Chapter 18:

The Undefeatable Prince.


Boss: On the One side we have Emerson Halidiya and the guy who has defeated the most accurate man Scar Meddler to get here, It was the first time to see him get defeated.

Emerson enters the stadium.

Ghoss: Emerson has a very unique and loyal fan base…Even though it’s a small group of people in this stadium, We can see those old people and their friends. Those women groups even though they are not with the old man’s group seem to support Emerson as they are betting on him.

A spotlight goes to that place.

David lifts his arm.

The band starts playing a song.

Emerson Enters the stadium.

A hype-building drum beat is played. People shooting Mad! Mad! Mad!



Emerson goes into the ring. Waiting for his opponent.

Emerson: Wow! That’s some welcome for me…I guess that’s how the final of this Tournament is, I don’t think It would be easy to beat my opponent…I heard rumors of him being a titled fide player.

Boss: On the Other side we have Morgan Villa…A guy who is not even defeated now in this tournament in the last four years he didn’t lose a single match. Last year after winning his match, He was given the title… “ The Undefeatable prince.” He is famous for this tournament…In the number of people viewing count…He has a crazy hand in it.

Ghoss: Yes. Boss, the viewership just touches the highest on that day… People supporting him are just people of all gender, all ages…Boys, Girls and old people, young people everyone falls under his spell.

Boss: Everyone catching roses, rose bouquets…The musical bands are ready for his entrance…This will be a spectacular sight to see his entrance…For every round, I see this…but It never gets old

The spotlight moves all over the stadium…Everyone in that stadium stands. The musicians start playing a melody song…Pin drop silence in the stadium…Everyone read with roses in their hands…More than 70,000 people holding roses…Roses with no thrones.

Big doors open slowly…People started looking towards the door, People near the rim bending downwards from him to notice them.

Bright light coming from the door… Musicians started playing music, Music which shook the ground, A guy with white hair comes from the door…With just a white chess pawn in his hand. People started throwing roses all over the ground. He is walking on a red carpet of Roses…The whole stadium was filled with roses in the air…It was like rose rain.

Girls and boys shooting together: Love you, Morgan.

70,000 standing together and shouting


Boss whispers to the technicians to increase the speaker's sound and add a few more speakers, we need to do his introduction.

Adds a few more speakers.

Boss: Ahem.

All the audience went silent.


Ghoss: International Master. MORGAN VILLA.

The audience started there chanting again.

Morgan throws his pawn in his hand, and one fan goes and catches it even while hitting his head to the roof.

Morgan went into the Ring. The chanting didn’t stop.

Butler of Mafia group in the audience asking his leader.

Butler: Sir, why is much craze for this young boy?

Mafia: See…It's not the craze for this young boy, It’s the craze for the games he plays…These people are crazy about chess…They just give anything they want to see satisfying chess. They support those who play chess and treat them like their king but if he doesn’t, they smack them on the ground…I know that feeling pretty well.

Emerson inside the ring.

Emerson: Wait…This is that white-haired guy on day one…We met him during that DJ thing in the room…He didn’t like the song which I liked…He liked the song which I didn’t like…Our tastes just don’t match…But I didn’t expect him to be an International Master. Those rose petals and roses on the ground I have been seeing weren’t from any Opening Ceremony…His fans were the ones who showered this rose bath. That’s the reason there were No roses for round 2.

Sohel: Old man…What’s this welcoming style for this so-called undefeatable king?

Calyden: I have been seeing him since the day he joined…No one was able to defeat him…His play is on a different level, it’s a tough match for Emerson.

Joey: Our Mad can do it.

Calyden: His style is not aggressive nor defensive…His is a different style, He gives fun to the audience. Wait…For his match. I think Emerson coming this far is a great thing. But this kid is full of surprises so let's hope for it.

Sohel: The toss is about to throw.

Arbiter: Welcome Emerson Halidiya and Morgan Villa, The rules are similar to the Remaining rounds…The person who wins the first match wins the tournament…If drawn they will play Match 2, If even that’s Drawn Armageddon’s played. Touch the hand…Defending champion Morgan Villa, you go ahead.

Morgan touches the left hand.

Arbiter: Congratulations Emerson you got the white pieces, Morgan you are with the black pieces. The match will start soon.

