Chapter 3:

Reminisce III : I AM

When the Eccentrics meet.

There were 2 rough drawings on the bed and a note.
I assumed he drew them when I went to get some food for him. He had drawn a red eyed cartoonish figure which looked like a girl. It was clear that it was the lady I saw. However the peculiar thing about it were light chains, the women was restrained in his sketches.
The 2nd drawing depicted a large building but above that,  he had drawn a city.
It was a bit confusing 
But in any case, the building was clearly separated by a thick line and the building itself seemed far less detailed than the town above. It goes without saying that the whole piece itself was quite rough but somehow these details were eminent.
This was definitely something which he didn’t drew during his stay in my room.
What did it meant?
I wondered... And I also wondered why was he so indirect since it would have been easier to just tell me directly. It was as though he was aware of something like this happening and yet he still took the chance.
But he was odd so he might have had his reasons.
Then I took a look at the note and it said
"Look in the roots as they make the tree"
"Roots huh?" I mumbled.
"A huge building below a town and roots that make the plant yet they are invisible.."
It clicked as fast as the confusion before
The place he was talking about existed beneath the ground. The roots meant several things but it was clear that it existed in the heart of the city. In other words whatever place he was talking about worked as roots for the city in a metaphorical manner.
Still the rough sketch of the lady bound by light chains didn’t really click anything.
In addition to this it seemed as though I was still missing something crucial.
The will
The small little puzzle was easy to solve. But it surely wasn’t that simple either... So I couldnt decide whether it was a piece of cake or truly hard
 Not to mention me being concerned for a person which could get me in trouble would have done no good at all.
"You are a mere Toy"

It felt as though my head was stabbed for a second from the inside... It was pain. Someone with violet hair flashed for second before me but it was gone just like that.

It took me a moment to finally get a hold of myself... since my priorities were different

I sat down on the floor which was messy with all the debris.
The question now was where this supposed place was located. I sat there staring at the picture. The building was roughly drawn but it resembled something I was way too familiar with

It was my academy.
It made sense. It was in public eyes, and one of the main social hubs for the young. In other words, a perfect place to build such a structure. The campus wasn't that secure as well. However, there were cameras installed and mini robots patrolled the school grounds. All which was easy to get through for the most part considering my hobby.
I went downstairs to search the junk I had collected. There I found a U shaped device used to transfer data in the past. It was infused with a high level virus... Virus nowadays was in the form of AI so it goes without saying something like this wasn't significant but was just what I needed as well considering I wasn't aiming for a high assault anyway. Since the campus was closed at this time, all I needed was a small distraction to get in.
At best this device could shut down the security system for 30 seconds.
I took my laser pencils, A defensive tool, flash skin which I used to escape those thugs, a light pad to take notes just in case and the Levator
As I approached the sight
There was no doubt.... the drawing definitely depicted the academy
Though there were less mini robots than usual. I quickly hid where a single robot was present. As it tilted, taking advantage of its blind spot, I ran towards the data transfer ports, something like a Id check and connected the drive..
The robot was about to turn around and my heart throbbed faster on the realization...
Bad ump
I was
Bad ump
That intense atmosphere was evoking strange emotions of exhiliration in me.

As the transfer ended, I took the drive and ran back just in the nick of time and waited. I took the Levator out as I waited. Just then, the mini robot in front of me dropped, and after that the others followed slowly. In a few seconds all of them were down.
An alarm sounded in those moments.
As the opportunity arrived I sat in the device, in other words my Levator and used it to fly as fast as I could inside. My destination was the chemistry lab, the only place without the cameras. In 20 seconds I reached the place. As I was catching my breath, the loud noise of the siren stopped. To quickly in fact.
I was catching my breath but for some reason

