Chapter 9:

Who are you?

Dreams of Reality

       After school, I have decided that a nice walk in the park will be good stuff for me right now. The weather calls for it, it looks like it will be raining at the night. A lot of people love sunny, hot days and I get why, but I prefer the cloudy, grayish weather. Best when the air is warm and a little windy. And that's exactly today.

       I can't let this opportunity pass. Sometimes, I plan to do something, but I guess my laziness forces me to forget about it and do something else. Not today. I am determined to go there and sit on that bench for an hour because why not? 

       I know all this sound very weird, but this wanting to do something but end up not doing it happens to me quite often sadly. The whole diary thing is a prime example. It took me such a long time to actually start writing the diary.

       This starting so late or not starting at all hurts me a lot. Imagine if I was writing the diary for like a year. I would have so many things recorded already. But no, I must start a few weeks ago and have recorded like four days only.

       And this happened with so many things, like sports, playing an instrument, and generally trying out new things. I love tennis, and I wish I would stick to it but I just could not for some reason unknown. Same with instruments. Music plays a very huge role in my life, so obviously, I would love to be able to play music myself.

       Piano or electric guitar in particular. I don't know, maybe it is because it's a bother to arrange it, find a teacher and stuff like this, and talent also comes in place. Not to mention that stuff like this is unholy expensive. 

       While walking and explaining my failures to myself, I made it to the park, bought some ice cream, and sat on the first bench I saw. There are like five benches around a small fountain. Four pathways lead to the center where I am.

       Surprisingly, people don't walk on the grass with how the sidewalks are made. But it makes me a little happy that people here care a bit about these small things.

       I always enjoyed watching the water flow.  I often watch fountains or natural streams when I can. And when I can't, I at least stop to look. There truly is something relaxing about watching and listening to water. 

       This attitude is rather strange given that I don't like swimming or being in the water for other purposes than cleaning the body. I think I don't like pools because of the people there and it's been a long time since I went to a water park.

       I went too deep into a worthless thing again. It feels nice to sit near nature, eat ice cream and watch what other people do. I realized that maybe finally my life is getting on the same track as before. Nothing weird or sad happened to me for a while and everything that was left unsolved I threw behind me.

       My efforts only showed me that there was no point in trying to understand and spend time on something that has dead ends only. When I finished my cone, I looked around, wanting to stand up and go home, but I didn't move a muscle because I saw something rather familiar.

       A girl with purple hair and an unusual hairstyle. I got a feeling that I met her somewhere, that I saw her already. But I couldn't remember from where. I waited till she disappeared and then I did what I intended to do from the start.

       I was more surprised by my reaction than the encounter itself. I know for sure I was her somewhere, but where? Very strange. There goes my life without anything weird happening.