Both Emerson and Morgan go to their place, They shake their hand and they start their match.

Emerson’s Mom and Dad are at their home.

Mom: Dear! It’s already time…We need to go early.

Dad: Yeah, we need to hurry.

Mom: The match has started. We need to hurry.

Dad: Oh…Yeah.

In the stadium.

Emerson adjusts his piece and sets the timer while looking into Morgan’s eyes. Emerson Moves a piece.

Boss: As we all know, E4 by Emerson. Opening with the King's pawn controls the center and opens up the light-squared bishop and queen, often leading to sharp games.

Ghoss: E5 by Morgan, e5 is a common response that establishes a presence in the center, controls d4, and opens up the queen and dark-squared bishop.

Boss: Nc3 by Emerson, The Vienna opening starts with Nc3, which defends the e4 pawn and controls the d5 square -by delaying Nf3 White keeps the option of playing f2-f4.

Ghoss: Bc5 by Morgan. Bc5 develops the bishop and threatens to sacrifice on f2 to open up White's king.

Boss: Na4 by Emerson, This is a way to threaten Black to move he is the bishop.

Morgan looks at Emerson and gives a smile to him…Then he makes a move that shocks the stadium.

Boss: Wow! He is just giving a treat to the audience.

Sohel: Lina Can we use the engine and watch this match…

Lina: You can, If you want to take the fun out…But I kept my Laptop on the charge, wait I guess it will go long anyways.

Ghoss: Bxf2 by Morgan. That was a truly amazing move! This is the only good move! Kxf2 by Emerson is an obvious move by Emerson.

Boss: Qh4+ by Morgan, This forks pieces by creating a simultaneous attack. This is the only move that works!

Ghoss: Ke3 by Emerson, This defends a piece that was under attack and had no defenders.Qf4 by Morgan, Emerson thinks for a while and goes for Kd3…The only good move.

Boss: d5 by Morgan…Fans are going crazy, with such a terror on the board. This threatens to win material. This is the only good move!

Ghoss: You right Boss…The match is rather going a sudden turn…Emerson’s king is on a hunt, As a player for Morgan a draw is also great but for Emerson, it won’t be that great a deal. Kc3 by Emerson. This overlooks a chance to add defense to a vulnerable piece.

Boss: Qxe4…Emerson is technically a pawn up but his king is unsafe.

Ghoss: Kb3, Na6, and a3 moves followed.

Boss: There was only one good move there. That's a3.

Morgan sets his hair and looks straight into Emerson’s eyes and scarifies his queen.

Ghoss: Qxa4+ By morgan.

Boss: An obvious move by Emerson.Kxa4 by Emerson.

Ghoss: Nc5 by Morgan. This centralizes the knight, allowing it to control more of the board.

Boss: Kb4 by Emerson.

Ghoss: a5+ by Morgan, This is the only good move! This took advantage of a bad move and Black is no longer in a losing position. Even though it's sacrificing the Knight…This will just get the king in the center.

Boss: Kxc5 by Emerson as That knight was free for the taking.

Ghoss: Ne7 by Morgan. This defends the attacked piece. This is the only move that works!

Boss: Such a beautiful match…This final is worth their money, Bb5+ by Emerson, This develops a piece of its starting square, getting it into the action. This is the only good move!

Ghoss: Kd8 by Morgan…This is the only good move!

Emerson smiles at Morgan and plays Bc6.

Boss: That was a truly amazing move! This is the only move that works!

Ghoss: b6+ check by Morgan. Ignoring the bait by Emerson…After all, he is an Undefeatable Prince.

Boss: Kb5 is forced.

Ghoss: Nxc6 by Morgan, This maintains the balance in material with a good trade. This is the only good move! Followed by Kxc6 by Emerson

Boss: Bb7+ by Morgan. That was a great move and very hard to find! This is the only move that works!

GHoss: Kb5 by Emerson, Ba6 by Morgan, This moves the bishop to a better location, allowing it to control more squares. This is the only move that can keep this game on equal terms. Followed by Kc6, This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Boss: With Bb7+ both the players shack their hands, A game which was like firecrackers, The king on e5 goes to C6 square…Morgan sacrificed everything for this game…He gave it all, But the Game Ended in a