Chapter 28:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

The air being squeezed out, as the sound of airplanes taking off continued loudly in the background as Tomo hugged Mitsu tightly. This was her goodbyes. Once she was passed the gates, her new life, her dream was waiting for her. Mitsu kissed the top of her head as they parted, Akio watching, no longer feeling jealous of their closeness. “I should probably be letting go,” Tomo laughed nervously, Mitsu feeling her shaking under his touch.

“Do you best,” Akio piped up from Tomo’s leaving party standing behind Mitsu.

“Look after yourself,” Emi ordered.

“Most of all be safe,” Tomo’s dad finished off the goodbyes.

Tomo gave Mitsu one last kiss on the cheek, picking up her carry-on bag and farewell gifts as she headed for the gate. Mitsu took deep breathes, trying his hardest to keep the tears in. Akio walked over, putting an arm around his shoulders and kissing the top of his head. Once Tomo was out of sight, that was it; she was really gone. Mitsu turned, hiding his face in Akio’s chest to let himself have a small, silent cry. “It’ll be okay,” Akio assured rubbing his back in small circular motions. “She’ll be sending you pictures of all the amazing sights and food soon.”

Mitsu couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He truly did expect Tomo to be snappy with her phone once she landed. Heck, she might even take photos while still up in the air. These were some of the thoughts Mitsu had as he sat opposite his counsellor. After speaking with his dad and Emi, it was decided that perhaps Mitsu needed to explore his feeling further with some professional help. Help to processing his grief that he kept hidden down. “So yeah,” Mitsu nodded, trying to think of what to say. “I do feel lost, like when mom left, you know?”

Doctor Oba, nodded to agree. “This is not a completely unfamiliar situation you’re in,” she said, taking a couple of notes. “Losing someone can be through a loss or even through a move so its natural to feel how you feel. It’s important to speak to the people you have around you in this moment, who can help you let out those feelings and set your own next big steps in life.” Doctor Oba was certainly proving to be of big help to Mitsu, finding it sometimes talking to a stranger is easier than talking to someone you’ve know all your life. “Have you made plans of what you might be doing going into the next college semester?”

“I’m going to take some acting classes in the local theatre,” Mitsu spoke up excitedly. “It’s what mom would push me to do.”

“I’m glad,” Doctor Oba smiled widely. “Acting was something you said you enjoyed before, correct?” Mitsu nodded. “It’s good to see you feeling like you can go forward with something you once found enjoyment in.”

“If it wasn’t for my mom,” Mitsu started to say, his expression soft like his voice. “I wouldn’t have even found a joy of preforming before. So, I want to try find that excitement of being in front of an audience again.”

Mitsu’s words were full of hope as he spoke and Doctor Oba was happy to see him making such leaps in a short time. The touching moment interrupted by the sound for alarm, indicating the end of the session. “That was a very good session today,” Doctor Oba praised. “I’ll see you next week.”

Mitsu thanked the doctor, leaving the room taking deep breathes. Today has certainly felt mentally draining for him. First his goodbyes and then a counselling session, it was a lot for one day. Akio got up from his chair, taking Mitsu’s hand in his own, using his thumb to caress Mitsu’s hand. Mitsu couldn’t help but smile. “Can we get some ice cream?” He asked.

“Why not?” Akio agreed, leading the way. Mitsu’s heart skipped at Aki’s smile now, he wasn’t feeling as lonely as he once was.