It felt to easy

I heard a sound which brought me back to my present senses
The sound was soon followed by
"Finally someone actually came"
I tilted to see the source of this feminine voice. But in front of me was a cupboard. I slowly stepped forward. I was hesitant so I slowly raised my arms in prepare of a flash stun if it came to that.
"What are you taking so long for?"
That caught me off, and it became clear that the person was the dangerous kind.
So I opened the door and my eyes caught a sight I saw before dawn. There, a girl with scarlet hair, brown eyes and pale skin was bound in several light chains. Her mouth wasn't covered.
It was the same girl... the one I saw at my house. The one in my drawing. The only difference was the fact that she wasn’t wearing a suit. Instead a top and a skirt.
I looked at the thing beside her which was the source of those restraints.
It required a password which I clearly didn't knew so.
So I took my pencils and
A laser penetrated the container more specifically the source of those chains, burning it completely and the next thing I knew, the girl was free.
Under normal circumstances, this would have been the end of me since destroying the was almost impossible without geting impaled by a reaction laser. And nothing like that came out of it.
But this confirmed it even more

"This really is faaaaar to convenient"

I said.
"Why are you smirking?"

I was really enjoying this...
Enjoyment...Something I hadn’t felt in a long time..
The girl went silent after that.

"So tell me what is your game? I am being played by you or Lentas right?"
I asked interrogatively
There was a short pause
"Oh really? Can you explain why you were crashing my house this morning?"
"This is the first time I have seen you...
We both went silent...
and then
"Is that soo... why were you restrained in anycase?.."
"I was ordered to by someone I can’t disobey... She did told me that someone would come at this hour and until then I was supposed to be restrained..."
"And you accepted just like that?"
"As I said it’s a person I can’t disobey even if I wanted to afterall I am but a toy."
"A toy huh?"
Sharp pain got the hold of me...and my vision became a blur at the mention of that word again...
The pain was intense...I closed my eyes. Upon reopening them, I could see candles an extinct product and could smell a disgusting scent of decomposition.
Then I saw a person in the middle of several dismembered figures... The entrails of those figures were prominent. That person was couched down, had sapphire hair and he was dressed in rags... And standing infront of him was someone whose face was a blur something I couldn't make sense of.
His hair were............
It was the same shade as Lentas

The girl called out. And the sight vanished.
Did I recall something queer again?
I wondered... But there was this nostalgic feeling of sorts...

Sharp pain
"Great work"
Sharp pain
"You did well"

I heard several voices in my head at that time.
Throbbing pain was the only sensation that followed. I pressed against my forehead in an attempt to deal with it.
Till I felt a jolt at my wrist. It was the girl who had tightly gripped it, making an attempt to remove my palm.
"We don’t have time for whatever this is... can you please as cliche as it may sound, snap out of it?"
She had a stern tone.
I shook my head and clapped my cheeks.
"Okay there happy?"
The girl was silent...
Seriously what was her deal?
I gave random glances till my eyes caught the number on her wrist

"No 666"
And I recalled

"Runaway Toy no 666"
"Wait...wasn’t that intended for him?" I mumbled...

 I was being played with......Toyed with right now. And the root because of it all was the gentleness that boy showed me... It was Lentas... From the first glace I knew it wasn’t a mere coincidence that I felt the need to talk to him.
No that is indeed incorrect...
It was indeed on a whim. Was Irona really involved in something large scale as well? I thought before that the threat of making me a toy was just that... A silly threat but now upon recalling, He was serious.
My forehead still bore traces of my violet blood. And I broke the rules, my house,
was also completely destroyed...
I was recalling moments in my blank memory. Things I had long forgotten. No one was able to treat that and frankly I didn’t care before...
I also didn’t remember the last time I felt this much

I was
I was truly and deeply
I laughed hysterically
The girl in front of me stared silently, without a word...
"Incredible, you are incredible aren't you Lentas!... that meek little boy was all an act wasn’t it!!!!!"
I laughed as I recalled his enchanting smile.
"So even I can feel excited!!"
I recalled that peculiar warmth he showed
 "Even I can feel such sensations!!!.." I shouted

I couldn't stop
I continued laughing

"You are Truly an eccentric"
I stopped. Just as quickly as I started laughing...
Silence was what followed for a moment.
And I tilted to glance at the girl who uttered those words. Her eyes were dark yet fixated on me...

It was a phrase that I was used to,

"You are weird,
You are odd,
You are mad,
You are peculiar
You are such an Eccentric....."
But this phrase, a phrase I detest was now slowly


becoming my identity... Identity, something I had been long searching for

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