Chapter 19:

Match 2


Audience 1: Hey…Did that kid just draw with Morgan?

Audience: 2: Yeah…He has potential; It’s the first time in this tournament that someone drew with Morgan.

Sohel: Wow…Mad’s King just went from E4 to b6…I have never seen such a match. This is awesome…If there was an engine I would have known what was happening…

Lina gets the Laptop and gives it to Sohel

Lina: Here you take the laptop.

Sohel: now it will be fun. I can see what’s happening in the match.

Joey: Old man how do you think Emerson did?

Calyden: I can’t say, He did well but not enough…With white piece…You already get to first move and with white, you get some advantage.

Joey: Yeah, Like white people have more advantages in life…That’s true.

Sohel: He is talking about chess.

Joey: But even in real life a white cop got away by hitting a black person…From there you can detect that white is superior to black.

Sohel: That’s not true…O.J Simpson got away by killing his white wife and a waiter.

Calyden: Where the hell did your topic go? I'm talking about chess.

Sohel: Yeah… No jokes tell me what’s happening…

Calyden: You see, even though Emerson had the white piece and he played phenomenally…But winning with the black pieces is tough, whereas Morgan got the black pieces, Now that they exchange colors he will go for the kill in this next match.

Cris: This guy is tough.

Joey: From where did you come?

Cris: I was here since the beginning.

Emerson’s Mom and dad are in the car.

Mom: The match is already over…We couldn’t support him.

Dad: So who won it…Did he win?

Mom: No, It’s a draw.

Dad: Nice…Hope we reach this during Match 2.

Mom: Drive faster honey!

Dad: Yeah…But I can’t do anything, there is so much traffic.

Back in the stadium.

Boss: Guys after a very interesting first match, here we are ready for the match2…Emerson Halidiya vs Morgan Villa

Ghoss: As the audience call Mad vs. The undefeatable Prince.

Everyone in the audience stood again…They started the musical and they played the music when the authorities were changing the board, Everyone stood at attention and saluted the workers.

Boss: Such a great sight to see.

Ghoss: It’s just easy on the eyes.

Boss: I guess both the players are set and the match is about to begin.

Arbiter: As the first match was a draw, Emerson Halidiya you will play with the black pieces, and Morgan Villa you will have the White piece, if this match also ends in a draw…There will be Armageddon.

Boss: The match begins now.

Ghoss: E4 by Morgan…c5 by Emerson, The Sicilian Defense controls the d4 square with c-pawn.

Boss: Nf3 by Morgan, Nf3 develops the knight toward the center to prepare for a d4 pawn push, where the knight will recapture if Black captures on d4.

Ghoss: D6 by Emerson, d6 opens up the light-squared bishop and prevents White from pushing the pawn to e5 after Black eventually plays Nf6.

Boss:d4 by Morgan, d4 offers to trade the d-pawn for the c-pawn, giving up a center pawn for more active pieces.

Ghoss: Cxd4 by Emerson, cxd4 gives Black two central pawns versus one central pawn for White.

Boss: Nxd4 by Morgan…Nxd4 is a book move…Nxd4 recaptures the pawn and activates the knight in return for having one central pawn versus Black's two central pawns.

Ghoss: Nf6 by Emerson, Nf6 develops the knight towards the center and attacks the undefended e4 pawn. Followed by Nc3 by Morgan…Nc3 defends the e4 pawn and starts to develop on the queenside.

Boss: Nc6 by Emerson, Nc6 attacks the d4 knight and supports the e5 square. Followed by Be2, Be2 develops the bishop and prepares to castle.

Ghoss: E5 by Emerson, e5 takes space in the center, attacks the knight on d4, and allows the dark-squared bishop to develop. Till now the match seems to be equal, Both sides are preparing for the war.

Boss: Morgan plays Nb3, Which retreats the attacked knight to the queenside, where it controls the a5, c5, and d4 squares.

