Chapter 8:

Turning Point

Assassin's Hunter

Before walking out the cathedral doors, my mind reset itself back to work mode. My new target was the Supreme Leader candidate, Jacob Dygen. CEO and founder of Dygen Corporations, the world's leading automotive and weapons company. How was I going to kill him? Will I be able to get the job done without any trouble? How close will I be able to get to him? What will I do with the money once I get it?

All these thoughts and a thousand more rushed through my brain like furious rapids. I don't think I'll need any special equipment for the job, but that depends on the scenario itself. I first needed intel on the schedule and venue for the big speech Dygen will be giving tomorrow night.

Opening the door to the outside, I saw the city was just as I had left it. Loud and messy with all kinds of colors splashed around with lights. The sky was gray, starting to cover the sun with clouds. A brisk wind was pushing the against the water in waves. There was one thing different, though… the little girl standing before me.

She wasn't just small in height; she looked to be about six or seven years old. Her clothes were wet from the rain, but that wasn't what stood out to me; her attire was out of place.

The clothing and fashion style throughout most of the country was a techwear and neo 80's blend. Obviously, everyone had different tastes and came from diverse backgrounds and money. What was odd, though, was that the girl's attire was very formal and high quality. She looked like the toddler of some millionaire. I had that kind of money, but I never dressed like it.

She wore white shoes and a black skirt with a fluffy white sweater on top. Above her entire outfit was a rain-repellent cloak hoodie. Her eyes were cerulean blue, and her hair was black, cut short before reaching her petite shoulders.

I rarely see any kids on the street, let alone by themselves. The poor thing looked exhausted and terrified. I noticed a few scapes on her knees along with a bruise. What happened to this girl? She sniffled, and her irises began to mist up.

"H-help, please. I can't find p-papa," she mumbled.

Her call for help brushed a familiar pain in my heart. How could anyone leave such a girl behind? I'm surprised she made it this far from wherever she came from without being… taken. Ultima City wasn't all pretty lights and good times. It was cruel and vile, with predators lurking around every corner.

"Hey, what's your name?" I asked, crouching down to her level.

"Um… I don't…" the girl looked down at her feet shyly.

"My name's Eiji… can you say that? Eiji."

"E- Eeegee."

"Close, but it sounds like 'AY-gee,'" I said.

"Eiji," she answered slowly.

"Let's hold off on your name now, but first, do you know where your parents are?"

"Um… no. I can't find them. Papa, he's in trouble… and I ran to mama, but she- she…" the little girl began to sob.

My first thought was to bring Father Alan out here for help. I didn't know the guy, but he might know some connections and have food for her. This girl was a stranger to me. I had no reason to help all the way through. While the wise choice was leaving her with Father Alan, I felt compelled to keep her safe until she found her parents.

There was the option of taking her to the police station, but that was a no-go for me. They would keep me there and ask questions. I'll have that as a backup plan for now since it's the most straightforward.

"Hey, it's okay, don't worry. I'm gonna help find your papa and mama. What's your name again?" I caressed her soft hair.


"That's a pretty name. Ava, where did you just come from?"

"I was with papa in the tall scary building. Then I went home, but it was different… Mama wasn't there," she looked at me with more trust now.

"So you were home, but no one was there."

"Strangers were in my home," she trembled.

That's not good. Maybe someone broke into her house if it scared her this much.

"So you were with your dad first, in the…."

"The scary building," she finished.

"Yeah, that. Why did you leave there? Did something happen? Did you lose him?"

"He told me to run- he was in trouble with the bad man."

Okay, that sounds like trouble, but not really useful. There were hundreds of buildings in Ultima that looked intimidating. And if you looked anywhere, you were bound to find some 'bad men.' I need to get her somewhere dry first and see if she needs anything else.

"Ava, would it be okay if you came with me? First, I'll get you dry and something to eat. Then we'll find your family in no time. I promise," I placed my hands on her shoulders lightly.

"Okay…" she sniffed.

The promise of food and shelter seemed to lift her spirits for now. She was oddly very trusting. I was luckily a guy willing to help, but she should know 'stranger danger.' I'm just glad I got to her first before anything terrible happened. I stood up and offered my hand to her.

"Can you hold my hand tightly?"

"Yep," she replied.

"Don't let go, okay?"


Her little cold hand gripped tightly around mine. I also need to tend to her wounds when we get somewhere safe. I lifted her hoodie above her head to keep her hair dry. She looked up at me curiously. Her big eyes shimmered in wonderment towards the stranger before her.

Just then, I hatched an idea to find her parents. In fact, it was a two-birds-one-stone plan. I had to get in touch with them first. I reached into my pocket and dialed my phone.

"Hey, I have a favor to ask. Meet me at Keiffer's. But first, I need you to get me some intel on a new job I got lined up."