Chapter 27:

Your Dream

A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Sleepovers at Akio’s place had started to become more regular occurrence for Mitsu since they became official. Today was no different, seeing as Mitsu was going to need it more than ever. Tomorrow they would be taking a journey to the airport to bid Tomo farewell as she left for America. “She’s following her dream,” Mitsu sighed, letting himself settle into the sofa while Akio prepared snacks. He smiled looking up to the ceiling, thinking back to when Tomo’s obsession with fish first began.

If Mitsu remembered correctly they would have been around 14 at the time, in the height of summer. A new aquarium had just opened up on the edge of town and Tomo’s dad had managed to get tickets for the three of them and Mitsu’s mom to visit. As they walked in, in was as if Tomo had forgotten about the outside world as she ran up to investigate closer to the paintings that stretched from wall to wall, overspilling to the next.

Mitsu could still remember the look on Tomo’s face as they entered each new area and raised her hand at every volunteer opportunity. The most hilarious moment being when Tomo was lucky enough to be called to the stage at the penguin feeding exhibition and the penguins wanted to play instead; chasing a crying yet laughing Tomo, all around the stage. “Those we’re simpler times,” Mitsu sighed as Akio paced the snacks on the coffee table in front of them.

“Were they fun at least?” Akio asked, pulling Mitsu into his hold, Mitsu’s back laying against his chest.

“It was,” Mitsu smirked, turning his head. “You feeling jealous?”

Akio shook his head, giving Mitsu a kiss. “Nah,” He laughed. “We’ll just have to make more memories as we follow our dreams now.

‘Our dreams huh?’ Mitsu thought. “Then tell me,” He ordered, voice stern as he didn’t want to allow Akio a chance to run from the question. “What’s your dream?”

Akio blushed; he wasn’t quite prepared for this question. He gulped, reaching into the school bag he had left beside the sofa and pulling out his note book and putting it into Mitsu’s hand. Mitsu was familiar with this notebook as the one Akio slammed shut before. He keeps his dream in this? He thought, starting to turn the page. Nothing special popped out to him on the first several pages but the further he got into it, he started to notices sketches of cakes and deserts. Notes written beside them of flavours and toppings Akio could use. “You want to be a baker?” Mitsu asked, Akio groaned and hiding his face in the crook of Mitsu’s neck. “That will be a yes.” Mitsu laughed, continuing to turn the pages, coming to a halt as he noticed a sketch of himself and a sketch of ‘Hana’. He felt his heart race quicken and face heart up. Side by side, he really couldn’t understand how more people couldn’t guess he was ‘Hana’ but also how beautiful he looked. Then again, they could just be Akio’s artistic skill.

“Yui has always wanted the treats you see in the fancy desserts shops,” Akio pried his head out of hiding. “Our grandmother started to teach me how to bake when I decided I would learn how to make them myself. I slowly found myself feeling happy whenever Yui would enjoy another creation.” The way Akio spoke was almost inspiring and a familiar story. He liked to bake for the people he loved much like how he loved to perform. “I started to do live sketches to help with my art skills and when I meet you, I couldn’t resist.”

Damnit he’s too cute, Mitsu turned, sitting on his knees and holding the sketches to his chest. “Can I keep these?” He begged, making Akio lose his words. “It can be my first present from you as my boyfriend.”

Akio hesitated, wanting to plead and rejected the offer but the look on Mitsu’s face made him sigh in defeat. “I can’t say no to you,” He laughed. Mitsu lighting up, trying to take the pages out with care. “Though you have to promise me something,” Akio blurted and gave a wink. “You have to keep following your dream alongside me from now on.”

“Deal,” Mitsu agreed, handing the book to Akio to get the pages out. Afterall, not like he was going to let Akio go now.