Chapter 10:

New face

Dreams of Reality

       Our teacher is taking her sweet time to arrive for the class. I wonder what the reason is today. Everyone in the class was talking about something and thanks to that, we were loud as hell with no one to tell us to be quiet. Even I was talking because a friend of mine next to me asked if I want to hang out with two more people after school.

       I agreed just to see him being happy about that. It's been a long time since I was out with someone, so I think I won't regret it. I tried to get out of him what kind of plan does he have, but he said that we will let the magic happen, that the flow will make us do something fun without realizing it. Why did I even ask?

       After 10 minutes of the entire class talking, our teacher finally came, but not alone. She showed up with a new student. I am surprised how fast they found someone new. But there was something odd. She looked like that person I saw yesterday in the park.

       She said that her name is Shara and that she moved here recently, but didn't specify from where before she sat down on the only free desk in our class. She must come from very far away because I have never heard such name. 

       I felt weird from her introduction because for some reason I expected a reserved, shy person for her to be, but it was confident and normal overall. I don't know where I got that assumption. Before action, I started thinking about if she is the same person I saw yesterday.

       There was no doubt about it. I am going to ask her if we met before. I think we already met somewhere. When the ringing announced the end of class, a bunch of people, mostly girls surrounded her so I did not bother to try and blend in. This went on every break, so I give up on asking her in class.

       Maybe I will catch her after school or something. It's weird how others surround her. There's no way she likes when six people are asking her about something. Not to mention that I don't see anything that special about her to do this. I guess that's just me.

       This resolve made me like the plan that I will talk to her after school if the fate will serve me such an opportunity. But I am kind of restrained. I feel like asking someone if we met is weird and it may not end up well.

       I don't think I could sleep peacefully if I don't ask her and get this out of my head. The classes were passing one by one, and I was kinda looking forward to figuring out hopefully the last predicament that keeps me off my tracks.

       After your classes, you can go wherever you want or to the cafeteria. I obviously don't go there, because the food is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. I always go home or buy myself some food if I know there is nothing home.

       I was putting my shoes on and was ready to leave and then I saw the opportunity my fate have served me. She was just a few cabinets away from me. I did not hesitate and approached her.

 "Hey, do you have a minute?"

 "Do you need something?"

 "Not really, I was just wondering... Haven't we met before? Because when I saw you, it felt like I knew you already. It was weird, so I am asking you if it's only in my head."

       She chuckled a bit when I said the last part and said that she thinks it's unlikely. She also mentioned that she's living here for two days only, but didn't scrape the possibility that I could see her if I was in town yesterday. 

"Uh okay. Anyway, I hope you won't have a hard time in this school, even though maybe that won't be the case for you when some people clearly like you already." 

"I think I'll manage myself, but I appreciate that you care," she said with a light smile as she was passing me, walking towards the main door. I was kind of unsatisfied with this conversation because it did not give me a clear answer. I guess that would be too much to ask. Got to just leave it behind.