with Eita. He postponed it for now, as he did not want to do it without her permission. It would also help to introduce him to his own friends, but they had already gone home.

Seeing the lecture hall on the other side of the campus in the sketch in the main garden, Ritsuko was very curious about the lecture hall. Having a stone amphitheater in the university was unbelievable to her. They were on their way there.

The more she went that way, the more crowded the campus became. This made Ritsuko a little nervous. Ando told her that some parts have evening training. Ritsuko had learned something new. In other words, in some departments, the training program, which was only in the evenings, could be taken when requested. She looked at her watch, it was five in the evening. "So that's why it's crowded in here?" she muttered. She looked at the huge building to her right. It read "Faculty of Social Sciences".

It was necessary to pass this building tangentially to go to the stone amphitheater. However, Ando changed his mind at the last minute and said to the girls, "If you'll excuse me, I wonder if a friend of mine is out of work." he said. He turned right with the girls and headed for the main door of the Faculty of Social Sciences, when he was surprised by the person he saw.


From their hiding place, Eita and Yamato saw the trio looking at the sketch. He thought that when one of the girls pointed to the stone amp, they would head that way. With a shortcut, they set out to get there earlier. Eita knew that if they walked around the back and left side of the Faculty of Social Sciences and took the road in front of the faculty, they would get to the lecture hall both unseen and faster.

On the way, he was lost in thought. Why Ando had brought those two here, he had no idea. They had been wandering around the campus for an hour. He was so lost in thought that he hadn't noticed that Ando had suddenly turned to his right. However, Yamato noticed that Ando was heading towards them with the girls, and with a momentary reflex, he lifted Eita and threw it into the garbage container next to them. Eita was surprised at what had happened, but hearing the conversation just below the container, he began to grasp what had happened.

Yamato was looking towards the faculty door. He pretended not to see them. Then he turned to look that way, as if surprised to see Ando calling out to him. "What surprise is that?" saying Ando approached him. Yamato also looked towards him and said, "Ando-sam...san, it was a surprise to me. How are you?" he asked.

At the same time, he looked at the faculty door and pretended to be watching someone. Ando watched Yamato silently for a while. Then he asked, "What brings you here?". As he did so, he looked around suspiciously. He even took a few steps forward and looked at the back of the container.

Then Yamato saw who was at the fakulty door. "Tachibana-san!" he called out and went over to him and put his arm around his shoulder. While doing this, "I beg you, play with me Tachibana-san." he whispered. So Ando took the attention of the container environment and gave it to the two of them.

Tachibana, who came out of the faculty at the end of the day, looked at Yamato and then Ando with a big big face. Eita was not around. He didn't make a sound. Yamato turned to Ando and said, "Tachibana-san and I made an appointment to have dinner. I came to get him."

"Y-Yes..." Tachibana said with an expressionless face. Then he turned to Yamato and said, "You didn't have to come this far, Yamato-san."

"Tachibana-san, you are a great actor." Yamato's inner voice cried. However, "I thought waiting here is better," he said in a calm voice. Then he turned to Ando and said, "If I'm not mistaken, your class was over at noon, Ando-san." Then he scratched his head with one hand and "I'm sorry. It's creepy to know your syllabus, but you should blame someone else for this, not me." he muttered.

Ando watched them skeptically for a while longer. He looked around once more. Eita wasn't really around. It was then that he remembered the girls behind him. Turning to them, "Let me introduce you if you allow me." he said. It was then that he noticed that Yuki was looking at Yamato suspiciously.

Yuki said without changing the expression in her eyes, "I think I know the man in the leather jacket. From the Fumikaze Family..." she said. Yamato swallowed once. He said to himself, "Come on, young lady... We are allies with you." he muttered to himself. "Fumikaze?" Ritsuko muttered, as she had heard of this family before and knew that Yuki had recently been introduced to a spouse-to-be with the same surname.

Eita was trying to hear the conversations with his ear to the container, without looking at the mess of the environment. At first he could hear clearly because they were close to him, but now he couldn't hear what was being said. He wasn't even sure if they were still there. "I suppose the Yamato scum wouldn't leave me here," he thought.

While Ando introduced everyone one by one, he had to say where he met Tachibana. Yuki's face was expressionless in greeting. It was difficult to question his morale. However, Yuki's next sentences surprised everyone. "I didn't believe it when I heard that hopeless thug had a college education, but it was true," she said. Tachibana gave a pleasant laugh. "Even if you don't give a name, it's clear who you're talking about, Kurenai-san." he said.

As Ritsuko was seeing a lecturer for the first time, she excitedly summed up why she was here and asked what advice Tachibana could offer her. So Ando didn't have to explain what he was doing here at this hour with the two young women. Tachibana accepted Ritsuko's request and invited everyone to dinner. They could chat about it during the meal. Ritsuko turned to Yuki and asked if she was okay. Yuki also accepted the invitation, measuring the expression on Ando's face.

Together they made their way towards the campus gate. Ando was at the very back. He nudged Yamato and pulled him lightly to his side. "Where is Eita?" he asked in a whisper. Yamato said he didn't know. He hadn't noticed that his gaze had shifted slightly to the faculty door as he said this. However, this did not go unnoticed by Ando.

After walking a little further, he suddenly stopped and said, "Yamato-san..." Fearing that Yamato's lie had been caught, he paused and "Y-Sir." he muttered. Ando smiled politely, "Do you mind if I entrust Kurenai-san and your friend to you?" he asked. "N-No..." Yamato replied, somewhat taken aback. Ando turned without saying a word. Yamato sighed a bit, wondering what excuse he should come up with for the girls. They were wide apart. He tried to catch up with them, quickening his steps.

Ando had arrived at the exit of the faculty. He took a good look around as it was getting dark. He put his hand to his chin and thought for a while. Then an idea occurred to him.

Eita thought about what to do. He wanted to get out of this dump before he passed out from the stench. However, Yamato didn't want to get out of the container in front of that witch and embarrass himself if he somehow didn't drive the nation away.

Yamato had thrown it into the container with a fleeting reflex. It was to save him, but he would still scold him. He thought of texting Yamato. "A terminator who lifted an eighty-pound man like a water bottle." he said, pulling out his phone.

As soon as he picked up his phone, he almost dropped it when it started ringing. He was thankful that he had put his phone on silent earlier. Moreover, the caller was Ando. He was undecided about whether to open it, even though there was a high possibility that they had gone away. Then the call ended.

However, Eita also wondered why Ando had called him. At the same time, a text came from Ando. "What are you doing? I'm done." was written in it. Eita was very stressed because he didn't want to lie while replying to the message. He thought that Ando had left because he had announced that his work was done, and he straightened up and wanted to go out, slightly opening the lid of the container.

However, as the lid opened, a cat suddenly jumped inside, and Eita jumped up in fright. They made eye contact with Ando, ​​who was holding his phone in his hand. The cat, horrified as Eita reflexively grabbed the cat by the leg, took his anger out of Eita's hand, but Eita paid little attention to it as he faced the fact that he had been caught by Ando. Only when the cat jumped in Eita's face did he realize the situation.