Chapter 28:

Cap 27

Eyes of the Mind

"How many have you downed? "I asked S98 while swinging an arm that she had just picked up on the floor.

"In all there were 34, all of them of visionary rank apparently.

" Um... The hunters have been sending ants to our territory for some time, maybe killing them all, it wasn't a good idea, I think we should at least leave some alive for later.

“ ... I don't think that's a problem, because you still have a living human female.

"Come on! Why did you spoil the surprise? I was acting so well for her to think we hadn't noticed her yet. "It said S98 while swinging his severed arm up and down.

Realizing that she had been noticed, the hunter fired in retreat, seeing that S98 then pointed her severed arm forward toward the hunter.

"Go ripper, bring her to me, as alive as you can.

Said S98 to the figure next to her, the woman then began to run after the hunter, while fleeing through the dark forest of the spirit world, the hunter tried to lose the silhouette that chased her, after running quickly for a long way the hunter lost sight of the figure, she then hid behind a tree while retrieving the breath.

"What the hell was that thing... She murdered everyone else at a frightening speed, where's the damn ODF when you need them?

The huntress then slowly picked up a radio communicator she was carrying and tried to turn on the device while looking around.

" Have you had a good time running?

Quickly the hunter turned her eyes to the side, she came across a woman standing on the side of the tree, she wore a white tunic that was tied by belts, her clothes reminded much of those of a prisoner, on her neck and arms were the marks of runs and openings that looked more like scars, his face was covered by black bands that just left the show his left eye that was completely black.

"The S98 told me to take you alive, so it would help me if you didn't resist, I don't even know how to take it easy.

The hunter then moved away quickly while pulling a knife from her belt on her back, she quickly took distance from the woman and prepared to fight.

"Who the hell are you?

" I'm Jack, many call me a ripper.

"Who do you work for?

"I don't have time to answer your questions, come on, S98 is waiting for us, we shouldn't let her get bored, we don't know what she can do.

" You know very well that I'm not going to go without a fight, do you?

After hearing the hunter's words, Jack began to walk towards her slowly, she opened her hand suddenly by snare her fingers, the hunter then advanced toward the woman striking a blow with her knife, however, Jack grabbed the woman's hand without any effort, without difficulty she lifted the hunter to the top and with the other arm she tore off the hunter's hand.

"This knife you have is very beautiful, I'm going to add it to my arsenal, I don't think you're going to mind, will you? "Jack said as he watched the hunter agonizing with pain.

Slowly Jack approached the woman's knife against her hand, she then pressed the knife into her own hand and in turn the knife was swallowed by her hand, the hunter seeing it got up ready to run again, at which point Jack stretched out his arm and grabbed the girl by the head.

"I don't quite know how to control my strength, I wasn'traised to take prisoner s, so I'm sorry if I end upbreaking someone from your bones.

Jack then pulled the slayer back and stooed the woman's face against the tree by hitting her face several times against her, after a few seconds the slayer no longer moved, however, she was still alive.

“ ... Maybe it's already good, I intended to rip your legs off then, but maybe the shock could kill you, that wouldn't be good, don't you think?

Jack said as he looked up from the tree, she observed a silhouette that was hiding, quickly the silhouette disappeared, however, Jack knew very well who that person was, she then tried to return to S98 with the hunter in hand.

"What a long time, Jack! For a change you brought her in the worst possible state, as I'll make her talk if she goes into a coma?! — Said S98 while kicking the floor in anger.

"She resisted a lot, I had no choice. "Jack said while playing with his new knife.

"And you! Why didn't you stop her?! Did you come all the way out here to sit in the corner watching things? It's not because you're new here that you don't have to do anything, you useless! "It said S98 while pointing the finger at a girl hiding behind Jack.

“ ... I'm so sorry.

"Get out from behind her and come here.

Slowly the girl came out from behind Jack, she wore a closed overcoat and covered her face with a totally smooth black mask with no hole whatsoever, slowly she approached S98.

" What's your serial number?

"The Sovereign gave me the name Alter Ego.

" Alter? But you're a girl, that's not a very feminine name.

“ ...

S98 then began scratching her own head because she was bored and frustrated.

"All right, let's see what our guest has to tell us.

From that moment on, the interrogation of S98 seemed to take hours, while forcing the hunter to speak, S98 discovered not only about the mission the hunters were schemed, but also where they would meet to hold a certain meeting about the hunters' recent disappearances.

" Hunters are the worst of the plagues, it seems that they are making a visit to the spirit world. "It said S98 while thinking about the mission.

"Shall we warn the Sovereign? " He asked Alter.

"I'il do it myself, but there's something else that's not going on, such a big operation... Maybe the Sovereign did some gigantic shit this time.

“ ...

"All right... Alter, you and Jack are going to do a little something for me.

After finding out about the hunters' plans, S98 would waste no time in finding out more about that mission, she had a hypothesis as to why they would be coming to the spirit world, however, something else caught her eye.

"Are we really doing this? "I asked Jack as he looked at the giant structure of the ACP.

"We need more information, they're going to meet here soon, so we're going to intercept their plans.

"This is where Japan's most powerful hunters meet, I don't think we can both do anything against them.

"That's why I'm here, you're just going to help me escape if something goes wrong.

" Um... And what exactly do you intend to do? Are you going to walk in the front door or something?

"That's exactly what i'm going to do.

Jack remained silent for a few seconds, and she then looked slowly at Alter without understanding for sure if she had listened correctly.

“... Serious? How do you plan on doing that?

“Hunters usually use scrolls to open their portals, there are some that specialize in opening portals, but for this large number of hunters, they are certainly guarding a scroll loaded with magical energy.

"And what does that have to do with you going in there?

"After the cataclysm the hunters are monitoring the portals and fissures of the spiritual world, it has become very difficult to come and go here.

"In fact, we need to open several cracks and create false attacks with creatures in order to be able to go unnoticed, even though it took us three days to be able to come here without being noticed.

"Good... clearly we've been noticed, that's the problem, however, until they manage to track us down we'll be gone, now they've got over 30 block rank fissures to investigate, apart from the fact that they're getting ready for a meeting, so most expert rank hunters down are taking care of the problems we've created for them, what brings us here, even though it's not the best of situations is the most we're going to get in that short time.

"But you haven't told me how you're going to get in.

"Since we don't know when they're going to be able to track us, we need to be quick, this scary countenance of yours draws a lot of attention, so you're going to have to sneak into silence.

"I know how to get in there without a trace, but what about you? How do you plan on getting in there? Just punctuating that if this time you don't give me a straight answer I'll rip your tongue out.

The girl then gave a slight laugh as she carried her hand to her face.

"It's very simple actually, knife girl, I'm someone who's here every day.

She then slowly removed her mask and overcoat revealing to be Haruka.

Eyes of the Mind

Eyes of the Mind