Ghoss: Bc7 by Emerson, Be7 develops the dark-squared bishop and prepares to castle.

Boss: o-o, Short castle by Emerson, Castling gets the king to a safer square, out of the center of the board, while also developing a rook. Castling kingside tends to be safer because the king is further from the center. I guess even Emerson will go for castling…Just getting the king to safety.

Ghoss: Castling by Emerson. As you excepted Boss.

Boss: But an unexpected move played by Morgan, Kh1…Wow, Kh1 by Morgan.

Ghoss: a5 by Emerson,be3 by morgan, Ba6 by Emerson, This develops a piece of its starting square, getting it into the action.

Boss: Nd2 by Emerson, A solid choice by morgan.

Ghoss: d5 by Emerson,exd5 by morgan, Nxd5 by Emerson, After all, captures, this is an equal trade.

Boss: Nxd5 by morgan…This maintains the balance in materials with a good trade.

Ghoss: Qxd5.c3,a4 are the moves followed after Nxd5 by morgan.

Boss: Nc4 by Morgan, This moves the knight towards the center of the board, giving it control of more squares. Offering a queen trade.

Ghoss: Qe4 by Emerson, This exposes an attack, threatening a piece.

Boss: F3, This kicks an opposing piece.

GHoss: Qg6 by Emerson, This move puts the piece on a safer square.

Boss: Nb6 by Morgan, Ra5 by Emerson.

Joey: How’s the match going on sohel…I can barely understand it.

Sohel: Morgan has a slight advantage…

Boss: Bd3 by Morgan, This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Ghoss: F5 by Emerson, This blocks an attack on a vulnerable piece.

Boss: Qc2 by Morgan, The rooks can see each other now, allowing them to provide a mutual defense.

Ghoss: Qf7 by Emerson,

Sohel: Joey…Emerson is worse…

Joey: This guy is just too strong…The graph and the engine are in his favor.

Sohel: Emerson’s losing.

Boss: Nxa4 by morgan, Bxa2 by Emerson…A great move.b4 by morgan, Bb3 by Emerson, Qe2 by Morgan.

Ghoss: Raa8, This connects the rooks, which helps them coordinate together in the future.

Boss: Nc5 by Morgan, Rxa1 by Emerson, Rxa1 by Morgan, it's an equal trade.Bxc5, Bxc5, Re8 by Emerson.

Ghoss: h3 by Morgan.

Boss: Qe6 by Emerson.

Sohel: Shit…A blunder by Emerson…

Calyden looks into the laptop and tells

Calyden: Don’t worry, Finding the best move isn’t that easy, But Hats off to this guy morgan, He is just playing a magnificent game.

Ghoss: Re1 by Morgan.

Cris: White still has the better position, but they lost their winning advantage.

Boss: Ke8 by Emerson,

Ghoss: Rb1,Rb8,b5 by Morgan.

Boss: Nb8 by Emerson.

Sohel: Wow…Emerson is down 3 points, That’s what the engine says.

Emerson starts to have a tense look on his face and he starts shaking his legs… But then He holds his Knight locket which the old man gave and Looks at his bandaged Hand.

Ghoss: Rxb3 by Morgan. Followed by Qxb3 by Emerson, Qe5 by morgan, Qf7 by Emerson, Qxf5 by Morgan, Qxf5, Bxf5 by Morgan.

Boss: Both the queens are off the boards and it's time for the endgame.

Sohel: Old man do you think Emerson will win this match…He never got any advantage…He is just struggling.

Calyden: I don’t think it's possible looking at this stage but Nothing can be said…It's chess after all. Even though Emerson has a rook in the exchange for a bishop…Morgan has two extra pawns and his activity of pieces is more.

Boss: Ra5 by Emerson, C4 by Morgan, a very important move. This defends a piece that was under attack and had no defenders. This is the only good move!

Ghoss: Nc6 by Emerson, Very precise!

