Chapter 58:

Old Friends and New Foes

Fantasy Life

Down in the waters of Suruga Bay, Des led Jun and Kaida back to where the nokk still floated above the chest. The creature sensed their approach and glared out the window of the building at them. Kaida could feel its intensity. Dallas became frantic and Yami bared his teeth. "Seems like the two of them are ready for action," Des commented.

The group stopped just in front of the building. Jun raised his hand to signal the start of the operation. Des gave a quick nod and swam as fast as she could into the building to lure the nokk outside. "Hey big guy! Do you like jokes? So, what mythical creature always gets lost? The where-wolf!" Jun and Kaida both slapped their heads as the irritated nokk charged at her. Des avoided the charge and swam back out of the building with the nokk close behind. "Maybe I should have tried a nock nock joke."

Before the nokk could catch Des, Dallas rammed into the right side of the nokk. At the moment of impact, Dallas ran straight through the creature. Kaida and Jun's eyes widened in fear and confusion. The nokk turned to Dallas and swam around him in circles causing a big whirlpool. To cancel it out, Dallas swam in the opposite direction at the same speed. As much as Jun wanted to continue watching, both he, Kaida, and Yami needed to return to the surface for air.

Jun turned to Des as she surfaced with them. "A where-wolf Des, really?"

"Was it not funny enough?" She inquired.

"Ugh never mind." He turned his question to Kaida. "Do you have any plans to beat that thing? Cause plan A is a bust."

Kaida shook her head. "With a body made of water, I'm not sure how we can touch it let alone defeat it."

"I've got an idea!" Des exclaimed. "If the nokk is made of water, what if we used the water to attack him like how it tried to attack Dallas."

"Hm, Dallas does know a few water spells," Jun said.

"This just might work Jun," Kaida interrupted his train of thought. "All I need is a few minutes to go in, grab the chest, and fly away with it on Yami."

After a few more moments to think it through, Jun finally agreed. "We'll give you as much time as we can. Now let's get back down there."

When they dived back down below, the nokk was chasing Dallas around the town. Jun clapped his hands as loud as he could underwater to get Dallas's attention before updating him on the new plan.  Jun pushed his hands out from his chest which caused a slight current in the water which rapidly faded. This gesture gave Dallas some instruction on what to do next. He swam down to the street of the town and gathered the water to make a giant wave that propelled him towards the nokk. The wave slammed into the creature, pushing it back into one of the nearby houses.

Kaida was surprised the plan worked and quickly made her way to the sunken school to grab the chest. It was rather heavy and she used much of her strength just to lift it. Kaida moved back outside where Dallas and the nokk were still fighting. Waving a hand up in the air, Kaida signaled Yami to come down and take her and the treasure back up to the surface. Jun watched as Yami swam down and couldn't help but feel excited. Soon it would all be over. That excitement in Jun faded when a stream of water was launched into Yami, knocking him down to the ground.

Kaida, Jun, and Des all looked to see where the stream of water came from. It was a mermaid. She laughed then said, "I doubt he'll be getting up anytime soon." A man swam up behind the mermaid. He was wearing the uniform of the French team.

Des swam over to the mermaid. "Who are you and why did you attack Yami?"

The mermaid raised her head to look down on Des. "All you need to know is that my human and I are taking that chest."

"How did you find it?"

"Oh it was quite simple. You and the boy with the kelpie passed by me a while ago. Then a second time with that girl and her dragon."

Des thought back to when she and Jun first met. When could the mermaid have seen them? It came to her. "You were hidden in the crowd of wild merfolk."

"Oui! Guilty as charged. Now if you'd please be so kind as to get out of my way, I'd really appreciate it."

"No way!"

The mermaid clenched her teeth. "I said, get out of my way!" She thrashed her tail and hit Des in the stomach. The force launched Des down to the ground. Jun swam over and did his best to break the fall. With the two of them on the sea floor and the nokk keeping Dallas occupied, the mermaid used her opportunity to attack Kaida. "Now's my chance. Give me that chest little girl!"

"Swim away Kaida!" Des shouted. It was no use. Kaida knew she would never out-swim a mermaid. Just before the mermaid was able to grab a hold of Kaida, a creature with a long neck and body slammed itself into the mermaid. She was pushed back out into open water.

"Ugh! Who did that?" The mermaid demanded. Kaida turned to see Amelia riding what she could only assume was her Hawkesbury river monster. The river monster used its tail to push some water against the mermaid, causing her to be pushed further out.

Amelia signaled her creature to collect Kaida and the others, including a passed out Yami, and bring them to the surface before the mermaid returned. Dallas stayed below to keep the nokk at bay. Once above the water Kaida blurted out, "A-Amelia! What are you doing here?"

"Saving your rear end of course," she replied.

"Are the others with you?" Jun asked.

"Your teammates got ambushed. They're all back on land to help you guys out. Seems like you two have been having it rough too."

"You have no idea," Kaida stated.

"Um, who's the new girl?" Des interrupted.

"We'll do formal introductions later but for now, Des meet Amelia and-"

"Oh that's right," Amelia said. "You guys haven't met yet. This is my mythical creature, Quinn."

"Right," Kaida continued. "Des, meet Amelia and Quinn. Amelia and Quinn, meet Des."

"Now that that's done, is Yami alright to get you out of here Kaida?" Jun questioned.

Kaida swam over to Yami's floating head. "I think the impact knocked him out. That mermaid has some serious power."

Amelia took a moment to absorb the situation around her. "Kaida, take Quinn and head straight for land. Once you reach it, your team will have won the game so long as you hold onto that chest."

"That's not an option," Kaida protested. "I can't leave you all here to fend off a stray nokk and a deranged mermaid from the France team. Besides, she would catch us and take the treasure in no time at all."

"Kaida's right," Jun agreed. "We will need to take both mythical creatures out before we have any chance of making it back to land."

Amelia nodded. "In that case, Quinn and I will help Dallas with the nokk. Des, can you take on the mermaid yourself?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Des responded.

"Good." Amelia turned to Kaida. "It's possible we will need Yami's help. See if you can wake him.

"Count on me."

"Sorry to interrupt," Des said politely. "But the mermaid is almost here."

Jun nodded. "Alright. Everyone, get ready and be prepared to fight!"

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