Chapter 32:

Year 3-10: The End

Is it ok?

“It´s weird, right?” Shintaro and Riku were looking at the school. Today was their graduation day. Riku still couldn´t believe that his days as a high school student were over, it felt just like yesterday he walked through the club´s stalls. His former senpai had come to congratulate him and give him so many presents he didn´t know how to carry them all. Hitomi thankfully had taken them with her. Everyone had already left; the club was meeting at Yuusuke´s restaurant one last time.
“I can´t believe it´s over.” Riku mumbled on his way to the restaurant with Shintaro.
“Same. I´m happy but I´m also scared. I have no idea what´s going to happen from now on.” He turned to Riku. “We´ll stay friends, right?”
“Of course! Who’s going to make sure you treat Yuusuke-kun well if not me?”
They laughed.

The others were already sitting at a table talking and laughing. Yuki had tears in his eyes when he turned to Riku and Shintaro. “Hey.” He sniffled.
Riku sat down next to him rubbing Yukis arm. “You´re that sad?”
Yuki nodded. “I won´t be seeing you guys everyday anymore.”
Riku knew how Yuki felt; he was having the same feeling.
“So like always what are your plans?” Kiyoko asked excitedly.
“I have a sports scholarship.” Shintaro said proudly. “I´ll train hard and become a pro.”
Yuusuke smiled. “I hope Mister Pro Baseball player will still have time for me.”
Shintaro kissed him. “Of course I will.”
“I´m going to continue to write and I´ll study literature.” Riku said.
“So you´ll really stay in Japan?” Takumi asked.
Riku nodded. It had been a tough decision to not go to the Netherlands to be with Satsuki but he had to do what made him happy, he knew Satsuki would want it that way too.
“We´ll be journalists… in training.” Yuri said hugging her brother.
“Like your dad?” Riku asked.
Yuri nodded. “He´ll supervise us.”
“I´ll also learn photography.” Yuki managed though his tears.
Everyone stared at Aiko; she had also been invited as an honorary member. Kind of like Shintaro now that Riku thought about it more.
“I´ll study astronomy.” She said shyly.
“That´s so cool! Maybe you´ll work for NASA one day.” Keith said excitedly.
“So it´s that time. I have to choose the new club president.” Riku had thought about it a lot, but now he made the decision based on his gut feeling. “Kiyoko would you like to take that role?”
She looked surprised but nodded. “I´ll be a good club president I swear.”

The evening came to an end rather late. Riku was on his way home when someone suddenly put their hands over his eyes. “Guess who?”
He couldn´t help but smile. “Satsuki-san?”
She let go of him, Riku turned around to see his girlfriend standing in front of him. He hadn´t seen her if real life for over a year. Tears suddenly started streaming down his face. He hugged her. “I missed you so much.”
“Same. That´s why I couldn´t help but come to visit.” She gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. “I wanted to be there when you got your diploma, but my flight got delayed.”
“Doesn´t matter.” He kissed her on the lips. “You´ll stay a bit?” He asked carefully.
“I have a week off.” She said softly.
“I have so much to tell you.” Riku said.
Satsuki smiled. “I can´t wait to hear everything.”