Boss: Bd6 by Morgan.

Sohel: White still has the better position, but they lost the winning advantage.

Joey: Arent you very deep into the match. After all, this is one big event.

Boss: Nd4 by Emerson.

Joey: YESS!! The advantage of Morgan has decreased a bit.

Sohel: Still…He has the advantage.

Ghoss: Be4 by Morgan, This threatens to win material.

Boss: Ra4 by Emerson, Tring to win that Pawn on c4.

Ghoss: Bxb7 by Morgan followed by Rxc4 by Emerson,b6 by Morgan, Rc1+ check by Emerson, Kh2 a forced move.

Boss: Rb1, This puts the rook behind an opposing passed pawn, which helps counter the pawn's push to promotion.

Ghoss: Bc5 by Morgan, Attacking the knight. Ne6 by Emerson, This threatens to win material.

Boss: Be3 by Morgan, Nd8 by Emerson, Be4 by Morgan…This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Ghoss: Rb3 by Emerson, This misses a better way to move away from an attack.

Sohel: He was about to get some advantage over morgan but he Is again down the graph.

Boss: Bf2 by Morgan, This misses a better way to move away from an attack.

Ghoss: Rb2 by Emerson. This threatens to win material.

Boss: Bg3 by Morgan.

Sohel gets up from his place and shoots:

Yeah!! He did a mistake.”

Joey: What happened Sohel…Tell me what happened.

Sohel: Morgan made a mistake…It’s not a big mistake but his advantage is gone now…Both are equal.

Boss: kg8 by Emerson. This is the only move that works!

Ghoss: Bd5+ by morgan, Kf8 by Emerson, Bd6+ by morgan…This moves the bishop to a better location, allowing it to control more squares.

Boss: Ke8 forced by Emerson.

GHoss: Be5 by Morgan, Rxb6 by Emerson, Bxg7 by Morgan...

Boss: Ne6 by Emerson…This creates a threat to win material that cannot be ignored.

Ghoss: Be5 by Morgan, This move puts the piece on a safer square.

Boss: Kf7 By Emerson, This activates the king in the endgame by getting it off of the back rank.

Ghoss: F4 by Morgan, Rb5 by Emerson, Bf3 by Morgan, Nf8 by Emerson, Bd4 by Morgan, This moves the bishop to a more active square, making it gain scope.Ne6 By Emerson.

Sohel: Yes! The engine shows a drawn Position…Emerson doesn’t do anything stupid!

Joey: Woww!!! So Morgan has no chance but to lose or draw…He has nothing to win!

Calyden: Well done, Boy…Even though Morgan is just so superior in his understanding of chess…You managed to do your best.

Morgan in the ring pulls himself towards the board and signs.

Emerson checked the bandage on his left hand…Emerson relaxed and relieved look on his face.

Boss: Be5 by Morgan, Nf8 by Emerson, Kg3 by Morgan, Ng6 by Emerson, Bc3 by Morgan, Ne7 by Emerson, Be5 by Morgan, Ng6 by Emerson, Bc3 by morgan, Ke7 by Emerson, Be5 By Morgan. Which Ends the round two match in a draw.

Ghoss: It’s a draw again…This means only One thing! This is will lead to—

Boss:-- Lead to--

Both at the same time.


Arbiter: It’s a draw again, which means this will lead us to Armageddon.

Armageddon…The white pieces will have 5 minutes on the clock and the Black will have 4 minutes…For the lack of 1 minute, To win the matching white has to win it but for black, even a draw will do…If Black wins or the game is end up in a draw…Black will win this ground. To win, White must win it.

Emerson’s Mom and Dad come running inside the stadium

Mom: It's another draw of Emerson.

Dad: Yeah! So now there is another match…We didn’t miss much.

Mom: Let’s go and sit over there…

Lina gets a call from her mom she goes running out of the stadium.

Boss: The Armageddon Begins now!!